Life is Strange: Dark Room, Chapter 3

This page of the Life is Strange guide provides a walkthrough for Chapter 3 of Episode 4 (Dark Room). We have included a guide for the meeting with Frank and the investigation. The chapter offers an opportunity to obtain one achievement (Dioptric Power).

After leaving the dormitory, you and Chloe will go to meet Frank. Before you knock on his door, take a photo of the whales and add it to your collection. Once you’re ready, head to Chloe.

IMPORTANT! The following part illustrates three different endings (described in the important choices). Your dialogue choices will determine which ending of the chapter you will receive.

  • Chloe Killed Frank – Chloe kills Frank and his dog (if you let it happen)
  • Chloe wounded Frank – Chloe wounds Frank by shooting his leg
  • No one got hurt – You receive new ally (Frank) in your investigation

1.) To receive the worst ending (Frank dies), choose the following dialogue options:

  • You already did – This option will make Frank guess that it was you who broke into his trailer. The situation will make Chloe kill Frank and his dog.

2.) To receive the second ending (Frank is wounded), you must pick the following options during the conversation with Chloe:

  • Watch your mouth

2.2) During the conversation with Frank:

  • No Weapons
  • Close the door
  • Pompidou is cute (After selecting this option Frank will notice that he hasn’t told you the name of his dog and will attack you again)

3.) To receive the best ending (no one gets hurt), select the following options:

  • Watch your mouth

3.2) During the conversation with Frank select:

  • Close the door
  • I’m sorry
  • You scared me
  • I love dogs
  • Rachel photo

The above situations are crucial choices that impact the ending.

No matter how the situation at Frank’s ends, you and Chloe will return home. You will need to connect all the gathered clues into one logical whole. The first set has been shown in the picture above. Mark the Account Book on the left side and the Paper on the right.

The second set of clues is displayed in the picture above. Select the paper pages shown (the white paper indicates the correct marking).

For the next clue, mark three clues: the coordinates, the photo at the back of Nathan’s car, and Nathan’s photo.

The next clues are about David. Mark the paper in the bottom right corner, the photo of a red car shown from the side, and the second photo that shows its back (on the right side).

As for Nathan clues, mark the part of the paper inside, SIM card, phone, and the paper on the left side.

The next step is to unlock Nathan’s phone by entering the correct PIN, which can be found in his school documents (specifically as number 0829), or the PUK found on the SIM card. If you fail to enter the correct PIN three times, enter the PUK displayed in the image. Once the phone is unlocked, gather all the information and mark the three necessary clues by selecting the “Investigate” option on the right-hand side of the board. The first clue is the middle paper in the first row, the second is the paper shown in the picture, and the third is the paper located in the lower row (second from the right).


1. What is the premise of “Dark Room,” Chapter 3 of Life is Strange?

“Dark Room” is the third chapter of the popular video game “Life is Strange.” In this chapter, the story takes a darker turn as the main character, Max, discovers the unsettling truth about her school’s photography teacher, Mark Jefferson. Max and her friend, Chloe, work together to uncover the dark secrets hidden within the school’s photography program and stop Jefferson from continuing his sinister activities.

2. What are some of the major plot points in “Dark Room?”

One of the main plot points in “Dark Room” is the revelation that Mark Jefferson, the photography teacher, is actually a serial killer who has been drugging and photographing his victims. Max and Chloe must work to gather evidence against Jefferson while also trying to stay out of his sights. Another major plot point involves Max’s powers of time manipulation, which she uses to try and save her friend, Kate, from committing suicide. The chapter also explores the strained relationship between Max and Chloe and their complex feelings for one another.

3. How does “Dark Room” fit into the overall narrative of Life is Strange?

“Dark Room” is a pivotal chapter in the overarching story of “Life is Strange.” It marks a major turning point in the plot and sets the stage for the game’s climactic final chapter. The events of “Dark Room” have far-reaching consequences for the characters and their relationships, and the choices that players make in this chapter will have a significant impact on the game’s outcome. Overall, “Dark Room” is a tense and emotionally charged chapter that sets the stage for the game’s dramatic conclusion.

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