Maps for Finding Gold Bricks

1 – Use a cannon to destroy all flying targets.

2 – Destroy all flying targets with a cannon.

3 – Fix an engine by destroying objects blocking the rotors with a character that has a fire beam (e.g. Iron Man mark 42). Then switch to Thor and recharge a battery to reveal a gold brick.

4 – Destroy all bushes on the beach and switch to Sandman to access a greenhouse with a hidden gold brick.

5 – Shoot at the silver statue on the left with Iron Man’s rocket attack to destroy obstacles blocking the crate with a gold brick. Then use Magneto’s magnetic abilities to remove a metallic bolt from the switch and turn it on to obtain the gold brick.

6 – Use Iron Man’s rocket attack to destroy Wolverine’s silver statue and get the gold brick.

7 – Use a computer on the billboard to connect two power points.

8 – Extinguish all fires in a building and rescue four people on each floor, including the roof.

9 – Recharge three batteries with Thor’s electrical powers to restore power supply in the building. One battery is on the roof, the second is hidden on the right side of the building between bushes, and the third one is near the water.

10 – Use a big character like Hulk or Kingpin to destroy both basketball goals with two basketballs.

11 – Stand on the switch near a gold brick crate with a big character and quickly switch to a flying character. Return to the crate and grab the gold brick.

12 – Stand on the sewer pipe and dig into the sand with Wolverine. Then switch to Sandman to access the gold brick inside the dirt.

13 – Destroy seven red cars in the designated time, preferably with Hulk.

14 – Use Captain America’s shield to activate a switch on the top floor of a building with a car park. Kill all enemies and destroy a yellow container on the lowest floor to access the gold brick.

15 – Use Iron Man’s fire beam to cut through a golden gate and switch to Wolverine to use the claw switch and unlock a gold brick on the top floor of a building.

16 – Use Black Widow’s invisibility to pass through cameras on the top floor of a building and activate a nearby computer to open the gate to the gold brick.

17 – Use Mr. Fantastic to pass through a manhole on the left in the underground entrance located on the north-east and activate a computer to open the passage to the gold brick.

18 – Use the narrow passage near the train station to enter the building. Destroy two silver ventilators to clear the way to the gold brick.

19 – Destroy all four bushes around the fountain while trying to complete the task within the given time.

20 – Use Wolverine’s sense of smell to find a digging spot and dig it up. Follow the trail by using your claws on every sand mound.

21 – Destroy the mailbox on the east side of the building and switch to Mr. Fantastic. Enter the shop through the manhole and find the hidden gold brick.

22 – Fly to the top of the building and use a computer. Stand on the switches located below in the order shown on the first computer, using any flying character.

23 – Pull a lever on the wall with a character who has invisibility skill, like Black Widow. Make your way through the platforms and poles to reach the top floor, where a gold brick is hidden.

24 – Stand on the platform above the road and shoot all the targets. Use a character with a beam attack to easily accomplish the task.

25 – Fly to the roof of the building as Thor and throw your hammer at two fragile elements of the wall. Recharge the battery and pick up the gold brick.

26 – Melt all the ice blocks floating on the pool using a fire beam. Pass through the manhole with Mr. Fantastic and recover the gold brick.

27 – Destroy a plant with Wolverine, excavate a digging spot, and use his sense of smell to track the trail. Dig up several sand mounds and destroy the container at the end of the trail to get the gold brick.

28 – Use a character with telekinesis skills, like Jean Grey, to clean the windows using a sponge.

29 – Use a rocket attack, like Iron Man’s, to destroy all the boxes. Use Spider-Man’s spider sense to uncover a crate with a gold brick.

30 – Destroy the four monuments surrounding the obelisk to receive the gold brick. Use a rocket attack for the silver ones and a fire beam for the gold ones.

31 – Shrink with Ant-Man’s ability to pass through the maze. Stand on every switch to unlock the box with the gold brick.

32 – Use any fitting entrance to descend to the underground. Switch to a big character and pry open the door with the green handles. Go downstairs and defeat 20 octobots within the given time.

33 – Use Ant-Man’s shrink ability to pass through the maze and stand on both rear switches.

34 – Use a switch to control the car with the huge hammer attached. Destroy all the other vehicles to receive the gold brick.

35 – Rescue all four citizens stuck on the bridge. Use Spider-Man’s spider-web on the car on the right, move the car on the left with a big character like Hulk, extinguish the fire covering the third vehicle with Storm’s wind ability, and put out the fire on the last injured person above on the span.

36 – Extinguish 10 fires to receive the gold brick. Be aware that new flames may appear during the task.

37 – To receive a gold brick, you need to pass through all the checkpoints within a specified time. The easiest way to do so is by using a flying character, such as Iron Man.

38 – Charge the battery with Thor to gain entry to the building. Then use Magneto’s magnetic powers to remove a blockade from the machine.

39 – Climb onto the building’s roof and switch to a character with invisibility powers, like Black Widow. Pass through the cameras and use a switch.

40 – To earn this gold brick, destroy all 10 superhero statues located around the building. Three of them can only be accessed by Mr. Fantastic, who must pass through the ventilation shaft found on the wall.

41 – Destroy Stan Lee’s golden statue using a fire beam, making sure to melt the base part as well!

42 – Charge both batteries with electricity to enter the building.

43 – Melt the golden padlock with a fire beam, then enter the shop.

44 – Use a big character to break two walls at the end of the building. Then stand on every button, trying to fit into the designated time.

45 – Warning! This gold brick will only appear on the map after completing event [41] from the Events Map!

Stand on top of the building and use a computer with an intelligent character, like Mr. Fantastic. Cut off the energy by clicking on the arrows.

46 – Go to point [47] and use invisibility powers to jump through the platforms and poles, heading towards point [46]. Once there, pick up the gold brick.

47 – This is the starting point for quest [46].

48 – Fly to the tower as Iron Man and solve three simple riddles using three computers (cut off the electricity, connect the machine to a power source, and play a memo game).

49 – Fly to the roof and use a character with telekinetic abilities, like Jean Grey. Move the violet bricks to the buttons located at the end of the maze.

50 – Stand facing the gold brick and then turn around, heading towards the opposite side of the roof. Melt the gold wall with a fire beam and switch to Venom. Move through the pool to pick up the gold brick.

51 – Descend to the underground using the stairs near the Daily Bugle. Go to the go-cart hall and use a switch to take control of the vehicle. Destroy all other toys to earn a gold brick.

52 – Go to the highlighted area and defeat the droid:

Break the silver cover using a rocket attack, like Iron Man’s,
Slice the golden shield using a fire beam, like Human Torch’s,
Throw a rock at the chest of the giant droid, like Hulk’s.

53 – Use the switch on the right and then choose Ant-Man. Use the shrink ability to pass through all three mazes and receive a gold brick as a reward.

54 – Fly to the top of the building as Iron Man (Mark 42) and destroy all four fans, both silver and gold. Then jump on the buttons hidden in the damaged ventilator holes.

55 – Use a computer to take control of the boat and destroy all other ships, making sure to stay within the designated area or else you will automatically lose!

Gold bricks are awarded as a kind of reward for spectacular acts of heroism. You can obtain them by completing various tasks and challenges.

The game includes several objectives that need to be completed to achieve 100% completion. These objectives include finishing the main campaign, completing Deadpool’s bonus mission, rescuing Stan Lee, becoming a True Believer, collecting every minikit, completing specific quests in the New York city area, winning a race, taking pictures as Spider-Man/Peter Parker, and solving riddles. In total, there are 250 Gold Bricks to collect, which are necessary to unlock some of Deadpool’s bonus missions. It is crucial to collect all the Gold Bricks to achieve 100% completion. If any are missed, use the guide provided, including the helpful map above, to locate them.


What are gold bricks?

Gold bricks are collectible items in various video games, including the LEGO video game series. These bricks are usually hidden throughout the game world and can be found by completing challenges, solving puzzles, or exploring certain areas. Collecting gold bricks often unlocks new levels or characters in the game, making them a valuable item for completionists.

How do you use maps to find gold bricks?

Maps can be a helpful tool in finding gold bricks in video games. Some games have maps that show the locations of all the gold bricks in the game world, while others require the player to find a map item before the locations are revealed. Once the map is obtained, players can use it to navigate to the gold brick locations and complete the challenges or puzzles necessary to collect them.

What are some tips for finding all the gold bricks in a game?

Some tips for finding all the gold bricks in a game include exploring every corner of the game world, completing all challenges and puzzles, and using maps to locate hidden gold bricks. It’s also important to keep an eye out for any clues or hints that might lead to gold brick locations. Playing with a friend can also make it easier to find all the gold bricks, as two sets of eyes are better than one. Finally, don’t get discouraged if it takes some time to find all the gold bricks in a game – the satisfaction of completing a collection is worth the effort!

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