Life is Strange: Polarized, Chapter 2

This page of the Life is Strange guide provides a step-by-step guide for Chapter 2 of Episode 5 (Polarized). Here, we have listed all the necessary actions required to access the bar during the tornado. There are two achievements to unlock in this chapter: Camera Obscura and Blowu.

After receiving a message, you will visit Warren for the pictures. Once you reach Joyce’s bar, you will find the surrounding area in ruins. You must decide whether to help the townsfolk or go straight for the pictures. These decisions will be recorded in the journal. Firstly, save the truck driver by selecting the Help option. Do the same for Evan. If you witnessed his death, go back in time and warn him. Alyssa is located on the right side of the location. Walk up to her and talk to her. Then, look left and use the board to help her escape. On the opposite side of Alyssa’s location, you will find the main entrance. Use it and activate the sprinklers. This action will kill the man imprisoned there, so walk towards him and turn back time. Then, talk to him and help him escape. When the man leaves the room, activate the sprinklers again.

Once you have put out the fire, walk outside the building through the window. Walk towards the bar and wait until it explodes. Then, go back in time and walk towards the sand next to the bar. Use it and then look left where you will see a dead whale. You can take a picture of the animal for your collection. Before entering the bar, stop near the car hanging on the roof. Once you position yourself correctly, take another picture for the journal. Inside the bar, talk to Joyce, which will unlock another choice in your journal. How you speak about David will determine Joyce’s opinion. You can convince her about David or ignore it completely. After the conversation, walk towards Warren and ask him to give you the photo. During the conversation, you can tell him the truth about your abilities. The final part of the conversation will be an important choice. You can hug Warren, kiss Warren, or show him no affection at all and leave. No matter what you choose, look at the picture lying on the table and try adjusting its sharpness.

The last action in this chapter involves a conversation with Chloe. You must convince her to believe you and not attend the Vortex Club party. Firstly, answer Nathan is Dead. Secondly, Jefferson hurt me. Thirdly, Terrible choice, and fourthly, David saved me. If you fail to convince Chloe, all you need to do is go back in time.


1. What is Life is Strange: Polarized, Chapter 2?

Life is Strange: Polarized is the fifth and final episode of the Life is Strange video game. Chapter 2 is the second part of the episode and continues the story of Max Caulfield as she tries to save her best friend Chloe Price from danger. The episode is a culmination of the choices and consequences players have made throughout the game, and features multiple endings based on those choices.

2. How does Life is Strange: Polarized, Chapter 2 differ from previous episodes?

Life is Strange: Polarized, Chapter 2 is darker and more intense than previous episodes. The story takes a more surreal turn as Max’s reality begins to fracture and she experiences hallucinations and time loops. The consequences of players’ choices throughout the game also come to a head in this episode, leading to a potentially devastating finale.

3. What are some of the key choices and consequences in Life is Strange: Polarized, Chapter 2?

Some key choices in Chapter 2 include whether to trust a new character named Mr. Jefferson, whether to save Chloe’s life at the cost of others, and whether to sacrifice Arcadia Bay to save Chloe. The consequences of these choices determine which of the multiple endings players will get, with some being more hopeful while others are more tragic.

4. How does Life is Strange: Polarized, Chapter 2 wrap up the story?

Life is Strange: Polarized, Chapter 2 wraps up the story of Max and Chloe in a way that is both satisfying and emotionally impactful. The episode brings closure to many of the game’s storylines and characters, while leaving room for interpretation and discussion among players. The multiple endings also allow players to choose their own path for the characters they have come to know and love.

5. What makes Life is Strange: Polarized, Chapter 2 a memorable finale?

Life is Strange: Polarized, Chapter 2 is a memorable finale due to its emotional weight and the impact of the choices players have made throughout the game. The episode features some of the game’s most intense and heartbreaking moments, while also providing closure for the game’s many storylines and characters. The multiple endings allow players to reflect on their choices and the consequences they have had, making the finale a truly personal and unforgettable experience.

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