List of Side Quests in The Hissing Wastes

Here is a compilation of all available side quests for your logbook during your visit to The Hissing Wastes.

Artifact Requisition in the Wastes

Field of Bones

Holding the Hissing Wastes

Landmarks in the Hissing Wastes

Lazurite Survey in the Wastes

Let’s Slay the Beast

Nevarrite Survey in the Wastes

Regions in the Hissing Wastes

Rifts at the Sunstop Mountains

Rifts Near the Canyon

Rifts Near the Cove

Rifts Near the Sand Crags

Sand and Ruin

Shards in the Wastes

Shelter Requisition in the Wastes

The Tomb of Fairel


What are side quests in The Hissing Wastes?

Side quests are optional missions in the game that you can complete to gain additional experience, loot, and rewards. In The Hissing Wastes, there are several side quests that you can undertake while exploring the region. These quests may involve defeating enemies, gathering resources, or solving puzzles. They are not necessary to complete the main storyline, but they can help you level up your character and acquire useful items that will aid you in your journey.

What are some of the side quests available in The Hissing Wastes?

Some of the side quests available in The Hissing Wastes include “A Manuscript of Some Authority,” “The Tomb of Fairel,” and “The Mercenary Fortress.” In “A Manuscript of Some Authority,” you must locate and retrieve a valuable manuscript for a scholar. In “The Tomb of Fairel,” you will explore an ancient tomb and battle powerful creatures to claim a powerful artifact. In “The Mercenary Fortress,” you will infiltrate a fortress and take down a group of dangerous mercenaries. These are just a few examples of the many side quests available in The Hissing Wastes, each with its own unique challenges and rewards.

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