Map of Locations – M2 | Final Training

Main Points of Hitman – M2 Final Training

Places on the map

Important objects on the map

Suggested spots for assassination

Places on the map

Starting area
There is a guard post near the starting area that is guarded by two guards. It is best to avoid this area as it is heavily defended.
You must return to the parking lot after killing the mission target.

Climbing spots
Areas where you can climb the fence to reach the next part of the military airfield.

Guard post
You can use coins to convince the airport security guard to change position. This will allow you to attack him and gain a new disguise. A Soviet soldier can also appear here – you can subdue him as well to get another disguise. Hide both bodies in a large crate.
Alternatively, you can use the guard post radio to distract nearby enemies.

Main entrance
It is guarded by airport security, and you can head there if you are using the Soviet soldier disguise.

Other entrances to the building
Make sure you are using airport security or Soviet soldier disguise.
There are many soldiers near the northern entrance (the one to the hangar), and they can recognize Agent 47 if he is wearing the same clothes – avoid them or use the airport security disguise.

You can sabotage the generator that is providing power to the nearby floodlights. One of the Soviet soldiers will show up here to inspect the problem – you can subdue him and obtain a new disguise.

Gutter 1
Climbing this gutter will allow you to reach the western rooms on level 1 (the KBG officer’s quarters are among them).

Gutter 2
Climbing this gutter will allow you to reach the eastern rooms on level 1 (the radio room will be among them). You can also use the gutter to get to the roof (level 2).

You can use the rat poison (green 2 on the map) on the bottle. This will allow you to poison one of the mechanics working on this jet. You can then follow the guard and get his disguise or make it easier for yourself to eliminate Knight using the jet’s ejection mechanism (red 1 on the map).

A single mechanic can be found here. You can easily subdue him and collect a new disguise.

Roof entrance
You can start your exploration of the building here if you have used the eastern gutter (blue 8 on the map).

Important objects on the map

There are two of these items here (more of them are in other parts of the building). A wrench is needed to sabotage the ejection mechanism of the jet located in the hangar (red 1 on the map).

Emetic rat poison
You can use the poison on the vodka bottle (as part of the assassination of Jasper Knight – red 3 on the map) or on a bottle found in the hangar (blue 9 on the map). The second method will allow you to poison one of the mechanics working on the jet.

Mechanic disguise
It is in a locker room with two airport security guards.

Message for KGB High Command
By reading this message, you will learn about the potential methods of assassinating Jasper Knight in the radio room (located at red 7 on the map).

Proposed assassination spots

You need to tamper with the jet’s ejection mechanism, but make sure not to get caught. It is recommended to poison one of the mechanics (located at blue 9 on the map). Dress up as one of the mechanics, speak to Jasper Knight on level 1, and go to the jet with him. Next, find the safety procedures on the crates and initiate the training procedure. This will cause Knight’s death when the ejection malfunctions.

Vodka bottle
You can bring the bottle to the KGB officer’s quarters (located at red 3 on the map) and apply the poison there.

KGB officer’s quarters
You can poison Jasper Knight here. To do so, place a vodka bottle from level 0 (located at red 2 on the map) on the desk, apply the poison (located at green 2 on the map), and interfere with the chess game. After drinking the vodka with the KGB officer, Knight will go to the toilet (located at red 4 on the map) where you can quietly kill him.

Jasper Knight will arrive here after being poisoned in the KGB officer’s quarters (located at red 3 on the map). You can drown him in the toilet bowl.

Projector slides
You can take the slides to the projector on level 1 (located at red 6 on the map).

Insert the projector slides found on level 0 (located at red 5 on the map) and wait for Jasper Knight to become interested in the projector. Then, sabotage a nearby fuse box. Knight will attempt to repair the projector and will be electrocuted.

Radio room
Subdue the KGB officer in a quiet location and take his disguise. Speak to Jasper Knight and accompany him to the radio room, where you can discreetly kill him while he stands next to the radio. Hide his body and be cautious of a guard patrolling a balcony nearby.

The map above shows the operational area available during the Final Training in Hitman. This time, the training area is a military airport, and Agent 47 must infiltrate it to locate and assassinate Jasper Knight. Further pages of this guide will provide more detailed information on how to do so.

Mission details

The objective of the mission is to eliminate Jasper Knight. By default, he can be found on the first floor of the military airport, usually in the KGB officer quarters (M2,3) or in one of the rooms south of that office. Knight is always accompanied by a bodyguard, a soldier. Therefore, attempting to eliminate him directly will result in swift retaliation and the entire base being alerted.

Difficulty level: This mission is relatively easy since you have multiple ways to eliminate the target and aren’t restricted in your approach. However, it is important to quickly obtain a disguise that allows you to move freely through the airport during the initial phase of the mission.

You must exfiltrate after killing Knight. To do so, simply return to the starting location (M2,1) and interact with the parked car.


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