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The Temple of Mythal ruins

The Arbor Wilderness and the Temple of Mythal are the final locations in the main storyline. The wilderness is where you witness the battles between the Orlais and the Red Templars. Your task is more important than picking sides. Once you reach the Temple, you can either perform the ritual or follow Corifeo’s factotum. Performing the rite is faster and more profitable. You can ally yourself with the ancient elves. The final stage is the battle against Samson, who you then judge in Skyhold.

Unlocking the location: After completing the “Here Lies the Abyss” main quest, you access the “What Pride Had Wrought” main quest, costing 40 Power points.

Recommended experience level: A party level between 16 and 19 is recommended to complete the quest without major problems. Loot corpses to replenish health potions during the long battle against Samson towards the end of the quest.

Important notes:

1) In the Arbor Wilderness, you do not need to fight all opponents, dash ahead to reach the Temple quickly.

2) You cannot return to the Wilderness or the Temple, so pick up all the loot regularly.

3) In the Temple, you can choose to start the chase or perform the rite. After performing the rite, you can get around the fighting Templars along the secret paths that the elves show you.

4) Towards the end of the quest, you can choose who should wield the power of the well. This choice affects the available dialogue options and the support from your party members later in the game.


1. What is the Temple of Mythal?

The Temple of Mythal is an ancient elven temple located in the Arbor Wilds, in the southern part of Thedas. It was built by the ancient elves in honor of their goddess Mythal, and was used for various religious ceremonies and rituals. The temple is notable for its impressive architecture and intricate murals, which depict various scenes from elven mythology and history.

2. What role does the temple play in Dragon Age: Inquisition?

In Dragon Age: Inquisition, the Temple of Mythal plays a significant role in the main questline. The Inquisitor and their companions are tasked with finding the temple and uncovering its secrets, in order to gain knowledge about the ancient elven civilization and the powerful magic that they used. The temple also holds the key to defeating the game’s main antagonist, Corypheus.

3. What dangers await those who venture into the temple?

The temple is guarded by various magical wards and traps, which were designed to deter intruders and protect its secrets. Additionally, the temple is inhabited by powerful spirits and guardians, which can pose a significant threat to those who enter. The Inquisitor and their companions must be prepared to face these dangers if they hope to successfully explore the temple.

4. What can visitors expect to see inside the temple?

Inside the temple, visitors can expect to see a variety of impressive sights, including intricate murals depicting elven history and mythology, as well as various artifacts and relics from the ancient elven civilization. There are also several puzzles and challenges that must be overcome in order to progress through the temple and uncover its secrets.

5. What is the significance of Mythal in elven mythology?

Mythal is one of the most important figures in elven mythology, and is often considered to be the mother of the elven pantheon. She is associated with many different aspects of elven culture, including magic, wisdom, and protection. According to legend, Mythal sacrificed herself in order to defeat an ancient evil known as the Forgotten Ones, and her legacy is still celebrated by the Dalish elves today.

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