Kingdom Come Deliverance Trophies List

The Kingdom Come Deliverance trophies list features all available trophies and tips for earning them. Some of the trophies include Cavalier, McLovin, Virgin, Merciful, Bookworm, Fighter, Haggler, and Pilgrim.

This site provides a comprehensive list of all available trophies in Kingdom Come Deliverance for all hardware platforms. Each trophy is accompanied by a description of the necessary actions to unlock it and a comment regarding its difficulty level.

  • Alcoholic
  • Anorectic
  • Awakening
  • Bad Trip
  • Bard
  • Bastard
  • Blacksmiths Son
  • Bookworm
  • Buddy
  • Casanova
  • Cavalier
  • Completionist
  • Conqueror
  • Convict
  • Gambler
  • David Horak
  • Edward Kelly
  • Fatso
  • Fighter
  • Firestarter
  • Freud
  • Ginger
  • Haggler
  • Hunter
  • Insomniac
  • Judas
  • King Charming
  • Knightrider
  • Level Cap
  • Master Huntsman
  • McLovin
  • Merciful
  • Monk
  • Pilgrim
  • Plague Doctor
  • Platinum Trophy
  • Ranger
  • Robber Baron
  • Runt
  • Scrooge
  • Serial Killer
  • Sinner
  • Sniper
  • Spoilsport
  • Stealth Killer
  • Talmberger
  • The End
  • Thief
  • Traveller
  • Virgin


Trophy Type: Brown

How to Unlock: Become addicted to alcohol.

Commentary: Collect different types of alcohol bottles in the game world or purchase them from merchants. Drink until Henry receives a notification that he cannot drink anymore. Then, use the skip time option (do not rest in your bed), wait 24 hours and start drinking again. Repeat the process if one “round” is insufficient to make Henry addicted to alcohol.


Trophy Type: Brown

How to Unlock: Starve for three days.

Commentary: Ensure that Henry is full and start skipping time (wait 24 hours each time). Unless your hero is weak, starving for three days should not kill him.


Trophy Type: Brown

How to Unlock: Join Sir Radzig’s garrison.

Commentary: You will automatically unlock this achievement as part of one of your main quests.

Bad Trip

Trophy Type: Brown

How to Unlock: Go to the devil.

Commentary: You can earn this achievement during the Playing with the Devil side quest in Uzhitz. Complete all the necessary steps to trace down the “witches” and reach their bonfire. When the game prompts you to approach them, a cut-scene will begin. Choose option number one again (as shown in the picture above) to fulfill their demands. Finish the side quest to earn the trophy.


Trophy Type: Brown

How to Unlock: Reach maximum level in Speech stat.

Analysis: Your character’s Speech is a vital attribute that can be improved by engaging in conversations with non-playable characters. By choosing the special dialogue options reserved for characters with high Speech levels, such as persuasion, impressing, intimidating, and bribing, you can further enhance it. Additionally, bartering with vendors can also improve your Speech.


Trophy Type: Brown

How to Unlock: Reveal your biological father’s identity.

Commentary: This achievement is obtained automatically during one of the main quests.

Blacksmith’s Son

Trophy Type: Brown

How to Unlock: Complete your first mission.

Commentary: You’ll receive this achievement immediately after starting the game and finishing the first main quest in Skalitz.


Trophy Type: Brown

How to Unlock: Read 12 books.

Commentary: You can’t begin this trophy right away since your character is illiterate. You must first undertake a side quest called “Mightier than the Sword” and visit a scribe in Uzhitz who can teach Henry to read. After that, you can search for interactive books (which can be purchased from scribes) to read. This achievement only necessitates reading books with a bookmark icon, which are typically books that enhance your character’s abilities. You don’t need to read a book in its entirety or meet any other prerequisites to comprehend it. After reading a few pages of a book, it will be marked as read (as seen in the image).


Trophy Type: Brown

How to Unlock: Rescue Lord Capon from the Cumans.

Commentary: This achievement is obtained automatically during one of the main quests (the one where Henry accompanies Lord Capon on a hunt).


Trophy Type: Silver

How to Unlock: Court Lady Stephanie.

Commentary: This trophy and the Virgin trophy are mutually exclusive.


Trophy Type: Brown

How to Unlock: Save Theresa from the Cumans.

Commentary: The detailed explanation of this achievement can be found on a separate page.


Trophy Type: Gold

How to Unlock: Finish all quests.

Commentary: You can learn about available quests from our walkthrough or by looking for quest-related icons on the world map (characters who provide information about potential quests and the quest givers themselves). Unfortunately, some quests are not marked in this way, and you can acquire them merely by asking a specific NPC for additional work.

Important Note – In version 1.2.5 and previous versions of the game, there is a significant bug that allows you to earn this trophy without completing all quests. You can unlock this achievement after completing 80 tasks of your choosing, including major quests, side quests, and activities. In version 1.3 and later versions, this method may have been blocked, and all quests must be completed without exception.


Trophy Type: Brown

How to Unlock: Capture the enemy camp in Vranik.

Commentary: This achievement is obtained automatically during one of the main quests.


Type of trophy: Brown

How to unlock: Spend 3 days in jail.

Commentary: To unlock this trophy, you must commit a crime and get caught. Commit a more serious crime, such as murder or pickpocketing in public. When a guard catches you, select the imprisonment option and spend at least 3 days in jail. The trophy will be unlocked.


Type of trophy: Brown

How to unlock: Win 1,000 Groschen in the dice mini-game.

Commentary: Find a dice gambler in one of the bigger towns or villages and play the mini-game. Remember to save your game before playing, as the random factor plays a big role. Check our guide for tips and strategies on winning the game.

David Horak

Type of trophy: Brown

How to unlock: Collect 10,000 herbs.

Comment: Explore the game world and collect herbs in forests, by streams, or on roads. As you level up in Herbalism, Henry will collect more herbs of the same type. Keep upgrading this skill and visit areas full of herbs and flowers to reach the goal of 10,000 herbs.

Edward Kelly

Type of trophy: Brown

How to unlock: Make 15 different potions.

Comment: Visit a pharmacy to get new recipes and buy books with recipes and alchemy ingredients. Ask apothecaries to teach you alchemy. Use your knowledge to make 15 different potions and unlock the trophy.


Type of trophy: Brown

How to unlock: Be stuffed to bursting for 2 days.

Commentary: Eat until your hunger meter goes over 100% and you get the “stuffed” status. Find pots of goulash around the game world and eat from different locations to avoid the cooldown. Make sure your character’s nourishment is over 100% and fast forward time for two full days without letting the nourishment drop below 100%. The trophy will be unlocked.


Type of award: Silver

How to unlock: Execute more than 100 combos during your fights with adversaries.

Commentary: Combos are a sequence of assaults that can cause more harm to your opponent. It is necessary to practice them with a trainer and memorize their order of attacks so that you can perform them flawlessly during battles.

Note – Advanced combos (as shown in the picture above) need to be learned and they vary depending on the weapon used (combos are different for a sword and an axe). To unlock combos, you need to level up a skill related to a specific type of weapon and purchase the appropriate perk.

Unlocked combos can be used on all adversaries. If you are having difficulty using them, head north from the mill in Rattay. The game often triggers a random encounter in that location. Depending on the encounter, you may face a well-equipped enemy. This is an excellent opportunity to practice your moves because these enemies require a lot of damage before they can be defeated or seriously weakened.


Type of award: Brown

How to unlock: Get imprisoned in Skalitz.

Comment: This award can only be unlocked during the game’s prologue in Skalitz, during the main quest Unexpected Visit. Commit any crime, such as stealing something in the presence of others or attacking someone. When the guard arrives, agree to go to prison. If you miss this achievement, start a new game from the main menu.


Type of award: Brown

How to unlock: Discover Erik’s past.

Commentary: You can unlock this award during the Family Values main quest. There, you can meet Erik and must successfully use four unique dialogue lines. Try to max out your Speech level before starting this quest and obtain a Bard Potion which temporarily increases your Speech by 5 points.


Type of award: Brown

How to unlock: Rescue Ginger from the bandits.

Comment: You can unlock this award during the Ginger in Pickle main quest. You will need to eliminate two bandits located in a camp in the woods who are attempting to capture Ginger. You can read more about this quest in a separate chapter of the game guide.


Type of award: Brown

How to unlock: Save 2,000 Groschen by haggling.

Commentary: The haggling option is available whenever you meet a trader or a trainer – see the picture. Try to sell more valuable items to save more money. Also, remember that Speech affects haggling.


Type of award: Brown

How to unlock: Hunt a total of 50 wild game animals.

Commentary: Game animals include rabbits and boars. You can hunt them using any method you prefer, but remember that a bow is the best choice for animals that are easily frightened. Remember to examine the killed animal and take its fur or meat. Also, hunting certain animals may be illegal (don’t get caught!).

Note – Hunting for game can be considered poaching. Do not let anyone see you doing it.

Remember that you can check how many animals you’ve hunted down by opening the stats window at any time.


Trophy type: Brown

How to unlock: Do not sleep for two full days and nights.

Commentary: To achieve this trophy, you need to avoid any resting places for 48 hours. Ensure that your character is well-rested before attempting this. Skip time twice (without using your bed) and each time, skip 24 hours.


Trophy type: Brown

How to unlock: Betray your friends during the Gallows Brothers quest.

King Charming

Trophy type: Brown

How to unlock: Gain popularity in each city and village.

Commentary: Every major location has its own reputation system, which can be found in the character’s menu. Help the citizens to increase your reputation and avoid any illegal activities, such as killing an innocent person or attempting to steal. Paying the fine or going to jail may not be enough to regain your lost reputation. This trophy requires you to gain 80 reputation points in Sassau, the Sassau Monastery, Merhojed, Samopesh, Rattay, Uzhitz, Talmberg, Neuhof, Rovna, and Ledetchko. Note that reputation is counted separately for different social groups, and you can increase your reputation by selling items to traders for a low price or by killing enemies during random events.

Also, the Infamous perk can make it easier to gain reputation, but it is only available after reaching level 10.


Trophy type: Brown

How to unlock: Win a horse race in Talmberg.

Guide to winning The Sport of Kings side quest horse race: Unlock the quest by reaching the stable in Neuhof, and drink a Saviour Schnapps before the race as you can’t retry it. Use shortcuts and keep galloping to win. For more information on winning the race, refer to the FAQ section of this guide.

Level Cap

Type of trophy: Silver

How to unlock: Reach the maximum level.

Commentary: Obtain this trophy by reaching the maximum level with your character. You’ll need to advance four main attributes – Strength, Agility, Vitality, and Speech – to their top levels. You don’t have to develop your skills to achieve this trophy.

Here are some tips on how to develop the main attributes of your character:

  1. Strength – Fight as often as possible with real opponents or Captain Bernard in the training arena in Rattay using a weapon with strength as the main attribute.
  2. Dexterity – Increase this attribute by using white weapons with dexterity as the main attribute and regularly using the bow to attack wild animals or enemies.
  3. Vitality – Use the sprint option as much as possible, climb higher objects, jump over hurdles, and avoid injuries during battles.
  4. Speech – Talk regularly to independent characters and exhaust all dialogue options, selecting unique dialogue options related to persuasion or intimidation. Bargain with every trafficker.

Master Huntsman

Type of trophy: Brown

How to unlock: Become the Talmberg Huntsman.

Remarks: Find a more detailed breakdown of this achievement in a separate chapter of this guide.


Type of trophy: Silver

How to unlock: Court Theresa.

Commentary: To achieve this trophy, court Theresa as part of the Courtship side quest. She lives in Miller Peshek’s household in Rattay. Note that unlocking this trophy prevents you from unlocking the Virgin trophy.


Type of trophy: Silver

How to unlock: Don’t kill anyone during the main quest line (except Runt).

Commentary: Find a detailed description of this achievement on a separate page.


Type of trophy: Brown

How to unlock: Become a monk by dressing up as a friar during the Needle in the Haystack main quest and infiltrating the monastery in Sassau.


Type of trophy: Silver

How to unlock: Find all the wayside shrines and conciliatory crosses.

Analysis: The game features unique sacral constructions in the form of wayside shrines and conciliatory crosses placed near the main roads (as seen in the pictures above). To unlock the achievement, players must examine all the main roads in the game, preferably while riding a horse, as these constructions are often found by the road.

Plague Doctor

Type: Brown Trophy

How to unlock: Heal all the sick in Merhojed.

Commentary: This achievement is related to a side quest in Merhojed. Before starting the quest, ensure that Henry has upgraded his alchemy skills a few times.

Platinum Trophy

Type: Platinum Trophy

How to unlock: Unlock all other trophies.

Commentary: This trophy is exclusively available on PlayStation 4.


Type: Silver Trophy

How to unlock: Walk more than 50 km without using any mounts.

Commentary: Travelling more than 50 km on foot will take time, so players are advised to avoid riding horses right from the start to unlock this achievement.

Robber Baron

Type: Silver Trophy

How to unlock: Complete the “Robber Baron” quest related to Hans Capon.

Remarks: A more detailed guide to this achievement can be found in a separate chapter of this guide.


Type: Brown Trophy

How to unlock: Defeat Runt in direct combat during the Baptism by Fire main quest.

Commentary: Runt is a “boss” character in the game who needs to be defeated to acquire this achievement.


Type: Silver Trophy

How to unlock: Collect 5,000 Groschen by avoiding purchasing items from traders and bribing other characters. Instead, sell useless items and herbs, steal, and complete quests to accumulate wealth.

Commentary: Players are advised to acquire items by finding them in the game’s world or stealing them from NPCs to unlock this achievement faster.

Serial Killer

Type: Brown Trophy

How to unlock: Kill 200 NPCs to acquire this achievement.

Commentary: Killing most of the NPCs is the best way to unlock this achievement.

Note: Players can check the number of NPCs they have killed in the Stats panel.


Type: Brown Trophy

How to unlock: Get drunk with Father Godwin during the Mysterious Ways quest in Uzhitz.

Commentary: Players can unlock this achievement by agreeing to drink with Father Godwin during the second encounter in the tavern (as seen in the screenshot above).


Type: Silver Trophy

How to unlock: Kill 50 enemies by headshot with a bow.

Guide: Tips and Tricks for Unlocking Trophies in Kingdom Come: Deliverance

To make unlocking certain bow-related perks easier, aim for headshots at a shorter distance to ensure instant death of opponents. It’s also important to note that only attacks on enemies count towards trophies. To keep track of progress, check your Stats panel at any time. Here are some tips for unlocking specific trophies:


Type of trophy: Brown

To unlock this trophy, sabotage all three executions.

Stealth Killer

Type of trophy: Brown

Kill 20 enemies by stealth. To do this, reach level 5 in Stealth and unlock the Stealth Kill perk. Assassinate sleeping opponents with a dagger to execute them. Remember to only attack enemies, as killing civilians won’t count towards the trophy.


Type of trophy: Brown

Complete all Optional Objectives in Siege quest. Check the journal for the objectives:

  1. Deliver meat to the quartermaster
  2. Make sure the beer is delivered to the quartermaster
  3. Make sure the straw is delivered to the quartermaster
  4. Get Captain Bernard a delivery of potions
  5. Bring a priest to Talmberg
  6. Bring a medicus to Talmberg

The End

Type of trophy: Gold

Finish the main story line to unlock this trophy. Side quests are not required.


Type of trophy: Silver

Steal items with a total value of 30,000 Groschen. Check the value of items before stealing them and focus on developing your thievery and lock picking skills. Keep in mind that hunting in the game counts as pouching, so taking hides and meat from animals you kill will also contribute towards this trophy.


Type of trophy: Brown

Uncovering the Map

To unlock this achievement, you need to explore all the points on the world map.

Commentary: Areas that have not been explored are shrouded in the “fog of war”. By clearing the map, you will be able to determine where you need to go next.

The Virgin

Type of achievement: Brown

How to unlock: Maintain your celibacy throughout the game and complete it as a virgin.

Commentary: This achievement is in direct contrast to the Casanova and McLovin achievements, which require you to pursue relationships with two different women.


What are the different types of trophies in Kingdom Come Deliverance?

In Kingdom Come Deliverance, there are several different types of trophies that players can obtain. The most common type of trophy is the animal trophy, which can be obtained by hunting and killing various animals throughout the game. There are also special quest-related trophies that can be obtained by completing specific tasks or missions. Additionally, there are unique items that can be obtained as trophies by winning competitions or completing certain challenges.

What benefits do trophies provide in Kingdom Come Deliverance?

Trophies in Kingdom Come Deliverance provide a variety of benefits to players. Animal trophies can be sold for a profit, while quest-related trophies often provide unique bonuses or rewards. Additionally, some trophies can be used to decorate the player’s home or room, adding a personal touch to their living space. Finally, winning certain competitions or challenges can unlock unique trophies that cannot be obtained through any other means.

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