Lost Souls

How to Unlock: This quest is automatically added to your log after you become familiar with the Rescue Soldiers Missing in Ferelden operation.

Quest Giver: – (M2, 3)

The operation linked with The Fallow Mire

To initiate this quest, you must first locate the Rescue Soldiers Missing in Ferelden operation on the war map in Haven (M2,3). You will need a minimum of 8 Power points to complete this operation, which will grant you access to The Fallow Mire. Once you arrive at the Mire (M9,9), listen to scout Harding’s conversation to begin exploring this location.

Note – This quest will also be available after reaching Skyhold if it has not been completed at the start of the game.

The undead guarding the castle entrance

To locate the missing soldiers, you must travel to the other end of the map. There, you will discover the castle of the Avars, a hostile tribe that has taken the warriors captive. As you approach the castle, you will encounter a large group of undead, which you can either battle or evade to gain quick entry.

The gate lever

Once inside, you will face several guards. Quickly defeat them and climb the wall to pull the lever (M9,8a), which will sever the undead’s access to the castle and open the other gate.

The Hand of Korth and his guards

After dispatching three more opponents, you will encounter the Avar leader, The Hand of Korth (M9,8b), and his guards on the stairs. Deal with the guards first, particularly the archers, as the boss can be vulnerable to most magic attacks but can activate armor. To defeat him, dodge if you are fighting up close or maintain distance if you are a mage or archer and your level is not too high.

The door holding the imprisoned soldiers

Once the boss is defeated, free the captives behind the door on the left side of the throne (M9,8c). Remember to loot the boss as well, as he drops the Gift of the Mountain Father.

An Avar, a potential party member

Technically, the quest ends here. However, an Avar will be waiting outside the main hall and will ask to join the Inquisition. Accepting will grant you a new agent and additional Power and Influence points.

Rewards for completing the quest:

  • Experience (lots)
  • 400 Influence points
  • 3 Power points
  • Optional agent


What are Lost Souls?

Lost Souls is a term used to describe people who feel disconnected from the world around them, as if they do not belong. They may feel empty, hopeless, and alone, despite being surrounded by friends and family. Lost Souls may also struggle with mental health issues, such as depression and anxiety, which can exacerbate their feelings of disconnection.

What can be done to help Lost Souls?

There are several things that can be done to help Lost Souls. First and foremost, it is important to listen to them and validate their feelings. Let them know that they are not alone and that their feelings are valid. Encourage them to seek professional help, such as therapy or counseling, where they can work through their emotions in a safe and supportive environment. Additionally, engaging in activities that promote connection, such as volunteering or joining a community group, can also be helpful. Ultimately, the most important thing is to offer support and understanding to those who are struggling with feelings of disconnection.

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