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If you ever find yourself lacking in weaponry in Skyrim and need some powerful tools to defeat your enemies, then the following mod is the solution to your problem.

Immersive Weapons is made by the same creators of Immersive Armors, ensuring that the quality is top-notch. The mod adds a total of 224 new weapons and 6 new kinds of arrows. Despite the vast selection, the creator made sure to balance the weapons’ stats to avoid making the game too easy. This mod includes bows, swords, maces, hammers, daggers, axes, and katanas, all of which look fantastic and are adjusted accordingly.

Note that this mod is only available for the standard version of Skyrim.


Download the mod from Nexus Mods.

The mod can be installed through the Nexus Mod Manager or manually by moving the mod files to the Data folder in the primary game folder.


1. What is Immersive Weapons mod?

Immersive Weapons is a popular mod for Skyrim that enhances the game’s overall experience by adding a vast array of new weapons to the game’s world. These new weapons are designed to be more realistic and immersive, fitting seamlessly into the game’s lore and aesthetics. The mod adds over 250 new weapons to the game, ranging from swords and axes to bows and staves, all of which come with unique designs and stats. The mod is especially popular among players who are looking for more variety and depth in the game’s combat system.

2. How do I install Immersive Weapons mod?

Installing Immersive Weapons mod is relatively easy, and it can be done in a few simple steps. First, you need to download the mod from a trusted site. Then, extract the files using a program like WinRAR or 7zip. Next, copy the extracted files into the game’s “Data” folder, which is located in the game’s directory. Finally, activate the mod through the game’s launcher or a mod manager like Nexus Mod Manager. It’s essential to follow the installation instructions carefully to avoid any potential issues.

3. Can I use Immersive Weapons mod with other mods?

Yes, Immersive Weapons mod is compatible with most other mods that don’t alter the game’s weapons or equipment. However, it’s essential to check the mod’s compatibility with other mods before installing them to avoid any conflicts. It’s also recommended to use a mod manager like Nexus Mod Manager to manage your mods and ensure their compatibility.

4. Does Immersive Weapons mod affect the game’s performance?

Like most mods, Immersive Weapons mod can affect the game’s performance, especially if you have a low-end PC. The mod adds a considerable amount of new weapons, which can increase the game’s load time and memory usage. However, the impact on performance is usually minor, and many players report no issues with the mod. It’s recommended to run the game with a performance monitoring tool like MSI Afterburner to monitor your PC’s performance while playing the game.

5. Is Immersive Weapons mod available for other games?

No, Immersive Weapons mod is only available for Skyrim and its Special Edition. However, there are similar mods available for other games, such as Fallout 4 and Oblivion. These mods add new weapons to the game’s world and enhance the game’s overall experience. It’s essential to check the mod’s compatibility with your game’s version and other mods before installing them to avoid any potential issues.

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