Is the PS+ Version of Hitman 2 Complete?

This guide page for Hitman 2 answers whether the version of the game from September 2021’s PS+ offer includes all locations, and whether it is a complete edition.

On this page of the Hitman 2 guide, you will learn whether the version of the game offered on PS+ in September 2021 is complete, meaning it includes all of the main locations. This information is important if you plan to fully complete Hitman 2.

  1. As a reminder, Hitman 2 was available for free on PS+ in September 2021. It can be played on either PS4 or PS5 (if backwards compatible).
  2. The version of Hitman 2 offered on PS+ is the standard edition, containing only the basic campaign, which includes 6 maps and 1 Sniper Assassin map.
  3. The PS+ version does not include the Season Pass maps – New York and Haven Island – or the new maps for the Sniper Assassin mode. Additionally, the season pass includes sets of additional missions.
  4. If you wish to play on additional maps, you will need to purchase the Expansion Pass for Hitman 2 separately. This will upgrade your version to the Gold Edition, giving you access to 100% of the post-release content.


1. What is Hitman 2 game from PS+?

Hitman 2 is a stealth video game developed by IO Interactive and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. It is the seventh entry in the Hitman series and is available on various platforms, including PlayStation 4. The game from PS+ is a version of Hitman 2 that was offered for free to PlayStation Plus subscribers in September 2020.

2. What does Hitman 2 game from PS+ include?

The Hitman 2 game from PS+ includes the full base game, which consists of six main missions and several smaller ones set in various locations around the world. It also includes the Sniper Assassin mode, where players can take on missions that require them to eliminate targets from a distance. Additionally, players can access the online Contracts Mode, where they can create and share their own missions with others.

3. Does the Hitman 2 game from PS+ have all the DLCs?

No, the Hitman 2 game from PS+ does not include all the DLCs. The game does not include the expansion pass, which adds two new locations, new missions, and new outfits. However, players can purchase the expansion pass separately if they want to access this content. Additionally, there are several other DLCs available for purchase, such as the Legacy Pack, which includes remastered versions of levels from the previous Hitman game, and various cosmetic items.

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