Kingdom Come Deliverance: Tips for Beginners

This guide offers helpful tips for those just starting out in Kingdom Come Deliverance. Topics covered include exploration, combat, character development, and saving your progress.

The tips on this page can assist you in surviving the initial hours of gameplay and provide solutions for some of the challenges that arise due to the game’s realistic approach to certain elements.

  • Save points are limited
  • Prepare for battles
  • Health doesn’t regenerate during combat
  • Take care of your character
  • Upgrade Herbalism early on
  • Be cautious when stealing
  • Practice to improve skills
  • Weight limit affects gameplay
  • Complete quests in different ways
  • Day and night cycle affects gameplay
  • Equipment has durability levels
  • Better equipment requires higher stats
  • First horse is obtained after a few hours

Save points are limited

One of the biggest challenges in Kingdom Come Deliverance is the limited save points. This affects gameplay and forces players to approach the game in a specific way. To save your progress, you must:

There are various ways to save your progress in the game. Firstly, the game will automatically save your progress when you start a new quest or make progress in your current mission. However, a new automatic save won’t be created if you didn’t start another quest after completing a previous mission.

You can also save your progress by using your own bed on the world’s map. The game saves your progress only after resting and sleeping for at least one hour. Initially, you only have one “personal” bed, but you can unlock more by progressing through the game and discovering more locations.

Another way to save your progress is by using a bed in a tavern. Taverns are located in most villages and towns, and the game saves your progress after you pay for a bed. The fee for renting a bed depends on how long you want to use it.

If you use a bath house, which are located in every bigger village and town, the game saves your progress when you pay for their services. This includes washing your clothes and restoring all stats, including those related to your Energy and Nourishment. The amount of money you have to pay depends on which services you want to use.

Reaching a camp in a forest also saves your game automatically. Lastly, you can save your progress using Saviour Schnapps, a unique drink that lets you save your progress whenever you want. However, it’s limited, so use it only during long quests where you have to complete a risky action. Drinking too much Schnapps can also turn Henry into an alcoholic, so it’s important to wait a bit before drinking another one.

It’s important to approach each quest with caution and prepare yourself before each risky action. For free roaming in the game’s world, remember to go back to the places where you can save your game manually to avoid losing progress from the last few dozens of minutes by dying suddenly.

The game doesn’t ask you if you want to “sacrifice” Saviour Schnapps to save your progress. Think twice before making a decision, especially during the first few hours where the game gives you only a few bottles. The game has only three slots for manual saves, and the oldest one is overwritten automatically whenever you create a new save. However, this doesn’t include automatic saves that are created during quests.

Prepare Yourself for Fighting in Kingdom Come: Deliverance

In Kingdom Come: Deliverance, every fight is unique and should not be underestimated. Your character can easily die or receive serious wounds if you make grave mistakes. Before starting a fight, check your surroundings carefully and estimate the number of enemies and their equipment to choose the right weapon and armor. Sneaking up on enemies is also helpful. Saving the game before a fight is highly advisable.

Remember that your health does not regenerate during combat, so approach each fight with caution. The first few clean hits from your enemy reduce your stamina bar first, and only after it’s depleted will your health start to drop. Keep your distance from enemies to allow your stamina to regenerate. Bandages are necessary to treat serious wounds such as bone fractures or bleeding, and can be found in the game’s world or bought from traders.

In some cases, fights will happen instantly, so quickly estimate the difficulty and try to run away if you think you have no chance to win. However, watch out for archers who can cause problems. Saving the game is limited, so only save when necessary, especially when approaching dangerous locations.

Remember that Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a game that requires preparation and strategy for every fight. Keep these tips in mind to increase your chances of survival.

It’s important in Kingdom Come: Deliverance to take care of your hero beyond just using healing items to regenerate health. Your character can also experience hunger and fatigue, which can weaken their ability to fight. To deal with fatigue, find a resting place with a high comfort value and sleep for a few hours. While sleeping in hay or on a low-quality mattress is an option, it’s not ideal. You can also unlock perks later in the game to reduce penalties from low-quality beds and lack of sleep.

To deal with hunger, always keep food in your inventory and avoid overeating. Each type of food has a quality value, so don’t eat anything with a value below 50% or marked in yellow, orange, or red to avoid food poisoning. You can also visit bath houses to regenerate different stats and heal wounds for a fee of 30 Groschen.

It’s also important to check for other negative statuses like being overburdened or having a broken limb, which can impact your hero’s performance. Try to eliminate these as soon as possible. Always keep spare items in your inventory to be prepared.

Starting Herbalism early leads to faster character development

  1. Developing the Herbalism skill in Kingdom Come: Deliverance can help Henry become wealthy faster and provide additional income for equipment or skill training.
  2. Herbalism skill allows for collecting and selling plants, with higher levels granting the ability to collect multiple plants at once. Selling herbs can earn several dozen pennies initially, but can increase to 100-200 pennies with higher levels.
  3. Upgrading Herbalism unlocks perks that improve attributes, such as a Resistance perk increasing Vitality by 2, Flower Power providing a +2 Charisma bonus with fragrant herbs, and Leg Day adding experience to the Strength stat.

Cautiously Profit from Stealing

Stealing money and valuable items can be profitable, but the risk of being caught is high. It is recommended to save the game before each theft and to steal at night when NPCs are sleeping. Failing a theft can have negative consequences, and some houses cannot be entered without alerting their owners.

  1. Getting caught committing a crime in a village can result in negative consequences for your hero. NPCs may treat them poorly, and guards will become alert and start searching for them. To avoid further trouble, players can pay a fine or attempt to persuade the guards. Fighting or escaping is not recommended as it will not solve the problem. Another option is to go to jail voluntarily, but this will weaken the hero upon release.
  2. Stealing everything in houses is not advisable as the hero has a limited carrying capacity. Stolen goods may also be difficult to sell to traders. Instead, players should search for locked chests which usually contain valuable treasures. Lock picks can be found or purchased from traders, but players should focus on easier locks initially to avoid breaking too many lock picks.

It is important to note that failing the lock picking mini-game will result in a broken lockpick. Players should reload a previous save if too many lock picks are broken.

  1. Pickpocketing becomes available after making progress in the main story and meeting with a miller named Peshek. However, this method is also risky. Players should start by stealing from sleeping characters and avoid stealing from moving characters or those in view of others. A mini-game is involved, and players should exit immediately before time runs out.
  2. Alternatively, players can use a more aggressive approach by sneaking up on characters from behind and stunning them or performing stealth kills. However, this can result in greater trouble if the player is spotted or accidentally kills an important NPC.

Practice Makes Perfect

In Kingdom Come: Deliverance, character progression is achieved through repeating certain actions, similar to games like Skyrim. This applies to both main attributes and skills. For example, strength can be improved by engaging in combat, while speech can be improved through dialogue interactions.

When playing Kingdom Come: Deliverance, certain actions can increase your character’s abilities in different areas. For example, using a sword in combat can increase your Strength and proficiency with the weapon, while shooting an animal with an arrow can improve your Agility, bow skills, and hunting ability. Similarly, using persuasion or intimidation during conversations with NPCs can enhance your Speech, and opening a locked chest can increase your stealth and lockpicking abilities. The game notifies you of these increases in the upper left corner of the screen and allows you to choose a related perk after a few levels.

Later in the game, you can pay trainers to increase specific stats, but this can be expensive. Trainers specialize in different areas, such as hunting or pickpocketing, and it’s best to wait until you have enough money to afford their services. To improve your character, look for opportunities to perform actions that align with your desired playstyle, such as pickpocketing or sneaking for a thief character or participating in combat for a warrior.

Note that archery requires attacking enemies or hunting to improve, and pickpocketing and reading skills are initially locked. You can learn the basics of pickpocketing from Miller Peshek during the main quest and learn to read from a scribe in Uzhitz during a side quest.

Another important aspect of gameplay is the weight limit, which affects your character’s speed and ability to run and fight. To avoid surpassing the limit, carry only one of each type of armor and limit yourself to two melee weapons, one bow, and one shield. Additionally, be mindful of the weight of other objects, such as food.

To manage the issue of inventory overload in the game, you can transfer items from your inventory to your hero’s stashes or your horse’s inventory. These stashes can be found next to Henry’s beds and in inns after purchasing a bed. Once both inventories are full, decide what to do with unnecessary items, such as using consumables, discarding certain items, or selling them at specific vendors. The weight limit is not fixed and can be increased by enhancing Strength or unlocking perks from the Mule group, which can further increase your weight limit. The first perk from this group can be purchased early in the game.

feature wisely to prepare for upcoming challenges. For example, if you want to infiltrate an enemy camp, wait until nightfall and then speed up time to get to the right moment. The day and night cycle also affects hunting and fishing. Some animals can only be found during the day, while others come out only at night. Moreover, the weather conditions also have an impact on the game. Rain can make it difficult to move around, while fog can lower the visibility and make it harder to detect enemies. Be sure to take all these factors into account when planning your next move.

Avoid using the “sleep” option except when necessary, such as waiting for a quest update. If you use this option, Henry won’t recover properly. Instead, you should return to Henry’s bed or find a high-quality bed to speed up time and restore energy.

Remember the day and night cycle when visiting NPCs or trading with them during a quest. Their houses may be closed, so don’t try to break in unless you plan to steal. Return at a different time or use the time speed-up option. Characters should leave their homes or open their doors if it’s their workplace.

Weapons and armor have durability levels

Items in Kingdom Come: Deliverance can be damaged, so keep this in mind to avoid being caught with damaged equipment in front of a powerful enemy. Weapons wear out during battles, and armor can be damaged when your character is attacked. You can check the durability of your items in the inventory menu, and damaged items lose their initial features, making your character weaker in battle.

Find similar items to replace worn-out equipment or repair the damaged ones. Use a grindstone to repair melee weapons, but read the tutorial carefully and save your game before attempting it. Repair kits can fix armor, but you need to develop your maintenance skill. You can also pay for repairs at a blacksmith, cobbler, or tailor.

Higher stats may be required for better equipment

You can use all weapons and armor in the world of Kingdom Come: Deliverance, but wearing items that require higher stats can have negative effects.

  1. Every item has a minimum requirement, as seen in the example of the mace that requires 4 Strength. If the requirement is highlighted in red, it means that Henry does not meet it yet.
  2. Although you can ignore this information, using an item with unmet requirements will result in reduced effectiveness or protection compared to lower quality items. It is best to save these items for later and use weaker alternatives that match your character’s abilities for now.

The First Horse is Acquired Later in the Game

At the beginning of the game, Henry is given a horse for plot purposes only. The horse’s inventory and statistics are inactive, and it cannot be kept.

  1. The first horse that can be used is obtained after a few hours of gameplay and completing the main quest, The Prey, which involves hunting with Lord Capon.
  2. Once you have completed this quest, you will receive a horse that can be used for transportation. However, it is not necessary to use this horse throughout the entire game. Henry can purchase a new horse with better stats if desired.


What is Kingdom Come Deliverance?

Kingdom Come Deliverance is a role-playing game set in medieval Europe, where the player takes on the role of Henry, the son of a blacksmith. The game is known for its historical accuracy, with a focus on realism and immersive gameplay. The game is set in the early 15th century, during the Holy Roman Empire, and features realistic sword combat, complex dialogue choices, and a branching story.

How do I start playing Kingdom Come Deliverance?

To start playing Kingdom Come Deliverance, you will need to purchase the game either through digital download or a physical copy. Once you have the game installed on your computer or console, you can start a new game and create your character. The game will guide you through the opening tutorial, which will teach you the basic mechanics of the game.

What are some tips for beginners in Kingdom Come Deliverance?

Some tips for beginners in Kingdom Come Deliverance include taking your time and exploring the world, as there are many side quests and hidden treasures to discover. It is also important to train in combat and practice your skills, as the combat in the game can be challenging. Additionally, reading and learning about the game’s lore and history can enhance your experience and understanding of the world.

What are some common mistakes to avoid in Kingdom Come Deliverance?

Common mistakes to avoid in Kingdom Come Deliverance include rushing through the story and not taking the time to complete side quests and explore the world. It is also important to manage your equipment and inventory, as carrying too much weight can slow you down and make combat more difficult. Finally, be careful not to offend or anger important characters in the game, as this can have negative consequences later on in the story.

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