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This section of our guide to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim provides a comprehensive walkthrough of Kyne’s Sacred Trials side quest. In this task, you are required to hunt down three sacred ghosts of wild animals. The final challenge involves defeating three ghosts of trolls. Once you have vanquished the last enemy, return to your quest commissioner and claim your reward – Kyne’s Blessing, which is an amulet with unique attributes.

  • Activating the quest
  • New main objective: Defeat the Guardian Wolf
  • New main objective: Defeat the Guardian Skeever
  • New main objective: Defeat the Guardian Mudcrab
  • New main objective: Return to Froki
  • New main objective: Defeat the Sabre Cat
  • New main objective: Defeat the Guardian Mammoth
  • New main objective: Defeat the Guardian Bear
  • New main objective: Return to Froki
  • New main objective: Defeat the Guardian Troll
  • New main objective: Return to Froki

Activating the quest

While traversing Skyrim, you may wish to visit the southwestern region of Riften and search for Froki’s Shack. Spotting the dwelling can be challenging, so refer to the map below.

Upon entering the abode, you will notice various trophies, an elderly man, and a child. Speak with Froki to discover that he has faith in the old gods, who are currently being disregarded. As he is advanced in years, he wishes to transmit their legacy to the younger generation. If you are courteous, he will task you with hunting three sacred ghosts: Skeever, Wolf, and Mudcrab. By accomplishing this mission, you can gain knowledge on hunting.

Before departing the shack, peruse the bookshelves. Among numerous useful and not-so-useful items, you will come across Vernaccus and Bourlor, a volume that can enhance your Archery skill.

New main objective: Defeat the Guardian Wolf

New main objective: Defeat the Guardian Skeever

New main objective: Defeat the Guardian Mudcrab

All of your targets are indicated on the map (M), so you should not encounter difficulties in locating them. The Guardian Skeever can be found at the Windward Ruins, southwest of Dawnstar – it is very feeble and can be dispatched with a single arrow (see screenshot below).

The Guardian Wolf is not much different. You can locate it northeast of Falkreath, inside a cave before the lake. This foe will fall quickly as well – you do not need to exert too much effort. The Guardian Mudcrab, residing southeast of Rorikstead, is slightly more formidable. It may take more than one arrow, or a few strikes, to eliminate it.

Once you have defeated all three creatures, return to Froki and collect your reward. The elderly man should be quite pleased with you – you have completed his tasks without any difficulties.

New main objective: Return to Froki

Travel back to the shack and inform Froki of your triumph. The old man will not be surprised and will instruct you to take down three more ghosts. Apparently, the real challenge still awaits you – the first ones were just a warm-up.

New primary goal: Defeat the Sabre Cat

New primary goal: Defeat the Guardian Mammoth

New primary goal: Defeat the Guardian Bear

The map displays all the enemy locations, go to the marked area to find them. The Sabre Cat is situated southeast of Winterhold, by Journeyman’s Nook. It is recommended to climb the cliff and attack the cat from above as it cannot escape and will quickly perish (see image below).

The Guardian Mammoth can be found north of Whiterun, grazing with other mammoths. Unfortunately, the mammoth chose a bad location and is in a syncline with no escape route, making it the perfect spot for an ambush (see image below). Stay at the top of the slope and attack the mammoth with arrows or spells. Physical contact should be avoided as the mammoth’s attack is powerful and can kill you in seconds.

The last beast can be located northwest of Falkreath, near the Twilight Sepulcher. The bear is not stronger than its counterparts, so it should not be difficult to defeat. Ensure that you attack it quickly.

New primary goal: Return to Froki

After defeating the three stronger enemies, return to Froki and inform him of your success. He will praise you and introduce you to yet another beast you must defeat: the Guardian Troll. This troll is particularly strong, so make sure you are properly equipped before setting out.

New primary goal: Defeat the Guardian Troll

The target can be found in Graywinter Watch, located between Whiterun and Valtheim Towers. Be ready to face not only the ghost, but also two live trolls. Remember that trolls are very susceptible to fire, so use fire-based spells against them. If you do not have any fire spells, try silently eliminating them one by one using a bow. If you cannot defeat them, leave the cave to regenerate as they will not follow you.

After killing the trolls, search the area where you found them. Behind a tree in the syncline, there is a camp of dead bandits and Froki’s Bow, which is worth a considerable amount of gold. As you exit the cave, take a moment to admire the beautiful landscape as it was created specifically for this purpose.

New primary goal: Return to Froki

After defeating the trolls, return to Froki and show him his bow if you found it in the cave (you will not be able to do so later). He will be touched and allow you to keep the valuable item. Inform him of your successful hunt to become his friend and receive Kyne’s Blessing (-10% damage taken from wild animals, +5% to archery damage).

The quest concludes here. You have demonstrated that you are the greatest hunter in all of Skyrim and have been blessed by the goddess of hunters.


1. What is Kyne’s Sacred Trials?

Kyne’s Sacred Trials is a side quest in the popular video game, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The quest involves a series of trials that the player must complete to become a true follower of the goddess Kyne. The trials consist of hunting and gathering tasks, as well as battles against powerful enemies. Completing the trials grants the player unique abilities and rewards, as well as the title of “Champion of Kyne.”

2. Where can I start Kyne’s Sacred Trials?

The quest can be started by speaking with Froki Whetted-Blade in his cabin, located in the mountains east of Whiterun. The cabin can be reached by following the path that starts near the guardian stones.

3. What are the rewards for completing Kyne’s Sacred Trials?

Upon completion of the trials, the player will gain the ability to summon an ancient Nordic spirit animal companion to fight alongside them in battle. Additionally, they will be granted the title of “Champion of Kyne,” which gives them increased favor with the goddess and the ability to receive her blessings more often.

4. How difficult are Kyne’s Sacred Trials?

The difficulty of the trials depends on the player’s level and equipment. Some of the battles can be quite challenging, especially for lower-level players. However, the rewards for completing the trials are well worth the effort.

5. Can Kyne’s Sacred Trials be completed multiple times?

No, the trials can only be completed once per playthrough. However, if the player completes the trials with a different character, they will still receive the rewards and title.

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