Key Characters and Locations at Skyhold | Dragon Age: Inquisition

Important Characters and Locations of M12 Skyhold – Dragon Age: Inquisition

Key Characters:


Dragon Lairs:

Campsites, Strongholds, Villages and Cities:

Fast Travel Points, Passageways to Dungeons, and Separate Locations:


Other (Flags, Landmarks, etc.):

Important Characters:

17 – Morrigan – After completing the “Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts” quest.


1 – Trader – Sells a unique amulet that allows the wearer to redistribute skill points.

2 – Trader – Specializes in selling legendary weapons, armors, upgrades for Bianca, and schematics.

3 – Bonny Sims – Specializes in selling weapons, Qunari vitaars, upgrades for Bianca, and crafting materials.

4 – Stables – Purchase new mounts here.

5 – Representative Farris – Sells treaties that increase power and influence. He also sells armors.

Key Characters:

1 – Harrit

2 – Dagna

3 – Varric

4 – Josephine

5 – Cassandra

6 – Iron Bull

7 – Sir Morris – Quartermaster.

8 – Scout Harding

9 – Blackwall

10 – Crem, Sutherland and Cole – Sutherland is on the 1st floor, Cole is on the 2nd floor

11 – Sera – Later in the tavern on the 1st floor

12 – Mother Giselle

13 – Vivienne – She’s on the 1st floor

14 – Helisma – Researcher.

15 – Dorian, Leliana

Fast Travel Points, Passageways to Dungeons, and Separate Locations:

1 – Skyhold Exit

2 – Passageway to Undercroft

3 – Courtyard Exit

Campsites, Strongholds, Villages and Cities:

1 – Throne Room

2 – War Room

3 – Garden

4 – Undercroft

The above map displays all key characters and locations in Skyhold. At this Inquisition’s HQ, you will encounter various characters, both party members and NPCs who play varying roles in the game. It is important to note that many characters appear in Skyhold as you progress through the game. After reaching Skyhold for the first time, you will not encounter them until later in the game. Skyhold comprises many levels, with the throne room and war room located at the upper court and dungeons and the tavern in the lower court. You can also access the Undercroft, a separate location, to craft and furnish your fortress.


What is Skyhold?

Skyhold is a fortress located in the Frostback Mountains in the video game Dragon Age: Inquisition. It serves as the main base of operations for the player and their companions. The fortress is initially in ruins, but as the player progresses through the game, they can upgrade and customize various aspects of the fortress, such as the gardens, the stables, and the armory. Skyhold also serves as a hub for various quests and conversations with the player’s companions.

Who are some important characters in Skyhold?

There are several key characters that the player can interact with in Skyhold. These include:

  • The Inquisitor: The player character, who serves as the leader of the Inquisition and resides in Skyhold.
  • Cullen: A former templar who serves as the Inquisition’s military advisor.
  • Leliana: A former bard who serves as the Inquisition’s spymaster.
  • Josephine: A diplomat who serves as the Inquisition’s ambassador and handles negotiations with other factions.
  • Morrigan: A powerful mage who is integral to the game’s story and resides in Skyhold for a portion of the game.

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