In this walkthrough guide for A Plague Tale Requiem, we will explore Chapter 9, which involves exploring the sacred chambers. We will provide tips on how to disconnect from the ritual participants, find all the interactive objects, and leave the shrine.

Chapter 9, called “Tales and Revelations,” takes place during a ritual involving Amicia and Hugo. To complete this chapter, you must follow the ritual, explore the sanctuary, and find all the interactive objects in the sacred quarters.

The objectives for this chapter are:

– Follow the ritual

– Reach the sacred quarters

– Explore the sacred quarters

– Leave the sanctuary

First, follow the Count and Countess and other ritual participants. In the dark room, pick up a torch and take it through a waterfall. You will eventually separate from the other participants and reach a courtyard with a huge tree.

Fully explore each room in the sacred quarters to find all the interactive items. The first quarter is Basilius’ room, where you can examine a tent, a toy horse, the bed, and wooden figurines. The second quarter is the armory, where you can examine a chest with gear, sets of armor, the weapon rack, and wax plates. The third quarter is an alchemy lab, where you can examine a furnace, alchemical equipment, and the bed. The final quarter is the alchemists’ library, where you can examine scrolls on shelves and holes in the floor.

Once you have explored everything, approach Sophia to complete the chapter. To leave the sanctuary, use the sewers passageway shown to you by Sophia. Walk along the upper balconies, jump down to the lower level, and reach the sewer entrance to return to the main island and complete Chapter 9.


1. What is Chapter 9 of Plague Tale Requiem?

Chapter 9 of Plague Tale Requiem is titled “Explore the sacred chambers”. It is a continuation of the story of Amicia and Hugo, who are trying to find a way to stop the rats and the Inquisition. In this chapter, they explore the sacred chambers of an ancient church, where they hope to find a way to defeat their enemies. Along the way, they encounter puzzles, traps, and enemies that they must overcome to progress.

2. What are some tips for completing Chapter 9?

To complete Chapter 9 of Plague Tale Requiem, it is important to pay attention to your surroundings and use your tools wisely. The sacred chambers are full of traps and puzzles that require careful observation and quick thinking. Use your slingshot to distract enemies and break objects that are blocking your path. You can also use your alchemy to create potions that can help you overcome obstacles or defeat enemies.

3. What happens at the end of Chapter 9?

At the end of Chapter 9 of Plague Tale Requiem, Amicia and Hugo discover a secret passage that leads them to a hidden laboratory. There, they find a device that can control the rats. However, they are ambushed by Inquisitor Vitalis, who takes Hugo hostage and demands that Amicia surrender the device. Amicia must choose whether to give up the device or risk Hugo’s life to keep it. The chapter ends on a cliffhanger, leaving players eager to see what happens next.

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