Introduction | Side Quests

In this section of the guide, you will find a list of all the side quests available in the game. They are scattered throughout the game and have been organized based on the locations where they can be found, which is similar to how they appear in your game log.

Here are some important things to note:

  • The majority of side quests can be added to your log by talking to NPCs marked with an exclamation mark symbol. However, some can be unlocked in other ways, such as completing an operation or meeting a party member.
  • At the end of each quest walkthrough, you will find a list of rewards for completing the quest. It is important to review these lists to determine which quests to prioritize.
  • Some side quests only become available after revisiting a location or making sufficient progress in the main storyline.


1. What are side quests?

Side quests are optional missions that players can undertake in addition to the main storyline of a game. These quests often have their own storylines, characters, and rewards that are separate from the main plot. Side quests can range from simple tasks like delivering an item to a non-playable character to more complex missions that require the player to solve puzzles or defeat difficult enemies.

2. Why should I do side quests?

Side quests can offer a variety of benefits to players. They can provide additional experience points, valuable items or equipment, and even unlock new areas or abilities. Completing side quests can also help players better understand the game world and its characters, and provide a deeper sense of immersion in the game’s story. Additionally, completing side quests can often lead to hidden endings or other rewards that are not available through the main storyline.

3. How do I find side quests?

Side quests can be found in a number of ways, depending on the game. Some games will have non-playable characters with exclamation points or other symbols above their heads to indicate that they have a quest available. Other games may offer side quests through exploration, or by finding hidden items or areas that trigger a mission. Players can also consult guides or online forums to find side quests that they may have missed.

4. Can I complete side quests after finishing the main story?

In many games, side quests can still be completed after the main story has been finished. However, some side quests may become unavailable after certain points in the main story, or may have different outcomes depending on the choices made during the main plot. It’s important to check the game’s specific rules and requirements for side quests to ensure that they can still be completed after the main story is finished.

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