Introduction | The Fallow Mire

The Mire is home to many undead creatures

The Fallow Mire is a large region filled with dangerous undead creatures and hostile barbarians. It is an optional location in the game, but it is highly recommended to visit it as it offers valuable experience, Influence, and Power Points, as well as valuable items. However, it’s worth noting that the monsters in this area can be challenging for beginners.

To unlock this location, you need to complete the “Rescue Soldiers Missing in Ferelden” operation on the war map and spend 8 Power Points.

Recommended experience: It is advisable to wait until your party reaches level 9-10 before venturing into the Mire. Ideally, it’s best to reach level 12 before facing the undead and barbarians in the local fort.


What is the Fallow Mire in Dragon Age: Inquisition?

The Fallow Mire is a location in Dragon Age: Inquisition, a role-playing video game developed by BioWare. It is a swampy area located in the southern part of Ferelden, one of the game’s fictional countries. The area is plagued by undead creatures and cultists, making it a dangerous place to be. The player’s objective is to investigate the area and uncover the cause of the undead outbreak, as well as to help the local villagers who are struggling to survive in the hostile environment.

How do I access the Fallow Mire in Dragon Age: Inquisition?

To access the Fallow Mire in Dragon Age: Inquisition, the player must first travel to the town of Crestwood, which is located in the southern part of Ferelden. Once there, the player must complete a quest called “Still Waters” to gain access to the Fallow Mire. The quest involves helping the local villagers by draining a flooded area that is blocking the town’s water supply. Once the quest is completed, the player can access the Fallow Mire by using the world map and selecting the location from the list of available areas.

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