Location map – M7 | Colorado

Important Points of Hitman – M7 Colorado

Map Locations

Crucial Items on the Map

Locations for Assassinations

1 – Area for Explosives Testing
Sean Rose can be killed during the test if nitroglycerin is added to the ingredients (marked as red 2 on the map).

2 – Area for Explosives Preparation
Nitroglycerin can be added to the ingredients, leading to Sean Rose’s death (marked as red 1 on the map). A single enemy can be distracted by turning off the generator or poisoned (coffee cup). Nitroglycerin can be found in a few places around the farm (marked as red 10, 15, and 31 on the map).

3 – Rose’s Watch Blueprint
Collecting the blueprint is the first step in detonating the watch.

4 – Car Lift Mechanism
Maya Parvati can be killed by using the lift mechanism when she is standing under the car.

5 – Fuel Tank
The tank can be sabotaged, and it can be detonated when Maya Parvati is nearby.

6 – Slurry Pit
By listening to the guards’ conversation, you can find out about the possibility of making Penelope Graves show up here. The first step is to obtain the Interpol badge (marked as red 13 on the map). After Penelope Graves arrives, you can push her into the pit (you can also try eliminating other mission targets this way, but it’ll be hard).

7 – Water Tower
It is a good sniping point, and a large crate and a sniper rifle can be delivered here. The mission can begin on the tower or can be reached by climbing a ladder (marked as blue 24 on the map).

8 – Emetic Rat Poison, Lethal Poison Pill Jar
The whereabouts of the point man can be found here. You can shoot him (there’s another enemy inside the building), poison him (bottle), or sabotage the extension cord and electrocute him. After completing the task, collect a new disguise and meet with Maya Parvati (marked as red 17 on the map).

9 – Gas Cannister
The cannister can be sabotaged, and the gas can be made to explode after Penelope Graves stops nearby.

10 – Nitroglycerin Stash
Sabotage the generator to lead the militia soldier away and steal three bottles of nitroglycerin. One of the bottles can then be used in the explosives test area (marked as red 2 on the map).

11 – Extension Cord
A plan can be made to turn on the faucet, turn off the generator, sabotage the extension cord, and convince Penelope Graves to move closer to the electricity.

12 – Greenhouse
Poison can be put into the bottle, and Penelope Graves can be made to drink it. Penelope Graves’ private journal can be found here, and you can learn about Sean Rose’s OCD (first step in a plan to murder him).

13 – Soldier with an Interpol Badge
The generator or the faucet can be sabotaged, and the militia soldier can be poisoned or quietly eliminated (he’s moving between places in this part of the orchard). After collecting the Interpol badge, you can meet with Penelope Graves and go with her to the slurry pit (marked as red 6 on the map) to kill her.

14 – Nitroglycerin Invoice
Examining the invoice is the first step towards murdering Sean Rose in an explosion in the closed-off test area (marked as red 1 on the map).

In this level of Hitman, there are various ways to eliminate the targets. The small garage (numbered 15 on the map) is a good place to take out Ezra Berg. You can eliminate two militia elite members first and then sneak up on Berg from behind or sabotage the gas cannister to create an explosion. The Ram’s safety system (numbered 16 on the map) can be sabotaged, which will allow you to kill Maya Parvati after the exercise. The Ram activation button and bottle (numbered 17 on the map) can be used to take part in the training exercise as the point man and kill Maya Parvati with the ram. Poison can also be inserted into her bottle. The winch mechanism (numbered 18 on the map) can be used to drop hay and kill Sean Rose or Maya Parvati. The extension cord (numbered 19 on the map) can be sabotaged to kill Penelope Graves, and the emetic rat poison (numbered 20 on the map) can be used to make someone sick. The garden tractor (numbered 21 on the map) can be set on fire and used to kill Ezra Berg. The well (numbered 22 on the map) can be used to push Ezra Berg in, and the hallucinogenic drugs found in the small garage (numbered 15 on the map) can be used with the cigarette pack (numbered 23 on the map) to kill Sean Rose. The small hut (numbered 24 on the map) can be used to hide Sean Rose’s body after he smokes a poisoned cigarette in the backyard. The gas lamps (numbered 25 on the map) can be damaged to create an explosion when Ezra Berg shows up. The grandfather’s clock (numbered 26 on the map) can be interacted with to trigger an OCD reaction from Sean Rose, and the chandelier (numbered 27 on the map) can be dropped when Sean Rose or Penelope Grave show up on the ground floor. The hacker’s phone (numbered 28 on the map) is needed to detonate Sean Rose’s watch (numbered 33 on the map). Sean Rose’s room (numbered 29 on the map) can be entered through various means, such as the crowbar/lockpick or a key. The objects on the desk can be tampered with to trigger an OCD reaction from Sean Rose. The toilet (numbered 30 on the map) can be used to surprise Sean Rose or turn off the valve to trigger an OCD reaction. Sean Rose’s bedroom (numbered 31 on the map) has an explosive watch battery needed to detonate Sean Rose’s watch, as well as a nitroglycerin bottle. The hostage (numbered 32 on the map) can be used to make Ezra Berg show up, and Sean Rose’s watch (numbered 33 on the map) can be fitted with an explosive battery from his room to detonate it.

34 – Guards
You can eavesdrop on their conversation and learn about the hostage being held by Ezra Berg (red 32 on the map). This is the first step towards assassinating Berg.

35 – Modern Lethal Syringe
It is hidden on a high shelf near the stairs.

Locations on the Map

1 – Starting Area
This is the default location to begin the mission. Agent 47 can be detected anywhere on the map if he is not using a disguise.

2 – Main Entrance to the Farm
2-4 militia soldiers are stationed here. You can activate the alarm of a nearby forklift and hop over the fence.

3 – Farm Entrance in the Old Orchard
It is guarded by at least 2 militia soldiers.

4 – Farm Entrance by the Western Bridge
It is guarded by 2 militia soldiers.

5 – Exterior Gates
You can unlock them with a crowbar or lockpick. Alternatively, you can find a key to the gates in the farm (green 8 on the map).

6 – Eastern Entrance to the Farm
It is guarded by 2 militia soldiers. You can also climb through a window or hop over a nearby fence.

7 – Empty Hut
You can enter the farm by climbing through a window.

8 – Hay Baler
There are 2 militia soldiers nearby. You can eliminate them and dispose of their bodies using the baler.

9 – Quad
You can use it to exit the mission area (only in contracts and escalation). You will need the keys from the southern hut (green 4 on the map).

10 – Front Gate
It is guarded by 2 militia soldiers. You can exit the mission area here (only in contracts and escalation).

11 – Bridge
You can exit the mission area here (only in contracts and escalation).

12 – River
You can use the boat to leave the mission area (only in contracts and escalation).

13 – Old Orchard
It is patrolled by at least 1 militia soldier. You can distract the soldier by turning on a water pump.

14 – Closed-off Area
Only explosives specialists are allowed here.

15 – Hay Baler
You can use it to dispose of bodies. Additionally, there is a radio here which can be used to attract enemies.

16 – Small Barn
You can sneak past the area where explosive materials are being tested.

17 – Square Surrounded by Small Buildings
There are several smaller buildings and a large garage nearby. Standard militia soldiers and technicians are allowed to be here as well.

18 – Large Orchard
All militia members are allowed here. The greenhouse area becomes restricted when Penelope Graves is inside.

19 – Large Barn
Only militia spec ops and the point man are allowed here. You can activate the forklift alarm by the main entrance. Interfering in training exercises before the limousine attack will alert the enemies. There is a ladder to the upper level of the barn.

20 – Shooting Range
Only militia spec ops and the point man are allowed here. Standing in the line of fire may alert enemies.

21 – Roof of the Large Garage
You can climb on the roof and reach the upper level of the barn. Two enemies are nearby.

22 – Stairs to the Upper Level of the Barn
They are guarded by the militia spec ops.

23 – Upper Level of the Barn
Two militia spec ops are stationed here. There is a ladder to the lower level.

Location 24 – Water Tower Ladder
Two militia soldiers are positioned on the roof of the building. You have the option to sabotage the fuse box.

Location 25 – Weapons Storage
If you require a weapon for either the shooting range or limousine attack exercise, this is where you can resupply. Additionally, a crowbar is available here.

Location 26 – Chef’s Kitchen
You can either sabotage the generator or use throwable objects to distract the chef and obtain his disguise. The stove can also be sabotaged.

Location 27 – Main Building
The area surrounding the building is restricted and only accessible to the militia elite and hackers.

Location 28 – Side Entrance to the Building
At least two soldiers guard this entrance, which leads to the kitchen.

Location 29 – Back Entrance to the Building
Two to three enemies guard this entrance, which leads to the monitoring room.

Location 30 – Backyard
A significant number of the militia elite are stationed here. You can climb to an upper-floor window of the building.

Location 31 – Outside Entrance to the Basement
This entrance is guarded by up to two soldiers. You can use a lockpick/crowbar or the basement key to gain entry.

Location 32 – Inside Entrance to the Basement
Gain entry using a lockpick/crowbar or the basement key.

Location 33 – Server Room
Sabotage the server and defeat the hacker who appears here to obtain their disguise.

Location 34 – Monitoring Room
At least one soldier guards this room. Eliminate or distract them. Erase evidence of Agent 47’s presence by destroying the tapes.

Location 35 – Playroom
You can reach this room by navigating the corridors or climbing through a window. Distract or eliminate the guards to access the console and complete an optional challenge.

Location 36 – Basement
Gain access to the basement using the stairs outside (blue 31 on the map) or inside (blue 32 on the map) the main building. At least one soldier is present. You can turn off the lights by sabotaging the fuse box or distract enemies by turning on the boiler.

Location 37 – Bunker Entrance
You must obtain Sean Rose’s face mask from the 3D printer upstairs (green 17 on the map) or move his body to the scanner. Access to the bunker is only possible once all four targets have been eliminated.

Location 38 – Exit
This exit is only available during the main mission. You can choose other exits when playing contracts and escalation.

Location 39 – Southern Gate
This is the exit point for contracts and escalation missions.

Important Items on the Map:
1 – Crowbar
2 – Screwdriver
3 – Wrench
4 – Quad Keys
The quad is located by the eastern entrance to the farm (blue 9 on the map).
5 – Drug Laboratory Memo
6 – Old Axe
This is required to complete the escalation.
7 – Militia Technician Disguise
8 – Perimeter Gate Key
This key can unlock all exterior gates (blue 5 on the map).
9 – Scarecrow Disguise
Use this disguise to blend in with scarecrows on the farm. It is also required to complete the escalation.
10 – Elite Militia Disguise
You can wear this disguise without arousing suspicion.
11 – Basement Key
Screwdriver, Wrench
Apprentice Notes
12 – Militia Special Operations Disguise
13 – Mannequin Arm
This is required to complete one of the minor challenges (silencing 10 soldiers).
14 – Rose’s Room Key
This key unlocks the room upstairs.

Garage key number 15:

The garage is located to the east of the building and can be found by following the red 15 on the map.

Elite militia disguise number 16:

Sean Rose face mask number 17:

By turning on the 3D printer, you can create Sean Rose’s face mask. This mask will allow you to access the bunker in the basement which is marked as blue 37 on the map.

The map provided is for the fifth main episode of Hitman, called Freedom Fighters, which takes place in Colorado, USA. Agent 47’s mission is to infiltrate a farm that has been turned into a training camp for mercenaries.

The main objective is to eliminate four targets: Sean Rose, Ezra Berg, Penelope Graves, and Maya Parvati. Each target is located in a different area of the map and has different responsibilities, but they may cross paths. After eliminating all targets, you must reach the shelter located in the basement of the main building to obtain the secret data. Keep in mind that the shelter will remain inaccessible as long as the targets are alive. Exploring the shelter is the only way to reveal the available exit, as all other means of escape are for optional contracts and escalations.

The mission provides various options for moving around the farm, reaching targets, and eliminating them. The best scenario is described later in the game guide.

  • Preparation
  • Mission info


A lockpick is a key item to have as it will save you time on looking for keys and alternative ways of reaching important areas. You will need it to open various gates and reach Sean Rose’s room and the basement. Although it is not obligatory to use a lockpick, it is highly recommended.

The mission starts in the south part of the farm (M7.1), and it is important to note that the entire area is guarded. Agent 47 can be attacked regardless of his location, even outside the farm. As you progress in the mission, it is recommended to change the starting point to the greenhouse (M7.12) while wearing a soldier’s uniform to travel safely in most areas. The main building (M7.27) is the best starting point as you can obtain a useful hacker early in the game, but unlocking this starting point requires reaching nearly the maximal level in Colorado. Higher ranks will unlock additional spots for the Agency to stash supplies. The water tower (M7.7) is a noteworthy location if you plan on killing your targets with a sniper rifle.

Details about the mission

The mission is to eliminate Sean Rose, Ezra Berg, Penelope Graves and Maya Parvati. All targets can be found in the same areas of the farm which makes it easier to take them out. Sean Rose moves around the farm and stops in various locations such as his room in the main building (M7.29), the locked test zone (M7.1) and a large barn (M7.19). The game provides many Opportunities to eliminate him (almost half of the available Opportunities). Ezra Berg stays near the main house and moves between the garage (M7.15) and the basement with the prisoner (M7.32). Penelope Graves can be found on the ground floor of the main house (M7.27) and a large orchard where she stops in the greenhouse (M7.12). Maya Parvati participates in a training related to striking a limousine in the large barn (M7.19), but she also visits a nearby square from time to time (M7.17).

It is important to avoid setting off the alarm as it may trigger an emergency procedure that escorts the main targets to a safe location. If that happens, you can either sneak up to that location or wait for the alarm to end.

The difficulty level is quite high at the beginning of the mission. Therefore, it is recommended to quickly get a disguise (e.g. Militia Soldier) to explore the main areas of the farm. Moreover, some locations such as the main house and the barn can only be accessed by authorized personnel. This means that you will need different disguises or you will have to master the art of stealth. Eliminating the targets should not be too difficult as there are many ways to kill them. At the end of the mission, Agent 47 needs to sneak up to the basement, but by then, you should have the right key and know the map.


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