Map of Location – M3 | Paris: The Showstopper

Important Points of Hitman – M3 Paris: The Showstopper

Locations marked on the map

Significant items on the map

Locations related to the assassinations

Locations marked on the map

1 – Starting points
Guests can only visit the area near the fountain, the southern parking lot, and the eastern/northern gardens (you have to go through the banquet hall).

2 – Entrance to the main palace
It is accessible to everyone.

3 – Small shed
You can reach this building by quietly sneaking through the gardens and jumping over the fence. One of the palace staff is inside – you can knock out this person and take their disguise. You can also convince a security guard to show up here to get his clothes. In both cases, you need to hide the bodies in the storage found at the back of the building.

4 – Locked doors
You can unlock the doors using a lockpick, a crowbar, or a key found on level 0 of the palace (green 5 on the map).

5 – Auction member
You can subdue him and take his invitation to the auction. Show this invitation to the guards you’ll encounter (blue 6 and 30 on the map), and eventually, you’ll get to the auction room on level 3 (red 10 on the map).

6 – Restricted entrances
You can use these passages without any interference only if you’re wearing a disguise and/or have an invitation to the auction in your possession.

7 – Palace staff member
A staff member will be talking over the phone here. You can use the fact that there’s no one else around, subdue him, and take his clothes.

8 – Small shed
You can attack one of the bodyguards patrolling the area near the shed, hide his body in a large container, and take his clothes. Sabotaging the generator may provide additional help in distracting the enemies.

9 – Closed gate
It leads to the barge. You can open the gate using a lockpick or a crowbar.

10 – Helicopter
You can use it to leave the mission area after killing both targets.

11 – Motorboat
You can use it to leave the mission area after killing both targets. You must have a motorboat key from floor 2 of the palace (green 11 on the map), and you must also avoid being seen by the bodyguard.

12 – Small shed
You can grab a security guard standing next to the window, subdue him, and take his clothes.

13 – Stage crew member
You can subdue this person after nearby bodyguards move away. Quickly drag his body to a nearby container before taking clothes.

14 – Stage area
You can obtain two disguises here – a stylist disguise (knock one of them out when it’s safe) and a stage crew disguise (sabotage a generator and wait for one of the stage crew members to investigate).

15 – Kitchen
Several chefs are here, and it’s best to attack the cook from the northern corridor. You can then hide his body and wear his clothes.

16 – Mess hall
Members of different occupations can be found here. You can distract them to move to a quieter spot and then subdue them to obtain their clothes.

17 – Surveillance Room
If Agent 47 is caught on camera while exploring floor 2, you can come here to erase the recordings. In a nearby corridor, there is a fuse box that you can sabotage to divert one of the security guards to investigate.

18 – Small Staircase
You can use this staircase to move between floors 0 and 1.

19 – Main Hall
Wait here for Novikov to start his speech and then use the release winch on floor 2 (red 16 on the map) to drop a chandelier on him. Although the large stairs leading to floor 2 are not officially guarded, you will be noticed and stopped if you try to use them without the correct disguise.

20 – Banquet Hall
Novikov appears here from time to time. You can poison him at the bar (red 4 on the map) or drop a chandelier on him, but innocent people may die as a result. Decker can be found on the northern terrace (red 1 on the map).

21 – Runway
A fashion show takes place here at the beginning of the mission. You can participate in it by dressing up as Helmut Kruger (red 12 on the map). Later, Novikov will appear on the runway. You can shoot him from one of the upper balconies or drop a huge light rig onto the stage (red 8 on the map).

22 – Display Case Room
You can wait for one of the stage crew members to come here, subdue him, hide his body in a crate, and take his disguise.

23 – Opened Window
You can use the open window to infiltrate the palace.

24 – Dressing Room
Once you have Helmut Kruger’s disguise (red 12 on the map), you can sit in a chair here and wait for Agent 47 to be prepared to go out on the runway. You will also find an unused stylist disguise here (green 14 on the map).

25 – Diorama
You can insert a coin into the diorama and watch the show.

26 – Large Staircase
You can use these stairs to travel between floors 0, 1, and 2. You may encounter a stage crew member here – avoid him or stun him and take his clothes.

27 – Auction Staff Room
A single auction staff member can be found here. You can subdue him, hide his body in the closet, and take his clothes to ensure you can visit most of the rooms on floors 2 and 3.

28 – Piano Room
You can make some noise and wait for an auction staff member to show up in order to subdue him and take his clothes.

29 – Ladder
You can use this ladder to travel between floors 2 and 3 (attic) of the palace.

30 – Stairs to Floor 3
If you plan to use the stairs to reach the third floor, you must have an invitation with you (green 8 or blue 5 on the map) or use a proper disguise. You will be frisked to check if you are carrying weapons. The only exceptions are if you are wearing a sheikh’s or Helmut Kruger’s disguise – they will not be searched.

31 – Attic
The attic is heavily guarded and access is restricted. You can either eliminate the guards or try to avoid them. However, if you are wearing a bodyguard disguise, some enemies may still recognize you as Agent 47.

32 – Catacombs Entrance
This is an exit point that you can use after eliminating both Novikov and Dalia.

Important items on the map

1 – IAGO Auction VIP List
You can examine the list to identify Sheikh al-Ghazali as a guest in one of the rooms on the second floor of the palace (marked as red 7 on the map). If you steal his identity, you can easily get close to Dalia.

2 – Fireworks Schedule
You can check the schedule to learn when and how the fireworks display will be activated. You can use the fireworks to help you eliminate the key targets.

3 – Emetic Rat Poison
You can use this item to poison Novikov in the banquet hall on the first floor (marked as red 4 on the map), Dalia in the bar on the third floor (marked as red 18 on the map), or Novikov’s bodyguard in the catering room on the first floor (marked as red 14 on the map).

4 – Palace Staff Disguise
You can find this outfit in one of the trailers.

5 – Palace Master Key
You can use this key to unlock all the locked doors in the palace.

6 – Palace Staff Disguise
You can find this outfit in the locker room. Be careful not to be seen by anyone while taking it.

7 – Coins
You can use these coins to distract people.

8 – IAGO Auction Invitation
You can find this invitation in one of the toilets. Show it to the guards you encounter (marked as blue 6 and 30 on the map) and they will eventually escort you to the auction room on the third floor (marked as red 10 on the map).

9 – Stage Schedule
You do not need to examine this item.

10 – Fireworks Remote Detonator
You can find the detonator near some stage crew members. You can set off the fireworks display early or wait for the fashion show to end. In either case, both mission targets will go to the western part of the palace.

11 – Motorboat Key
You will need this key to escape the mission area using the speedboat (marked as blue 11 on the map).

12 – Vampire Magician Disguise
This disguise does not have any special purpose.

13 – Laptop Dongle
You can use the dongle on a computer in Dalia’s office (marked as red 11 on the map) after the auction has started. This will temporarily sabotage the auction and force Dalia to check the laptop, creating an opportunity for you to kill her.

14 – Stylist’s Disguise
You can find this outfit on one of the tables. Make sure no one is nearby when you take it.

15 – Camera Lens
You can find this item inside a TV van. You can use it to arrange an interview between Novikov and one of the bloggers (marked as red 5 on the map).

Locations tied to the assassinations

1 – Decker
You can use this person’s plan to meet with Novikov in a secluded area to your advantage and kill Novikov. You must obtain a bodyguard’s disguise, talk to Decker, and lead him to the pagoda in the western part of the gardens (marked as red 2 on the map).

Location 2 – Pagoda
Novikov will meet with Decker (marked as red 1 on the map) at this location after you guide Decker here disguised as a bodyguard. This area of the gardens is highly restricted and is patrolled by bodyguards. To enter, you can use a bodyguard suit, open one of the gates, or climb over a wall.
Once Novikov and Decker begin their meeting, you can eliminate Novikov by shooting him, causing a gas explosion, or throwing an explosive device at him.

Location 3 – Cocktail Recipe
This recipe is necessary to poison Novikov in the bar on the first floor of the palace (marked as red 4 on the map).

Location 4 – Bar
You can poison Novikov at this location. First, you must find his favorite cocktail recipe on the ground floor (marked as red 3 on the map) and then obtain rat poison (marked as green 4 on the map). Additionally, wear a palace staff disguise, prepare and poison the cocktail, and wait for Novikov to drink it. Follow him to a nearby bathroom and quietly eliminate him.

Location 5 – Blogger
A blogger is present here and plans to interview Novikov. To help her, steal a camera lens from a TV fan located in the northern parking lot (marked as green 15 on the map). You can also place a remote explosive into the camera, which can be found in the attic on the third floor (marked as red 9 on the map). Once the blogger has the camera lens, she will contact Novikov and meet him at the fountain (marked as red 6 on the map).

Location 6 – Interview Spot
After you provide the blogger with the camera lens, she will wait here for her interview with Novikov. You can eliminate Novikov by detonating the explosive device hidden inside the camera or taking a shot from one of the nearby balconies.

Location 7 – Sheikh’s Room
You can enter this room by using a suitable disguise or opening one of the locked doors with a lockpick or crowbar. You can steal the sheikh’s identity, allowing you to attend the auction on the third floor (without being frisked) and meet with Dalia (marked as red 11 on the map). The easiest way to eliminate the sheikh is to poison his wine and wait for him to go to the toilet.

Location 8 – Light Rig
You can drop the light rig onto the runway where a fashion show is taking place (marked as blue 21 on the map) using a crowbar. It’s best to do this when Novikov is on stage to ensure he dies in an unfortunate incident.

Location 9 – Remote Explosive
You can throw this explosive at one of the main targets and detonate it or insert it into the blogger’s camera. She can be found on the first floor (marked as red 5 on the map).

Location 10 – Auction Room
You can reach this location by using an invitation to the auction (marked as green 8 or blue 5 on the map) or by stealing the sheikh’s identity (marked as red 7 on the map). If you pose as the sheikh, you can bid on one of the items and arrange a private meeting with Dalia in her office (marked as red 11 on the map).

In the game, Hitman, there are several ways to eliminate the mission targets, Dalia and Novikov. Dalia can be killed in her office by hacking her laptop or posing as a sheikh and bidding on an item to ensure alone time with her. Once alone, she can be killed using a fiber wire, remote explosive, or chandelier. Helmut Kruger can be subdued and his clothes taken to participate in the fashion show, but he must be eliminated before going on stage. Dalia can also be killed in her room by shooting through a window or poisoning her wine glass with cyanide. Novikov’s bodyguard can be poisoned in the catering room to make it easier to kill Novikov. Novikov can also be killed using the extension cord or by dropping a chandelier on him during his speech. The speaker can be sabotaged with a crowbar and will cause a freak accident. Dalia can also be poisoned at the bar and followed to her private quarters to finish her off. Finally, if the player has a sniper rifle, they can climb to the high observation post on the barge and kill both Dalia and Novikov during the fireworks display.

The Hitman – The Showstopper’s first “full-fledged” contract takes place in a palace hosting a fashion show and an auction of illegal goods. Agent 47 must infiltrate the building and eliminate two guests residing in different sections. The map displays the available area, and there are multiple ways to eliminate the targets. Dalia will appear on the balcony during the fireworks display, and she can be shot from the barge or pushed over the railing. Viktor can be shot from a long distance with a sniper rifle after leading Decker to the pagoda. Eliminating Novikov’s bodyguard and using his phone initiates the evacuation procedure, escorting Novikov and Dalia to a safe room. The targets can be killed by dropping a chandelier on them or throwing an explosive. Before the mission starts, Agent 47 can prepare his equipment and take coins and a lockpick. Completing the mission unlocks mastery levels and rewards, such as new disguises, starting locations, and valuable equipment.

Details of the Task

The objective of the mission is to eliminate Viktor Novikov and his partner Dalia Margolis. Novikov remains on the first floor of the palace and moves between various rooms such as the changing room (point M3,24 on the map), the banquet hall (point M3,20 on the map), giving speeches in the main hall (point M3,19 on the map), or on the catwalk (point M3,21 on the map). On the other hand, Dalia can be found on the highest floor, where she supervises the secret auction. Beyond the auction room (point M3,10 on the map), she can be located in her office (point M3,11 on the map) or her private quarters (point M3,13 on the map).

Note – Novikov and Dalia can be distracted from their usual locations with the help of various disguises or by performing assassination-related tasks. Additionally, they will move immediately when the alarm goes off.

Level of Difficulty: The main challenge of the mission is the vast size of the map. It is advisable to spend several hours exploring and learning the palace and its surroundings. After studying the map, the only concern will be executing the plan to eliminate the targets. The game offers a choice – you can either eliminate them quietly or create a series of events that will result in the death of innocent people as well.


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How long is M3 | Paris: The Showstopper?

M3 | Paris: The Showstopper has a running time of approximately 90 minutes with no intermission. The show is fast-paced and packed with energy, featuring non-stop dance numbers and musical performances. The show is suitable for all ages, but some of the dance routines may feature suggestive themes and costumes. It is recommended that parents use their discretion when bringing younger children to the show.

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