Life is Strange: Out of Time, Chapter 4

This section of the Life is Strange guide provides a step-by-step walkthrough for Chapter 4 of Episode 2 (Out of Time). The guide includes instructions on how to rescue Chloe and what to do after returning to school. There are three achievements to obtain during Chapter 4: Meter Made, Resolution Revolution, and Lab Master.

Chapter four begins with a conversation with Chloe. Shortly after, her leg gets stuck on the railroad tracks. Your objective is to quickly find a way out of this dangerous situation using your time-manipulation abilities. Go up the slope beside Chloe to find a crowbar near a hut. Approach the wiring, use the crowbar to remove the brick blocking it (Crowbar – Use), and push the wiring onto the railroad tracks. Then, run back to Chloe and help her get free. If you run out of time during these actions (which is likely to happen), use your abilities to go back in time and try again to rescue Chloe.

After rescuing Chloe, you return to school and can now attend classes. Before entering the corridor, approach the girl handing out leaflets and try to sign up for an event. The girl will decline, but to get a positive entry in your journal, persuade her to change her mind. Rewind time and restart the conversation to access a new dialogue option (Dress Code?).

Before entering the main hall, speak with the principal and guard to look for useful information. Unfortunately, you won’t find any, so proceed directly to your class. While walking through the hall, Warren sends you a text message. Head to the science class to meet him.

Warren needs help mixing chemicals. Regardless of which one you choose (sodium or potassium), the game won’t register it in your journal as assistance. To get a journal entry, rewind time, ask the teacher about the experiment, and learn that chlorine is the best choice. Return to Warren and start the conversation again. A third dialogue option (Chlorine) will appear. The experiment will then be successful, and you’ll get one final photo for your collection and a journal entry about helping Warren.

Leave the class and speak with Jefferson about Kate before returning to your desk. Before sitting down, take a photo of Alyssa’s back. You can then draw on a blank sheet of paper and observe your surroundings. Soon enough, a student bursts into the classroom with shocking news, and the entire class follows him to the dorm.


1. What is Life is Strange: Out of Time, Chapter 4?

Life is Strange: Out of Time, Chapter 4 is the fourth episode of the popular episodic graphic adventure game developed by Dontnod Entertainment. It follows the story of Maxine Caulfield, a teenage girl who discovers that she has the power to rewind time. In Chapter 4, Max continues to use her powers to try and save her friend Chloe, while also uncovering the dark secrets of her hometown of Arcadia Bay. The episode features a number of important plot twists and decisions that will have lasting consequences on the game’s story.

2. What are some key plot points in Life is Strange: Out of Time, Chapter 4?

One of the key plot points in Chapter 4 is the revelation that Max’s classmate Kate Marsh has attempted suicide. Max must use her time-rewinding powers to try and save Kate and uncover the truth behind her suicide attempt. The episode also features a number of significant decisions that will impact the game’s ending, such as whether or not to warn Victoria about her involvement in Kate’s situation, and whether or not to tell Chloe about Max’s time-rewinding powers.

3. What are some of the new features introduced in Life is Strange: Out of Time, Chapter 4?

Chapter 4 introduces a number of new gameplay mechanics, such as the ability to explore multiple timelines and make choices that will impact the game’s ending. It also features a new location, the Vortex Club party, which serves as a major plot point in the episode. Additionally, the episode features new music from indie artists such as Syd Matters and Sparklehorse.

4. What has been the reception to Life is Strange: Out of Time, Chapter 4?

Life is Strange: Out of Time, Chapter 4 has received generally positive reviews from critics and fans alike. Many praised the episode for its emotional depth and complex storytelling, as well as the game’s continued use of player choice and consequence. Critics also noted the episode’s improved pacing compared to earlier chapters in the game.

5. What can players expect from the final episode of Life is Strange: Out of Time?

The final episode of Life is Strange: Out of Time, titled “Polarized,” promises to bring the game’s story to a dramatic conclusion. Players can expect more tough choices and difficult decisions, as well as a resolution to the game’s many unresolved plot threads. The episode is also expected to feature some of the game’s most intense and emotional moments, as well as a climactic final sequence that will determine the game’s ultimate outcome.

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