Introduction | Therinfal Redoubt

Therinfal Redoubt is a location that is not very large and is part of the main storyline. It is visited during the “Champions of the Just” quest, where you seek support from the Templars. The Redoubt consists of three main levels and two parts of the Nightmare. The locations are usually visited in a predetermined order.

To unlock this location, select the “Champions of the Just” operation on the war map and spend 15 Power points. Note that this operation makes it impossible to obtain the support of the Rebel Mages in “In Hushed Whispers”. It is recommended that you reach at least level eight before traveling to the Redoubt because the final opponent is at this level. Even the standard opponents can be challenging, especially in the chamber at the top level.

Important notes:

1) Choosing the Redoubt makes it impossible to travel to Castle Redcliffe (M10) as you can only choose one faction. The Templars stay at the Redoubt, while the mages occupy Redcliffe Castle.

2) You cannot return to the Therinfal Redoubt later in the game, so it is essential to collect all the loot while exploring. This includes the loot dropped by the main opponent. The Redoubt is mainly linear, except for the upper level where you can decide which adjacent wings to explore first (the Northern or Southern).

3) The Therinfal Redoubt has two parts of the Nightmare that are explored during the quest related to the Templars. While in the Nightmare, you cannot take any physical objects back to the living world. However, exploring the area and examining inscriptions can increase your character’s statistics. For more information, refer to the game’s walkthrough.


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What is Therinfal Redoubt?

Therinfal Redoubt is a location in the popular video game, Dragon Age: Inquisition. It is a fortress located in the mountains of Ferelden, and it plays a significant role in the game’s storyline. The Redoubt was originally built as a defensive structure during the Fereldan Rebellion, and it was later used as a base of operations for the mage rebellion. In the game, players can explore the fortress and learn more about its history and significance to the Fereldan people.

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