Introduction | Emprise du Lion

Emprise du Lion is a vast location in Dragon Age: Inquisition that offers plenty of regions to explore and challenging battles to fight. While you can explore this location during the main storyline, it is recommended to stay longer and complete side quests to obtain valuable items and experience. Additionally, the area is home to several great dragons, making it an exciting place to battle. However, it’s important to prepare your party and reach a higher experience level before taking on these beasts. To unlock Emprise du Lion, you’ll need to complete the corresponding operation on the world map with at least 20 Power points. It’s recommended to have a party with an experience level of at least 17-18 to tackle most quests, while battles against the dragons require an experience level above 20. Two important notes to keep in mind are that capturing the Suledin keep provides access to new quests and NPCs, and the Eastern region of Emprise du Lion is only accessible after completing a specific operation in Skyhold.


1. What is Emprise du Lion in Dragon Age: Inquisition?

Emprise du Lion is a region in the world of Thedas that is featured in the popular video game Dragon Age: Inquisition. It is a snowy, mountainous area that is home to several factions vying for control, including the Inquisition, the Venatori, and the red templars. The region is also home to several landmarks, such as the fortress of Suledin Keep and the dwarven ruins of Kal’Hirol.

2. How do I unlock Emprise du Lion in Dragon Age: Inquisition?

In order to unlock Emprise du Lion in Dragon Age: Inquisition, you must first progress through the game’s main storyline until you reach a point where you can access the war table. From there, you can send your advisors on a mission to unlock the region. The mission is called “Sit in Judgment,” and it becomes available after you complete the main quest “Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts.” Once you complete the mission, Emprise du Lion will be unlocked and you can travel there at any time.

3. What quests are available in Emprise du Lion in Dragon Age: Inquisition?

Emprise du Lion is home to several quests and activities in Dragon Age: Inquisition. Some of the main quests include “Capturing Suledin Keep,” “Breeding Grounds,” and “Call Me Imshael.” In addition to these quests, there are also several side quests that you can complete, such as “Of Noble Birth” and “In the Saddle.” The region is also home to several collections that you can gather, such as the “Veilfire glyphs” and “Astrariums.” Overall, there is plenty to do in Emprise du Lion, making it a worthwhile destination in the game.

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