How to Unlock and Build a Camp in New World

A camp in the New World is an essential feature of the game. It enables you to craft food and potions and serves as a respawn point. In this guide, we’ll explain how to unlock and build a camp.

Camps are a vital component of the gameplay in New World, primarily used for crafting. You can craft food and potions near the camp without paying taxes in settlements. Moreover, building a camp allows you to respawn there upon death. This guide will teach you how to unlock and construct your own camp.

  • How can you unlock a camp?
  • How can you build a camp?

Unlocking a Camp

Unlocking a camp in New World is a straightforward process that occurs early in the game. All you have to do is complete the “Man About Town” mission, which you receive after finishing the basic tasks in the first settlement you visit. The mission is brief, and it involves moving from one character to another. After completing it, you’ll have full access to constructing your own camp.

Building a Camp

The default button to build a camp is “Y.” Once you press it, you’ll see the camp’s outline. If the outline is bright, you can build your camp in that location. If the color red appears, you need to move away from the nearby settlement and select a flat terrain section without extraneous environmental objects.

Next, you’ll need to gather five pieces of Green Wood and one Flint. These resources are readily available in the New World, and you’ll likely find them in the area.

After gathering the resources, move away from the camp a little. This will initiate the construction of your camp. You can craft items near it, and it will serve as your respawn point upon death. However, keep in mind that your camp isn’t permanent. You’ll need to rebuild it once you exit the server and return to the game.


What is New World: Camp?

New World: Camp is a feature in the game New World that allows players to create a base of operations in the open world. It is a safe place where players can store items, craft, and interact with other players. Camps can be set up in various locations throughout the game and can be upgraded to include more features.

How do I unlock New World: Camp?

To unlock New World: Camp, players must first complete the tutorial and reach level 6. Once at level 6, players will receive a quest called “Settling In” that will introduce them to the camp feature and guide them through the process of setting up their first camp.

How do I upgrade my New World: Camp?

Players can upgrade their New World: Camp by using Azoth, which is a resource found throughout the game. Azoth can be used to upgrade various aspects of a camp, such as its storage capacity, crafting stations, and defenses. Each upgrade requires a certain amount of Azoth, which can be earned by completing quests, killing enemies, and participating in PvP battles.

Can I have more than one New World: Camp?

Yes, players can have multiple New World: Camps. However, each camp must be set up in a different location and requires a certain amount of Azoth to be established. Players can switch between their camps at any time and can even fast travel to them if they have unlocked the appropriate upgrades.

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