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This page of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim guide provides a walkthrough for the optional quest Paarthurnax, which is closely related to the main storyline. Here, you will find out how to unlock the quest and defeat Paarthurnax, the dragon boss.

  • New main objective: Kill Paarthurnax
  • New main objective: Talk to Delphine

New main objective: Kill Paarthurnax

This quest is entirely optional and is included in this guide only because Paarthurnax appears in some of the end-game scenes. Fortunately, his premature death will not affect the main plotline in any way. You can activate this quest during the main quest The Fallen after defeating Alduin at The Throat of the World. If you meet with Esbern, he will inform you that Paarthurnax was Alduin’s right-hand dragon responsible for unimaginable crimes. Delphine will demand that you kill him, or the Blades will not work with you.

Even if you have spoken to Paarthurnax or Arngeir about finding Alduin, you can still obtain this quest by meeting with Esbern or talking with Delphine after completing the Season Unending quest. You can also complete this quest after finishing the main story line. It will return to your journal after you slay the dragon.

To begin the fight, you need to provoke Paarthurnax, who is friendly towards you by default, by using magic, a ranged weapon, or a shout. Once the fight begins, use Dragonrend to force Paarthurnax to land.

Attack him only after he lands. You can attack him in melee combat or from a distance, and it’s helpful to have a party member or other character beside you to draw the dragon’s attention. Keep fighting Paarthurnax until you drain his health bar and absorb his soul.

New main objective: Talk to Delphine

Head to Sky Haven Temple and find Delphine in the room with the Alduin’s Wall or by the outer observation point. Inform her of killing Paarthurnax, but you won’t receive any prize apart from the chance of working for the Blades again. Note that killing Paarthurnax will cause the Greybeards of High Hrothgar to want nothing to do with you anymore, except for actions related to completing the main quest.


1. Why do some players want to kill Paarthurnax in Skyrim?

Paarthurnax is a dragon in the popular video game Skyrim who serves as the leader of the Greybeards, a group of powerful monks who reside at the top of the mountain known as High Hrothgar. Despite his importance in the game’s story, some players choose to kill Paarthurnax due to his past involvement with Alduin, the main antagonist. Paarthurnax was once one of Alduin’s top lieutenants, but he eventually switched sides and helped the humans defeat him. However, some players believe that his past actions cannot be forgiven and that he should be punished for his crimes, even though he has since reformed.

2. What are the consequences of killing Paarthurnax in Skyrim?

If a player chooses to kill Paarthurnax in Skyrim, they will receive a significant amount of negative karma and will be marked as an enemy of the Blades, a powerful faction of dragon slayers. Additionally, the player will no longer be able to receive quests or dialogue from the Greybeards, effectively cutting them off from a significant portion of the game’s content. While killing Paarthurnax may provide a sense of satisfaction for some players, it ultimately has negative consequences that can affect the rest of the game’s story.

3. Can you spare Paarthurnax in Skyrim?

Yes, it is possible to spare Paarthurnax in Skyrim. In fact, sparing Paarthurnax is often seen as the morally correct choice, as he has since reformed and is now an important ally to the player and the rest of the game’s characters. To spare Paarthurnax, the player must choose the “peaceful” dialogue options during the quest “Paarthurnax.” This will allow the player to convince the Blades to spare him and instead focus on hunting down other dragons. By sparing Paarthurnax, the player will be able to continue receiving quests and dialogue from the Greybeards and will not receive negative karma or be marked as an enemy of the Blades.

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