How to Start, Select, and Abort Main Story Missions in Saints Row 2022

If you’re struggling in Saints Row 2022, you may have trouble figuring out how to start a new main mission. This guide will explain how you can select and start the main story missions, including how to abort missions and why some story missions may be locked at first.

  • Starting a Mission
  • Reaching the Mission Area
  • Aborting a Mission
  • Locked Missions

Starting a Mission

While the first few missions in Saints Row must be completed one after another, eventually, you’ll reach a point when you’ll be able to start them whenever you like. However, the game map doesn’t show any main mission icons, which can be problematic.

To start a new main mission, you can use your phone and enter the Missions app, or hold down the Options button on the controller. Both methods will load the mission window, where you can select and start a mission from the list.

After choosing a mission, you’ll learn about the rewards you’ll earn for completing it. You must confirm that you wish to start the quest.

Reaching the Mission Area

Once you confirm your choice, the mission marker will appear on the map. The marker can represent the quest giver or the first area you must explore. However, you can’t explore the map freely until you complete the mission, and moving too far away from the mission area may fail it.

Aborting a Mission

The Abort Mission option can be useful if you’ve started a new story mission accidentally, died and want to take a break, encountered a bug, or need to prepare more. You can find the Abort Mission option in the pause menu and on the game over screen.

Locked Missions

Some late-game story missions may have additional requirements that need to be completed before starting the mission. You can view the mission requirements in the Missions app, which usually revolve around ventures. You may need to create or complete a certain number of ventures before starting the mission, forcing you to develop ventures before progressing through the main storyline. We recommend prioritizing cheaper and easier-to-complete ventures, such as Castle Kraken.


1. How do I start the main story missions in Saints Row 2022?

To start the main story missions in Saints Row 2022, you need to progress through the game’s opening tutorial missions until you reach the point where you can access the game’s main menu. From there, select the “Missions” tab and then choose the “Story Missions” option. You will then be presented with a list of available story missions that you can select and begin playing.

2. Can I abort a main story mission in Saints Row 2022?

Yes, you can abort a main story mission in Saints Row 2022 at any time by opening the game’s main menu and selecting the “Abort Mission” option. Keep in mind, however, that aborting a mission will cause you to lose any progress you have made up to that point, so it is generally not recommended unless you are having significant difficulty with a particular mission or need to interrupt your gameplay for any reason.

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