How to Permanently Increase Stats in Days Gone?

Days Gone includes minor role-playing game elements, such as the option to enhance the protagonist’s stats. This page will guide you on how to boost Deacon’s stats, making him more resilient and lethal during combat.

The main character has three parameters: health, stamina, and focus, which you can modify in the Skills tab.

  1. Health determines Deacon’s health bar.
  2. Stamina determines how long you can run or how many rolls you can perform.
  3. Focus impacts the slow-motion feature during fights. You must first unlock the Focused Shot skill, which allows you to spend focus points while aiming down the weapon.

Stats do not increase by leveling up; instead, you earn skill points for new abilities. You can enhance Deacon’s stats by visiting NERO checkpoints and research sites, both of which will appear on your map when you approach them.

NERO Checkpoints are larger locations owned by the organization. Read the “How to unlock access to NERO Checkpoints?” page to learn more about them. Note that Deacon must activate a generator by pouring fuel and may need to find fuses.

NERO Research Sites are smaller locations resembling mobile research facilities. Check out “How to reach NERO Research Sites?” to learn more about them. To access some, you may have to examine a cave or jump over a chasm with your motorbike (after installing nitrous boost).

Regardless of the NERO facility type, you must locate a white chest containing an Injector. Use it to increase a stat permanently: press Square for health, Triangle for stamina, or Circle for focus. The bar of that stat will extend by 25 points.

Develop Deacon based on your needs. We suggest a balanced build, ensuring your hero is not lacking in any category. However, you can customize your character differently, such as maxing out one stat to unlock the Performance Enhanced trophy.


What are the stats in Days Gone?

Stats in Days Gone are attributes that affect the gameplay and the abilities of the protagonist, Deacon St. John. There are three main stats in the game: Health, Stamina, and Focus. Health determines how much damage Deacon can take before dying, Stamina affects his ability to run and dodge, and Focus affects his accuracy when shooting and aiming.

How can I increase my stats permanently?

There are several ways to increase your stats in Days Gone, but the most effective way is by finding and using Nero Injectors. These items are scattered throughout the game world and can be found in Nero Checkpoints. Each injector permanently increases one of Deacon’s stats by a small amount. You can also increase your stats by completing story missions and leveling up, but these increases are temporary and only last until the end of the current mission or until Deacon dies.

Can I increase my stats beyond the maximum level?

No, you cannot increase your stats beyond their maximum level. Health, Stamina, and Focus can only be increased up to level 10, which is the maximum level in the game. However, reaching level 10 in all three stats is not necessary to complete the game, and you can still finish the story with lower stats.

What are the benefits of increasing my stats?

Increasing your stats in Days Gone can make the gameplay easier and more enjoyable. Higher Health allows Deacon to survive longer in combat, while higher Stamina lets him run and dodge more effectively. Higher Focus increases Deacon’s accuracy and makes it easier to take down enemies. Overall, increasing your stats can make the game feel less challenging and more rewarding, especially in the later stages of the game when the enemies become stronger and more numerous.

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