Joining the Imperial Legion | Imperial Legion Quests

Starting the Quest

To begin the quest, open the world map and travel to Solitude in the northern part of Skyrim (as shown in the above screenshot). It’s best to use Fast Travel, but if you can’t, try using a wagon, like the one located at Whiterun Stables. When you arrive in Solitude, you’ll witness the execution of Roggvir, who was accused of working for the Stormcloaks. Unfortunately, there’s no way to intervene in the execution.

Head to the northern part of the city and find the entrance to Castle Dour, which is guarded by two sentries (as shown in the screenshot above). You don’t have to worry about being detained, fortunately.

Enter the “war room,” where the most important people in the Imperial Legion gather. Depending on your preference, you can listen to the conversation about the Stormcloaks’ plans or talk to General Tullius (as shown in the screenshot above) immediately. If you worked with Hadvar at the beginning of the game, you can mention it now, but it won’t affect the conversation’s outcome. Tullius will suggest that the Imperial Legion could use another warrior who can take care of themselves and direct you to Legate Rikke.

Rikke should also be in the room (as shown in the screenshot above), and you’ll need to speak with her. The woman will ask you to prove your usefulness to the Imperial Legion. You’ll be given the task of securing Fort Hraggstad, which is currently under the control of bandits.

Unlocked Imperial Legion Quest: Joining the Legion

New Main Objective: Clear out Fort Hraggstad

Open the world map and find Fort Hraggstad (as shown in the screenshot above). It’s located west of Solitude. If you’ve already found it, it’s best to Fast Travel. If not, stick to the hard-surfaced path heading west. After a while, turn north and then west again, until you reach the fort’s surroundings.

The fort is occupied by poorly trained bandits, but it’s still worth adjusting your tactics to your preferred playing style. If your character is a warrior, head straight for the main entrance of the fort (as shown in the screenshot above).

If your character is an archer or mage, it’s better to attack from a distance, starting with the archers on the upper walls (as shown in the screenshot above). Of course, if you’re playing as a warrior, you shouldn’t ignore the archers either. Depending on your preference, you can use the Unrelenting Force Dragon Shout or climb the wall and take them out in close combat.

You could also try taking your foes by surprise. In that case, I recommend going around the entire fort to the north part of the wall, where you’ll find a large hole (as shown in the screenshot above). Naturally, it’s best to do this at night, as it will significantly limit the foes’ visibility.

To begin, clear out the main courtyard of Fort Hraggstad. Afterward, check the two towers where additional archers may be located (as seen in the above screenshot). It is recommended to use the Unrelenting Force Dragon Shout or another ability that can hurl enemies away to make the fight shorter.

Next, explore the two locations with doors. In one of the main rooms, you will most likely encounter the Bandit Chief (as seen in the above screenshot). Be cautious, as he is much stronger than a typical opponent. It is also recommended to increase your resistance to fire, as the Bandit Chief will likely use a weapon that inflicts fire damage.

The other location that needs to be secured is the Fort Hraggstad Prison (as seen in the above screenshot). There may be three weak bandits to defeat here. Keep fighting until all the bandits have been eliminated. If you miss some bandits in one part of the fort, the game will automatically point you to their current location, making it easy for you to complete the quest.

New Main Objective: Report to Legate Rikke

Open the world map and head to Solitude. Return to Castle Dour and either listen to a new conversation or talk directly to Legate Rikke to report the completion of the quest (as seen in the above screenshot). She will instruct you to speak to General Tullius so you can take the oath and officially join the Imperial Legion. Note that taking the oath does not mean you are irreversibly aligned with the Legion – you still have time to change your ally.

New Main Objective: Take the oath

Taking the oath is simple. Approach General Tullius and repeat parts of the oath after him (as seen in the above screenshot), clicking on the only lines available. The General will welcome you to the Legion and mention that Beirand the blacksmith can provide you with gear. Legate Rikke will also have something to discuss with you.

Unlocked Imperial Legion Quest: Miscellaneous: Get Imperial Gear from Beirand

Unlocked Imperial Legion Quest: The Jagged Crown

It is recommended to get your gear from Beirand quickly. Leave Castle Dour and head to the marked location where you will find Beirand the blacksmith outside his house (as seen in the above screenshot). Tell him that General Tullius sent you and he will let you choose one of three sets of items: light, medium, or heavy. It is suggested to choose items from the light or medium sets, but it ultimately depends on your playing style. It’s worth noting that using Imperial gear is not mandatory, but if you started the Civil War questline early in the game, you may not have better armor for your character. With your gear acquired, you can now focus on the next Imperial Legion quest – The Jagged Crown.


What is the Imperial Legion in Skyrim?

The Imperial Legion is a faction in the Skyrim game. It is an army that serves the Empire and is responsible for maintaining law and order in the game world. Players can join the Imperial Legion by completing a series of quests. Once they are part of the faction, they will be assigned various tasks, including protecting towns, attacking enemy fortresses, and delivering messages. Players can also rise through the ranks of the faction by completing the quests and gaining the favor of its leaders. The Imperial Legion is an essential faction in the game as it plays a crucial role in the game’s main storyline.

What are the benefits of joining the Imperial Legion in Skyrim?

Joining the Imperial Legion has several benefits for players in Skyrim. Firstly, it gives them access to a range of quests that are exclusive to the faction. These quests are generally challenging and require players to utilize their combat skills effectively. Secondly, joining the Imperial Legion allows players to gain the favor of its leaders, which can lead to promotions and rewards. Finally, being part of the Imperial Legion allows players to participate in the game’s main storyline, which revolves around the conflict between the Empire and the Stormcloaks. Overall, joining the Imperial Legion is an excellent way for players to immerse themselves in the game world and enjoy the many challenges and rewards it has to offer.

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