How to Romance Iron Bull in Dragon Age Inquisition

The Iron Bull is a bisexual character in Dragon Age Inquisition, meaning that any race or gender can enter a romantic relationship with him.

Building a positive relationship with The Iron Bull is relatively easy as he is not easily offended. However, during main quests involving Templars or rebel mages, it is important to choose the option that allows the faction to act freely towards the end of the quest. Additionally, killing Venatori cultists and High Dragons with his help will also gain his favor. It is also important to choose dialogue options marked with a heart symbol.

Follow these steps to successfully romance The Iron Bull:

  • Build a good relationship with The Iron Bull and complete the first quest associated with him, “Demands of the Qun”, as early as possible with him in your party.

  • After moving to Skyhold, The Iron Bull may invite you to his chambers. You can choose to be intimate with him or turn him down, which will end the possibility of a romance.

  • During conversations with him, make it clear that you are interested in a serious relationship. This will unlock the quest “Tough Love”, which involves defeating a dragon and crafting its tooth into a necklace for The Iron Bull.

  • When giving the necklace as a gift, be prepared for a cutscene where Josephine, Cullen, and Cassandra catch you. Make it clear that you are in a committed relationship to continue the romance.


What are the requirements to romance Iron Bull in Dragon Age Inquisition?

To romance Iron Bull in Dragon Age Inquisition, you need to have a male or female Inquisitor. You also need to complete his personal quest “The Demands of the Qun” and have a high approval rating with him. Additionally, you need to flirt with Iron Bull whenever possible and make the right dialogue choices during his personal conversations. Finally, you need to complete the main storyline up to the point of no return, as his romance can only be completed before the final mission.

What are some benefits of romancing Iron Bull in Dragon Age Inquisition?

Romancing Iron Bull in Dragon Age Inquisition can have several benefits. Firstly, it can provide a unique and engaging storyline for your character. Secondly, it can grant you access to unique dialogue options and quests that are only available to those who romance Iron Bull. Thirdly, it can provide a sense of satisfaction and completion for players who enjoy romantic subplots in RPGs. Finally, it can provide bonuses to your gameplay, such as increased damage resistance and special abilities, depending on the choices you make during the romance.

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