Killing Matthieu Mendola | Marrakesh: A House Built on Sand

Matthieu Mendola is one of the two main targets in the mission “A House Built on Sand”. While you can use the opportunity presented in the game to kill him, there are other ways to assassinate him. Below are some of the best methods:

  • Assassinate Matthieu Mendola disguised as a fortune teller (Opportunity: Future Foretold)
  • Assassinate Matthieu Mendola with poisoned snails
  • Assassinate Matthieu Mendola using the phone booth
  • Release neon lights onto Matthieu Mendola
  • Assassinate Matthieu Mendola disguised as a bodyguard

Assassinate Matthieu Mendola disguised as a fortune teller (Opportunity: Future Foretold)

Attack the fortune teller after he appears by the fuse box

To kill Matthieu Mendola this way, you need to disguise yourself as the fortune teller. You can find him in the northwest part of the map (M9,5). Be careful not to enter the area or the man will get suspicious. Instead, locate the fuse box in the nearby alley (M9,6).

Sabotage the fuse box to lure the fortune teller to investigate it. Before attacking him, make sure no one else is around, as a civilian may be present. After the attack, hide the body in a container and wear the disguise.

Return inside and sit on the chair. You could kill the current customer, but it is better to wait until 47 can answer his question (press the correct button) and drive him away.

Before your target arrives, approach the smoke machine in the screenshot above. Use it to generate thicker smoke if you do not want to be spotted.

Kill Mendola using the crystal ball after the assassination opportunity icon appears

Sit on the chair and wait for Matthieu Mendola. After the conversation starts, an icon will appear indicating an assassination opportunity. Press the button and kill Mendola using the crystal ball. Hide the body in a container after the attack.

Assassinate Matthieu Mendola with poisoned snails

Mendola starts tasting snails on the second time by the stand

In this method, Matthieu Mendola approaches the snail stand to the east of the cafГ© (M10,2). He tastes the snails each time around, starting with the second time. This gives you more time to poison the snails.

You can use rat poison, which you can find in several locations (M10,10)(M10,12)(M10,14). However, using lethal poison on the mission is much better. If you use rat poison, Mendola will go to throw up in a location where you can be easily spotted while assassinating him.

To avoid being seen by the vendor, turn off the lights in the Eastern part of the market place where the food stands are located. To do this, locate the switch (M10,10) to the east of the stand and activate it. After that, go to the generator (M10,6) that powers the fan on the snail stand and sabotage it. This will force the vendor to leave his position, giving you the opportunity to poison the snails without being seen. Wait for Mendola to arrive in a safe location.

It’s important to make sure there are no people sitting at the nearby table before turning off the lights in the alley. If there are, wait for them to leave.

Eliminate Matthieu Mendola using the phone booth

In this option, sabotage the phone booth (M10,4) that Mendola will use. To do this, pick up the utility room key next to the handyman working at the phone booth and use it to open the hidden door in one of the nearby alleys (M10,7). Inside, you will find a handyman disguise and a screwdriver. Wear the disguise and head to the alley where you started the third main episode (M10,11). There, use the switch to make the handyman walk away. Go to the phone booth and wait for Mendola to arrive. Sabotage the phone booth, and if timed correctly, he will be electrocuted after touching the phone.

Be careful not to blow your cover when the handyman walks by. If he sees you, stand with your back turned or find another way around to reach the phone booth.

Release neon lights onto Matthieu Mendola

For this option, you will need to use the large neon lights at Shisha CafГ© (M10,1). Wait for Mendola to stop under the lights and shoot them down with a handgun or use a sniper rifle or assault rifle to shoot them from a nearby rooftop. Be aware that using guns will alarm people in the area, so flee quickly.

Eliminate Matthieu Mendola by posing as a bodyguard

Wait for an opportunity to act alone with him

To complete the “Escort Service” mission, you must eliminate Matthieu Mendola while disguised as a bodyguard. A simple way to obtain the disguise is to attack a sick bodyguard in the North-East alley (M10,19) of the map.

Once you acquire the disguise, meet with Matthieu Mendola and lead him to a secluded area. You can attack him when he reaches the rooftop or use a fiber wire or silenced gun. If you choose the latter, be careful not to raise suspicion by prolonging your interaction with him.


1. What is “Murdering Matthieu Mendola”?

“Murdering Matthieu Mendola” is a mission in the video game “Hitman” set in the fictional city of Marrakesh. The mission involves the player taking on the role of the assassin Agent 47, who is tasked with eliminating Matthieu Mendola, a corrupt banker who is hiding out in the city. The mission is one of several in the game that require the player to use stealth and strategy to complete the objective without being detected by the guards or other characters in the game.

2. What is “Marrakesh: A House Built on Sand”?

“Marrakesh: A House Built on Sand” is the fifth episode of the first season of the television series “The Night Manager”. The episode is set in Marrakesh and follows the character of Jonathan Pine as he attempts to infiltrate the inner circle of a dangerous arms dealer named Richard Roper. The episode is notable for its exotic location, intense action sequences, and complex plot twists, which keep viewers on the edge of their seats until the very end.

3. Is Marrakesh a real city?

Yes, Marrakesh is a real city located in Morocco, in North Africa. It is known for its vibrant markets, historic landmarks, and rich cultural heritage. Marrakesh is a popular tourist destination and attracts visitors from all over the world who come to experience its unique blend of modern and traditional culture. The city is also home to a thriving film industry, with many movies and television shows being filmed there over the years.

4. Are “Murdering Matthieu Mendola” and “Marrakesh: A House Built on Sand” related?

No, “Murdering Matthieu Mendola” and “Marrakesh: A House Built on Sand” are not related. Although they both take place in Marrakesh, they are from two different mediums – “Murdering Matthieu Mendola” is a video game mission, while “Marrakesh: A House Built on Sand” is a television episode. The two share no characters or plot elements and are entirely unrelated in terms of their storylines.

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