How to Quickly Gain Experience in Elex 2?

This page of the Elex 2 guide covers the topic of earning experience points. Our tips will guide you through the best ways to earn experience, which include combat, completing missions, and using Small Elex Drinks.

  • World Exploration – Killing Enemies and Reading Notes
  • Completing Missions
  • Small Elex Drinks
  • Skills to Boost Experience Gain

Read on to learn about the best and fastest ways to earn experience points in Elex 2. Killing enemies, completing missions, and reading notes and letters are some of the most effective methods to gain experience. Additionally, Small Elex Drinks and certain skills can support character leveling.

World Exploration – Killing Enemies and Reading Notes

Killing enemies is the most basic way to earn experience points. The stronger the opponent, the more experience points you will receive. However, be cautious of enemies marked with a skull, as they will likely be too powerful for you to defeat. Another way to gain experience is by reading notes, letters, and other such items. Although they do not grant a lot of points, this method is effortless and free.

You can earn experience points faster by using the appropriate stone in your weapon. Placing Green Gemstones in your weapon will earn you extra points for each enemy you defeat.

Completing Missions

Completing missions is another great way to gain experience points. Accept all the quests offered to you, and try to complete all the missions that allow you to join a given faction such as The Berserker’s Trust, An Alb Agent, and Morkon Values. You do not need to join any faction to complete these missions. Completing your companions’ quests is also beneficial, as they consist of multiple stages, and you will receive experience points for each stage you complete.

When you enter a city for the first time, take a tour around it to earn XP. You will be given this option after entering the Fort and the Grotto.

Small Elex Drinks

Special potions called Small Elex Drinks are scattered throughout the world of Elex 2. Drinking a Small Elex Drink will grant you 500 experience points. These drinks are easily noticeable due to their blue color, and you can also craft them yourself.

Skills to Boost Experience Gain

You can earn experience points faster by purchasing certain skills from the Personality tree:

  1. Experienced Hunter – Earn 5% more experience points for killing monsters.
  2. Bookworm – Earn twice as much XP for reading notes, letters, and other such items.
  3. Practitioner – Earn 5% more experience points for successfully completing quests.


1. How can I earn elexit quickly in Elex 2: Experience?

There are several ways to earn elexit quickly in Elex 2: Experience. One of the easiest methods is by completing quests and missions. These can reward you with large sums of elexit, especially if they are side quests that are not part of the main storyline. Another way to earn elexit is by looting enemies and finding valuable items to sell. Make sure to explore every nook and cranny of the game world to find hidden treasures and secret stashes of loot. Finally, you can earn elexit by trading with merchants and vendors. Be sure to haggle with them to get the best prices for your goods.

2. Are there any specific areas or enemies that are good for farming elexit?

Yes, there are certain areas and enemies in Elex 2: Experience that are particularly good for farming elexit. One such area is the abandoned factory in the northern part of the map. This area is filled with valuable loot and enemies that drop a lot of elexit. Another good area is the scrapyard in the northeast, which is also home to many valuable items and enemies. As for specific enemies, the mutants and bandits that roam the wasteland are good targets to farm for elexit.

3. Can I use cheats or exploits to get more elexit?

While it is possible to use cheats or exploits to get more elexit in Elex 2: Experience, doing so is not recommended. Cheating can ruin the game experience and make it less enjoyable, while also potentially causing bugs and glitches that can break the game. Instead, it’s better to play the game as intended and earn elexit through legitimate means. This will allow you to fully experience the game and enjoy all of the challenges and rewards it has to offer.

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