Introduction | Emerald Graves

The Emerald Graves is a vast location that can be explored along with its minor regions. It is not mandatory to travel here to progress the storyline, but it is highly recommended. You can complete side quests, discover interesting places, and acquire valuable items in this area.

To unlock the location, you need to select the “Meeting at the Emerald Graves” operation on the war map and have a minimum of 8 Power points. It is best to visit the Emerald Graves when you reach experience level 13-15, as there are stronger opponents in some regions. Be prepared for the great dragon battle and make sure your party members have progressed to level 19-20 before attacking it.

There are two major locations to explore in the Emerald Graves – Chateau d’Onterre in the East and Villa Maurel to the South. You can find side quests related to these places in the game walkthrough. The guard’s outpost in the West is also an important location as it unlocks the option to barter with Gertrude and provides a new foothold. It is advisable to explore the Northern part of the Emerald Graves last, as it leads to the dragon’s den and has no side quests to complete.


What is the Emerald Graves?

The Emerald Graves is a location in the game Dragon Age: Inquisition. It is a sprawling forest in the southern part of Orlais, filled with ancient ruins and dangerous wildlife. The area is known for its lush greenery and stunning natural beauty, as well as its many hidden secrets and treasures.

What kind of creatures can be found in the Emerald Graves?

The Emerald Graves is home to a wide variety of creatures, both friendly and hostile. Players can expect to encounter everything from gentle deer and majestic halla to ferocious bears and deadly wyverns. There are also numerous bandits and other humanoid enemies lurking in the forest, waiting to ambush unsuspecting travelers.

What are some of the main quests in the Emerald Graves?

There are several main quests that take place in the Emerald Graves, including “The Ballad of Lord Woolsley,” “Holding the Hinterlands,” and “On the Loose.” Each of these quests involves exploring different areas of the forest, battling dangerous enemies, and uncovering new clues and information about the game’s overarching story.

What is the recommended level for exploring the Emerald Graves?

The recommended level for exploring the Emerald Graves is around 16-19, although players who are more skilled or have better gear may be able to tackle the area at slightly lower levels. It is important to be well-prepared before venturing into the forest, as the enemies and obstacles can be quite challenging even for experienced players.

Are there any unique items or rewards to be found in the Emerald Graves?

Yes, there are many unique items and rewards to be found in the Emerald Graves. Players can discover rare weapons and armor, uncover hidden artifacts and treasures, and even recruit new party members to join their cause. Some of the most sought-after items in the area include the “Fade-Touched Plush Fustian Velvet” and the “Superb Ring of Critical Damage.”

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