Introduction | Frostback Mountains

During the game’s prologue, you will explore the Frostback Mountains, a relatively small and linear location that serves as the starting point for your adventure. As the Mountains are integral to the game’s storyline, you will cover a significant portion of the area during your first visit. However, you can opt to spend more time in some locations or progress with the storyline.

To unlock Frostback Mountains, simply start the game. There is no need to level up before arriving here, as you will begin your adventure in this location.

Here are two important notes:

1) During the prologue, you must choose your route, which will take you to two different areas in the Frostbacks. However, there are no treasures to be found, so you won’t miss out on anything.

2) After completing the Prologue, Frostback Mountains will not appear on your map. However, you can return to the location later in the game by selecting it in the Haven chapter on the M2 map. This option becomes available after starting the Haven besiegement main quest.


1. What are the Frostback Mountains?

The Frostback Mountains are a massive range of mountains that dominate the landscape of southern Thedas in the world of Dragon Age. They form a natural barrier between the nations of Ferelden and Orlais, and are home to a variety of creatures and factions.

2. What is the climate like in the Frostback Mountains?

The climate in the Frostback Mountains is generally cold and snowy, with some areas experiencing harsh blizzards and bitter winds. However, there are also warmer regions that are more hospitable, such as the Dales in the east.

3. What kind of creatures can be found in the Frostback Mountains?

The Frostback Mountains are home to a wide variety of creatures, ranging from wolves and bears to more exotic beasts such as wyverns and dragons. There are also various factions of dwarves, who have carved out their own underground cities and mines throughout the mountains.

4. What role do the Frostback Mountains play in the Dragon Age series?

The Frostback Mountains play a significant role in the Dragon Age series, serving as a major setting for several key events in the storyline. They are also home to several important characters and factions, including the dwarves, who are a playable race in the games.

5. Are there any real-world inspirations for the Frostback Mountains?

While the Frostback Mountains are a fictional location created for the Dragon Age series, they draw inspiration from a variety of real-world sources. The harsh, snowy climate and rugged terrain are reminiscent of the Rocky Mountains in North America, while the dwarven cities and mines are inspired by the mythology and folklore of various European cultures.

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