Location map – M5 | Marrakesh

Important Locations and Disguises in Hitman – M5 Marrakesh

Overview of the map’s key points

Important objects and disguises found on the map

Locations and important objects related to eliminating targets

Overview of the key points:

1 – Starting Area
Begin your mission at a roadside cafe. Limited to the market and streets filled with booths until you obtain a new disguise.

2 – Warehouse
Find tools like hammers and screwdrivers here. Obtain a handyman disguise without witnesses.

3 – Phone Box
Damage the phone box to obtain the handyman disguise.

4 – Fan Off Switch
Turning off the fan will lure a waiter from behind the counter.

5 – Ice Cube Maker
Use the ice cube maker in the shisha cafe’s break room to lure the waiter and obtain his clothes.

6 – Prisoner
Obtain his outfit and hide his body in a closet to perform a special assassination on Zaydan.

7 – Tools
Find a wrench and screwdriver here.

8 – Former Chief of Consulate Security
She has a magnetic card which allows access to doors in the consulate. Take it by force.

9 – Tablet
Reading the information on the tablet reveals that Strandberg requires urgent help from a masseur.

10 – Secretary
Disguise yourself as the masseur to speak with the secretary and call Strandberg with the intercom.

11 – GNN TV Crew
Discover the opportunity to disguise yourself as a cameraman here.

12 – Printing Schedule
Eliminate Reza Zaydan as a printing crew member according to the schedule.

13 – School Intercom
Use it to attract Reza to the spot where a toilet can be thrown on his head.

14 – Radio
Switch it on with the intercom to start a party with soldiers in the yard behind the building.

15 – Meeting Protocol
Force an emergency meeting between Strandberg and Zaydan in the tunnel according to the protocol.

16 – Strandberg’s Safe
Find the password inside to force Zaydan to meet with Strandberg.

17 – Zaydan’s Safe
Find the password inside to force Strandberg to meet with Zaydan.

18 – Fire Alarm Switch
Trigger it to start Strandberg’s evacuation and escape with a proper disguise.

19 – Army Truck
Escape the mission area with it if you’ve obtained the keys first.

20 – Consulate Employees’ Car
Escape the mission area with it if you’ve obtained the keys first.

21 – Gate A
Escape the city through this gate after assassinating both targets.

22 – Gate B
Escape the city through this gate after assassinating both targets.

23 – Door with Magnetic Lock
Open it only with the magnetic card taken from the former chief of security consulate.

24 – Fortune Teller’s House
Obtain the fortune teller’s outfit without raising suspicion by giving him coins.

25 – The Shoe store
There is a concealed tunnel in the store’s storage room that leads to the consulate’s basement.

26 – The Carpet store
There is a former headmaster on the rooftop who has a master key to the school.

Important items and disguises marked on the map:

1 – Shisha CafГ© key
It can be found on the waiter’s counter and grants access to the cafГ©’s break room.

2 – Headmaster key
This key opens all doors in the school and can be found on the headmaster’s table.

3 – Consulate security guard disguise
You can acquire this from the security lodge in the consulate yard or by incapacitating a guard.

4 – Consulate janitor disguise
It can be found in the tool storage room or by subduing a janitor in the storage behind the kitchen.

5 – Battle axe
This is necessary for completing the “Master Fortune Teller” challenges.

6 – Courtyard Club membership card
It can be found on a table in the Shisha CafГ©’s break room and allows you to bypass the guard at the entrance.

7 – Consulate employees’ car keys
These keys are on a table in the staff room and can be taken without being noticed.

8 – Army truck keys
The best time to steal these is during a fire alarm to avoid being seen.

9 – Jar with lethal poison pills
This can be used to poison Zaydan’s meal.

10 – Vial with lethal poison
This can also be used to poison Zaydan’s meal.

11 – Blueprint of armored carrier’s turret
Viewing this is necessary to kill both targets with the turret.

12 – Sabre
This can be found behind the store counter or in Zaydan’s office.

13 – Code for Strandberg’s safe
This code allows you to open Strandberg’s safe.

14 – Code for Zaydan’s safe
This code allows you to open Zaydan’s safe.

15 – Evacuation plan
This plan reveals that in a life-threatening situation, Strandberg will be evacuated to the school which Zaydan has turned into his own base.

16 – Rat poison
This can be used to poison an intern’s water, forcing them to go to the bathroom and leaving them vulnerable.

Locations and important items related to killing/destroying targets:

1 – Printing crew member
You can follow one of the crew members and eliminate him in an alley to obtain his outfit.

2 – Elite soldier
This is a good spot to acquire the elite soldier disguise as there are no witnesses and the body can be hidden in a closet.

3 – Headmaster
You can obtain his clothes on the rooftop of the Carpet store.

4 – Soldier
You can take out a soldier in a bathroom and acquire his outfit.

5 – Cameraman
The easiest way to eliminate him is when he’s washing his hands in the sink, and the body can be dragged to a cabin.

6 – Masseur
Turn on the TV in the room and the masseur will walk to the kitchen, where you can neutralize him without witnesses.

7 – Officer
This is the most useful disguise in the school where Zaydan has his headquarters.

The article details the various ways in which Agent 47 can eliminate his targets in Marrakesh, Claus Hugo Strandberg and Reza Zaydan, who are involved in a conspiracy to seize power through a military coup. The mission map is smaller than the previous one, but the space is utilized effectively. Strandberg usually stays inside the consulate building, but can be found on the upper floor, his office with a giant window, and by the scenic lamp. He’ll visit the massage room when called by his secretary, and goes down to the tunnel under the consulate for emergency meetings. Zaydan can be killed using various methods, such as a printing press or an explosive mixture of oil lamp and gas bottle. The article also highlights certain methods that unlock achievements.

The military leader, General Reza Zaydan, can only be found in his personal garrison, which was once a school. However, in case of an emergency, he may meet with Strandberg in a tunnel located at M5,23. Reza’s daily routine consists of moving between various rooms including his office, the kitchen, staff meeting room, prison cell (M5,6), and printing room (M5,17). On occasion, he can also be seen in the garrison’s yard.

When it comes to assassinating targets in Hitman, including those in the Marrakech mission, there are two methods: sophisticated and unimaginative. The former can lead to unlocking interesting achievements and have the potential to be viewed as accidental. The latter is easily detectable but requires less preparation.

In terms of difficulty level, the Marrakech mission may seem easier than the previous one. The map is smaller than the one in Sapienza, which means there are fewer ways to eliminate targets. However, the murders can still be thrilling, and the overall difficulty level is lower, although it can still pose a challenge at times.


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