M10 Location Map for Marrakesh: A House Built on Sand

Important Points of Hitman – M10 Marrakesh: A House Built on Sand

Locations and items marked on the map

Locations that are crucial for assassinations

Locations tied to the assassinations

1 пїЅ Neon sign above the cafe entrance
You can shoot the neon sign with a firearm after Matthieu Mendola stands under it. The sign will fall on Mendola and kill him.

2 пїЅ Snail stand
Matthieu Mendola will eat a snail only after he’s visited the stand for the second time. You can poison the snails, but it’s better to distract the merchant first by turning off the generator (blue 6 on the map).

3 пїЅ Spices stand
Matthieu Mendola will try the spices only after he’s visited the stand for the second time. You can poison them before that, but it’s easy to get caught.

4 пїЅ Phone booth
The handyman is fixing the booth which Matthieu Mendola plans to use. You can distract the handyman by using a switch to the east (blue 11 on the map) and then break the phone so that it fatally shocks Mendola when he uses it.
Maintenance room key
You can open the maintenance room (green 7 on the map) and collect an unused handyman disguise and a screwdriver.

5 пїЅ Fortune teller
You can take over the fortune teller’s identity after sabotaging the fuse box (red 6 on the map) and then kill Matthieu Mendola when he comes for his reading. It’s better to increase the fog as well to avoid detection.

6 пїЅ Fuse box
After sabotaging it, you can eliminate the fortune teller and wear his clothes.

7 пїЅ Shisha pipe
You can poison the pipe to kill Kong Tuo-Kwang. If you didn’t use lethal poison, he will go to the toilet (red 10 on the map) where you can drown him.

8 пїЅ Pool
You can electrocute Kong Tuo-Kwang by raising the water level in the pool (lever by the bar). Once Kong Tuo-Kwang stops by the pool, you can shoot the lamp or drop it using the winch (red 11 on the map).

9 пїЅ Room with the oil lamp
You can enter this area dressed as a waiter or a bodyguard. Put out the lamp and sabotage the gas pipe. After Kong Tuo-Kwang lights the lamp, he will die in an explosion.
VIP invitation
It’s in the next booth.

10 пїЅ Bathroom
You can drown Kong Tuo-Kwang when he shows up here after he’s poisoned.
You can climb the pipe to reach the winch tied to the lamp above the pool (red 11 on the map) or to get to the roof where the meeting is supposed to take place (red 12 on the map).
Emetic rat poison, wrench.

11 пїЅ Winch tied to the pool lamp
You can use the winch to drop the lamp into the pool (red 8 on the map) when Kong Tuo-Kwang stops nearby.
You can also use this area to travel between the cafe (red 10 on the map) and the roof where the meeting is supposed to take place (red 12 on the map).

The 12th location is the meeting place for Matthieu Mendola and Kong Tuo-Kwang, but Mendola will only show up if you guide him while wearing a bodyguard disguise. You can access the rooftop via the bodyguard disguise or by travelling through the cafe and climbing on the roofs (red 11 on the map). Before using poison on the Shisha pipe or sabotaging the gas lamp, distract the nearby guard. Emetic rat poison is recommended.

The 13th location is a sniping point where you can use a sniper rifle to kill Kong Tuo-Kwang.

The 14th location has emetic rat poison.

The 15th location, the Agency stash, is the only stash available in this mission. It’s best to deliver a sniper rifle here.

The 16th location is another sniping point where you can use a sniper rifle to kill Matthieu Mendola. You can access this rooftop from the carpet shop or the stash (some climbing is required). Bring a crowbar.

The 17th location is the main entrance to the building where the meeting between Mendola and Kong is supposed to take place on the roof. Use the bodyguard disguise.

The 18th location is the back entrance to the building. Wait for the woman to leave and use a lockpick to enter. Alternatively, you can poison the woman. The meeting between Mendola and Kong is supposed to take place on the roof.

The 19th location is where you can eliminate the sick bodyguard and take his disguise, but watch out for his colleague.

Location 1 is the starting area and the only place where you can begin the mission. Matthieu Mendola will also be travelling around the market from here.

Location 2 is the cafe. The southern part is available to all guests, but the northern area where Kong Tuo-Kwang is located is reserved for VIPs with invitations.

Location 3 is the VIP entrance where you need an invitation or a waiter or bodyguard disguise. Follow the landlord to one of the shops (blue 4 on the map) to attack him and take his invitation.

Location 4 is the shop where you can attack the landlord and collect his VIP invitation to the cafe (blue 3 on the map). Use the antiques shop key to enter the area with the landlord. Distract the worker with the forklift’s alarm to sneak into the cafe.

Location 5 is the personnel room where you can enter with a crowbar, lockpick, or the Shisha cafe key. The key is with one of the bodyguards (blue 9 on the map) or in the bar (green 4 on the map). Find the unused waiter disguise, bodyguard’s note (by the back door), and a screwdriver here.

Location 6 is the generator that you can turn off to distract the merchant at the snail stand (red 2 on the map). Turn off the lights first by reaching the power switch to avoid being noticed (blue 10 on the map).

Location 7 is the pipe that leads to the balcony with the Agency stash (red 15 on the map). Use it to access the stash.

The map provided displays the operational areas for the mission called “A house Built on Sand” in Marrakesh, Morocco. This mission is one of two new contracts included in the summer episode of Hitman. The map has been modified for this contract and is limited to the large marketplace, with the Shisha Cafe located in the center. The school and embassy from the previous mission in this area are not available. However, you can still navigate the remaining areas, although the locations of important places have been altered. The map shows important items such as a wrench, delivery truck key, VIP invitation, and the shopkeeper disguise. It also highlights areas where you can end the mission and provides information on how to access certain locations and items. For example, you can use a crowbar or lockpick to gain entrance to the carpet shop or wait for a good moment to sneak behind the shopkeeper. You can also use a switch to distract the handyman and sabotage the phone booth. Additionally, killing the bodyguard and shopkeeper or distracting the bodyguard with a throwable will grant you access to the personnel room in the cafe. Lastly, the van can be used to end the mission, but you need to have the keys for it.

Agent 47 is tasked with assassinating Matthieu Mendola and Kong Tuo-Kwang in this mission. In addition, he must obtain secret documents from Mendola, which will be located where he is killed. It is important to note that the meeting between Mendola and Kwang will not take place unless Agent 47 helps Mendola reach the meeting place first. This will allow for better familiarization with the map and the targets’ routes. The targets can be killed in separate areas or a trap can be set up for when they meet. The mission preparation includes bringing lethal poison and a lockpick to access the staff room in the Cafe. The mission area only has rat poison available and there is only one Agency stash on the rooftop of the building in the Western part of the market place. Sniper rifles can be selected for delivery there, but reaching vantage points will be necessary. There is only one starting point near the embassy in the Southern part of the map and infiltrating the VIP-only areas will be difficult without a disguise. The targets are scheduled to meet on the rooftop of one of the buildings in the market place, but the meeting will not take place until certain actions are performed. Mendola can be found traveling around various parts of the market place while Kwang stays in the VIP area of the Shisha CafГ©.

Difficulty Levels

“A House Built on Sand” is a mission with a medium difficulty level. The map size itself poses a challenge, even though the school, embassy, and tunnel are inaccessible. Locating mission items and objects of interest can also be time-consuming. However, the assassination part is not too demanding, as you have various options to kill Mendola and Kwang, some taking more time than others. Moreover, you can acquire the bodyguard disguise and other useful disguises easily, which makes it easier to complete the mission.


What is M10 | Marrakesh: A House Built on Sand?

M10 | Marrakesh: A House Built on Sand is an immersive installation created by the artist Doug Aitken. It is a unique experience that explores the intersection of architecture, nature, and technology, and challenges our perceptions of space and time. The installation is a full-scale replica of a modernist home, built entirely out of sand. It is located in the middle of the California desert, and visitors are invited to explore the structure and its surroundings. The house is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, including sound and light installations, which create a dynamic and ever-changing environment. M10 | Marrakesh: A House Built on Sand is a one-of-a-kind experience that pushes the boundaries of art and architecture.

What is the significance of the location of M10 | Marrakesh: A House Built on Sand?

The location of M10 | Marrakesh: A House Built on Sand is an integral part of the installation. It is situated in the middle of the California desert, far away from any urban center or civilization. This remote location creates a sense of isolation and detachment from the outside world, and allows visitors to fully immerse themselves in the experience. The desert landscape also plays an important role in the installation, as the sand used to build the house is sourced from the surrounding environment. This creates a connection between the structure and its surroundings, and highlights the interdependence of human beings and nature. In addition, the extreme climate of the desert, with its intense heat and harsh winds, adds an element of challenge and adventure to the experience, making it even more memorable and unique.

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