Life is Strange: Out of Time – photos

This page of the Life is Strange guide provides the locations of all photographs that can be taken during Episode 2 (Out of Time). Capturing all of them will earn you the Lab Master achievement.

Photo #1

The first photo is obtainable in the first chapter of the game when you are in Kate’s room. Take a shot of the bunny cage.

Photo #2

To get the second photo, exit the dormitory and go to the bench on the right. Find a piece of a candy bar in the trash bin next to it, place it on the bench, and wait for a squirrel to come to the food. Once it does, move closer and take your shot.

Photo #3

In the second chapter of this episode, go to the bar and take a photo of the whale signboard hanging above the entrance.

Photo #4

At the parking lot, there is a trailer with a man and a guard dog behind it. Circle around the building to the back alley, and from there, take a photo of the man and the dog.

Photo #5

Inside the bar, go to the toilet and take a photo of the note on the mirror.

Photo #6

On the garbage dump, approach the school bus from the left side to take a photo.

Photo #7

Go to the back of the school bus, where you will find a small glade with a deer. Take a photo of the animal.

Photo #8

After Chloe’s series of shots, she will lie on the car hood. Approach her from the left side to capture your shot.

Picture #9

You can capture the second to last picture during your school lessons. Assist Warren with his experiment by completing a series of steps. Warren will request your assistance in blending some chemicals. However, regardless of your choice between sodium and potassium, the game will not acknowledge your aid to Warren. To obtain credit, you must approach the teacher (after returning to the past) and inquire about the experiment. She will advise you to use chlorine. Return to Warren and converse with him once more. The third dialogue option, which is chlorine, will appear. After you select it, the experiment will be a success, and you can take the final picture for your journal collection. Furthermore, you will receive a journal entry acknowledging your aid to Warren.

Picture #10

You can take the last picture of this episode while in class. Approach Alyssa and take a snapshot of her back to finalize your collection.


1. How important are photos in Life is Strange: Out of Time?

Photos play a crucial role in Life is Strange: Out of Time. The game revolves around the protagonist Max Caulfield’s ability to rewind time and change the course of events. One of the ways she does this is by taking photos and using them to alter the past. Photos also serve as a way for Max to document her experiences and memories, and they can be used to unlock new dialogue options and storylines.

2. Are there any specific photo opportunities in Life is Strange: Out of Time?

Yes, there are several opportunities throughout the game to take specific photos that will affect the storyline. For example, there is a moment when Max can take a photo of a butterfly that will later play a crucial role in the plot. Other photos are more subtle and may require players to explore their surroundings and pay attention to their environment to find them.

3. Can photos be missed in Life is Strange: Out of Time?

Yes, it is possible to miss some photo opportunities in Life is Strange: Out of Time. However, the game does offer a feature where players can go back and replay certain chapters to try and find any missed photos. Additionally, some photos may have multiple opportunities to be taken, so it’s important to explore each environment thoroughly.

4. Do photos affect the ending of Life is Strange: Out of Time?

Yes, photos play a significant role in determining the ending of Life is Strange: Out of Time. The choices players make throughout the game, including the photos they take, will affect the final outcome. Players will be able to see the impact of their decisions as the game progresses and will ultimately determine the fate of Max and her friends.

5. Are there any rewards for collecting all the photos in Life is Strange: Out of Time?

Yes, there is a reward for collecting all the photos in Life is Strange: Out of Time. Players who find all the photos will unlock a special achievement and a bonus scene that reveals more about the game’s story and characters. Additionally, collecting all the photos provides a sense of completion and satisfaction for players who want to explore every aspect of the game.

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