Location Map – M8 | Hokkaido

Important Points in Hitman – M8 Hokkaido

Locations marked on the map

Crucial items on the map

Locations linked to the assassinations

Locations linked to the assassinations:

1 – Emetic Rat Poison
The poison can be found inside a locked cabinet in the bathroom, and requires a crowbar to access (marked green 3 on the map). There are coins, a spare patient’s disguise, and scissors in the cabinet as well.

2 – Pack of Cigarettes
These can be used to plan the assassination of Yuki Yamazaki. They can be delivered to her apartment (marked red 6 on the map) or to her private booth in the restaurant (marked red 18 on the map).

3 – Bodyguards
You can eavesdrop on their conversation about Yuki Yamazaki’s addiction, which provides an opportunity to eliminate her. You can also distract one of the guards and obtain their disguise.

4 – Cable Car
You can meet with Yuki Yamazki while disguised as the director and kill her by throwing her over the balustrade. If you have alerted the enemies, Yuki Yamazaki may attempt to escape in the cable car, which can be shot down to kill her. The cable car is one of the available exits in this mission.

5 – Botulinum Toxin
The lethal toxin can be found inside a locked cabinet in the bathroom, which requires a crowbar to access (marked green 3 on the map).

6 – Yuki Yamazaki’s Apartment
You can enter her apartment disguised as a bodyguard, or reach it by using a ledge and starting from Jason Portman’s apartment (marked blue 3 on the map). The balcony is a good place to leave the pack of cigarettes, as Yuki Yamazaki will go there to smoke. There is also a katana and coins on the bed.

7 – Erich Soders’ Kill List
You can upload it to a computer in one of the operating rooms (marked red 33 on the map) and make the chief surgeon take a look at it. You can also insert poison into a water bottle. If it is not lethal, Yuki Yamazaki will go to the toilet.

8 – Balcony of Yuki Yamazaki’s Apartment
It is guarded by two bodyguards. You can kill Yuki Yamazaki by throwing her over the balustrade or shooting at her from Jason Portman’s apartment balcony. Alternatively, you can sabotage the gas lamp with a wrench.

9 – Emetic Rat Poison
It is hidden in the corner.

10 – Fugu Fish
You can use the kitchen knife on it (there’s one in the kitchen) and obtain the fugu poison. It’s best to use this poison to prepare a poisoned sushi for Yuki Yamazaki in the restaurant (marked red 19 on the map).

11 – Neurochip Remote Control
You can enter the room using a door or through a window. You can use the remote on one of the doctors (The Curator) in the morgue (marked red 27 on the map) to help you murder Erich Soders.

12 – Pill Stash
You can lead the chief surgeon (marked red 15 on the map) here while disguised as a pilot in order to give him the pills. You can also poison the pills, but watch out for the sleeping guard.

13 – Sniping Point
You can shoot Yuki Yamazaki from here when she appears on the bridge in the garden (marked red 25 on the map). You can also deliver a sniper rifle to this location.

Area 14 – Helicopter landing pad
You can obtain the helicopter pilot’s disguise by following him. Use the helicopter to escape after completing the mission.

Area 15 – Landing pad side entrance
The entrance is guarded by bodyguards who may frisk you if you’re playing as a pilot or surgeon. Dress as a pilot to meet with the chief surgeon and lead him to the red 12 pill stash. Access the entrance by using the blue 19 garden ledge.

Area 16 – Toilet
Take over Jason Portman’s identity by attacking him here. The hospital director will arrive after eating the poisoned meal in the red 17 restaurant.

Area 17 – Snacks
Poison the snacks to kill the hospital director.

Area 18 – Yuki Yamazaki’s private booth
Dress as the hospital director (mandatory frisk) or distract the bodyguard to enter. Leave a pack of cigarettes to lure Yuki Yamazaki to the red 20 garden for a smoke.

Area 19 – Sushi preparation table
Prepare a poisoned meal for Yuki Yamazaki while dressed as a chef. Use a kitchen knife or cleaver.

Area 20 – Barrel
Punch a hole in the barrel with a screwdriver. Yuki Yamazaki will die in flames when she goes to smoke in this area after finding a pack in the red 18 restaurant.

Area 21 – Yoga performance area
As the instructor, complete a yoga lesson with Yuki Yamazaki to kill her. Check the yoga schedule.

Area 22 – Yoga instructor
Attack and wear the instructor’s disguise to meet Yuki Yamazaki while posing as the instructor. He may also be found in the ground level garage.

Area 23 – Cold water valve
Turn off the valve to make the patients leave the red 21 yoga lesson area. This makes it easier to kill Yuki Yamazaki while posing as the yoga instructor.

Area 24 – Sauna
Use the terminal in the side room to control the sauna. Trap Yuki Yamazaki in the hot sauna to kill her.

Area 25 – Bridge
Kill Yuki Yamazaki with a sniper rifle when she stops here. This area is marked red 13 on the map.

Area 26 – Research assistant’s notes
Find out about the Curator’s neurochip, the first step in killing Erich Soders. The neurochip remote is in one of the sleeping quarters marked red 11 on the map.

Area 27 – Morgue
Use the neurochip remote (red 11 on the map) on the Curator’s neurochip. Use the nondescript keycard (green 9 on the map) or disposale scrambler (green 6 on the map) to open a refrigerator and rescue Smith. Collect the RFID master chip, which can open all locked doors.

The article provides a walkthrough of how to kill Erich Soders in Hitman. The heart intended for Soders is guarded by two bodyguards, but they can be eliminated with the help of the Curator or by lowering the room temperature. Poisoning the stem cells can also be used to kill Soders. The operating room has main entrances guarded by bodyguards, but you can access it through the door in the surgery control room or the stem cells control room. Switching the stem cells to poisoned ones will also kill Soders. You can turn off the respirator in the life support room, but only if the KAI artificial intelligence was sabotaged. Uploading Soders’ kill list to the computer or using the robotic surgery control console can also result in his death. The defibrillator power room can also be sabotaged to kill Soders. The article also mentions a pack of cigarettes in the research department room, which can be used to plan the murder of Yuki Yamazaki. The botulinum toxin is a lethal poison that can be used to kill anyone. The locations on the map include the starting area, Amos Dexter’s apartment, and various rooms in the hospital.

3 пїЅ Jason Portman’s residence can be accessed by wearing the doctor’s disguise or by starting in Yuki Yamazaki’s apartment and using a ledge. Jason will leave the apartment at the beginning of the mission. You can find information about Jason in the public patient journal.

4 пїЅ In the kitchen, there are two chefs. You can poison one of the meals by the roller door and follow the poisoned person to the toilet to obtain their disguise. The kitchen knife is also available. The food storage room can be found among the available Agency pickups.

5 пїЅ The personnel canteen is a good place to listen in on conversations about Yuki Yamazaki’s culinary preferences.

6 пїЅ The restaurant restroom is a good place to find one of the Agency pickups. You can also eliminate a staff member who was poisoned in the kitchen here.

7 пїЅ In the game room, you can sabotage the extension cord with a screwdriver and increase the difficulty level of the video game. The handyman will die while trying to beat the record.

8 пїЅ The staff quarters are currently unoccupied. You can start the mission here dressed as a resort staff member. One of the Agency pickups is located in the wardrobe room.

9 пїЅ The path at the back of the hospital has a resort security member and a handyman carrying a pack of cigarettes. You can also sabotage a gas cannister here.

10 пїЅ In the garage, a handyman is working on a snowmobile. You can eliminate him to obtain his disguise. A yoga instructor will also appear here. One of the Agency pickups is located in this area.

11 пїЅ In the passageway to the morgue, you can sneak past the resort security member and the doctor. A fireaxe is available in the corridor.

12 пїЅ The snowmobile can be used to escape after completing the mission.

13 пїЅ By sabotaging the generator, you can eliminate a handyman who will appear here and obtain his disguise.

14 пїЅ The side entrance is a good way to reach the morgue and the upper floors of the main building of the hospital. You can also climb the wall here while dressed as a ninja to get to the hospital roof (minor challenge).

15 пїЅ The northern entrance is unguarded.

16 пїЅ An open window and a pipe can be used to reach the toilet on the ground level and an open window on the higher floor (room with the doctors), respectively.

17 пїЅ The mountain path is a good starting and ending point for the mission.

18 пїЅ By sabotaging the fuse box, a chef will appear here. You can attack him and take his disguise. A pipe can also be used to reach the upper level of the garden.

19 пїЅ You can go over the ballustrade to reach the back entrance to the hospital (red 15 on the map).

20 пїЅ There are two resort security members in the monitoring room. You can sabotage the monitoring system. The KAI surgical system manual is also available here.

21 пїЅ The corridor guarded by security members allows doctors, hospital directors, and bodyguards. Other people will not be allowed in or will be frisked.

22 пїЅ The restaurant area is open for patients and can be a good starting point for the mission.

23 пїЅ The hot spring spa area is open for patients and can be a good starting point for the mission.

24 пїЅ The corridor to the main hospital has glass walls, and you must watch out for the handymen if you’re not using a disguise.

The map provided illustrates the location of the sixth main episode in Hitman’s first season, called Situs Inversus. The mission takes place in a private hospital named GAMA, situated in Hokkaido, Japan. Agent 47’s objective is to infiltrate the hospital and eliminate two targets. As Tobias Rieper, a VIP patient, he must navigate through the well-guarded operating theatre to reach his first target, Erich Soders, who is on the table. The second target, Yuki Yamazaki, moves around the hospital, making it possible to eliminate her privately or via disguises or environmental objects.

The hospital is heavily guarded, and the AI overseeing it makes it difficult to move around. The map also indicates important items like disguises, weapons, and locked cabinets that can be opened using a crowbar. Locations like the Crematorium, the Examination Room in the Morgue, and the Intensive Care Supervision Room provide opportunities to dispose of evidence, distract doctors, and eliminate targets. The Garden, Stairs to the Morgue, and Stairs to the Room with the Stem Cells offer alternative routes to move around the hospital. Overall, the Situs Inversus mission is unique and challenging, making it an exciting addition to the game.

  • Preparation for the mission
  • Mission details

Preparation for the mission

At Hokkaido’s Mastery Level 20, you can choose your equipment.

The security measures in the entire hospital prevent you from preparing for the mission. You cannot take any of Agent 47’s equipment, and must acquire all weapons and access items during your exploration. However, with each new Hokkaido’s Mastery Level, you can use Agency pickup containers and select one item. At Mastery Level 20, you can take standard equipment even without extra disguises.

It is recommended to bring the Disposable Scrambler to bypass security doors, but disguises can also provide access to certain areas. The mission starts at Agent 47’s apartment as VIP Tobias Rieper, allowing access to important locations on levels 0 and 1. Unlocking new starting points can allow you to begin the mission disguised as a chef or surgeon, and useful disguises like bodyguard and hospital director can be acquired easily.

The mountain path is the best location to use the sniper rifle, and you can deliver one to an Agency pickup container at that location.

Mission details

The mission targets are Erich Soders and Yuki Yamazaki. Soders remains on the operation table in the hospital’s main building, while Yamazaki moves around the clinic. She can be found in her apartment, the spa, sauna, garden, and restaurant, accompanied by two bodyguards. However, if an alarm is sounded, Yamazaki may try to escape by cable car, and the player must prevent her escape before time runs out.

The focus of this mission is to become familiar with the terrain. When exploring the hospital for the first time, it can be overwhelming due to its complexity and the need for special access codes in some areas. However, as time passes, you will learn how things work and use the environment to reach your targets and eliminate them more easily. To start, examine the map provided and read the next section of this guide, specifically the information on disguises and exploration rules for the hospital. The difficulty level of this mission is high due to the intricate layout of the location.


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