Master of Horses

How to unlock: Meet with Master Dennett.

Quest giver: Master Dennett (M3,1a)

The cottage of Master Dennett

To gain access to a mount, it is important to complete this quest in the Hinterlands as soon as possible. Master Dennett will request you to complete quests for the locals, Elaina (M3,3) and Bron (M3,4), after which you will be rewarded with horses from him (the Horses for the Inquisition quest). The quest can be completed by reaching the farm and conversing with Dennett, and then mounting your horse at the stables.

The following rewards will be given upon completion of the quest:

  • Medium experience
  • 80 Influence points
  • 1 Power point
  • Access to a mount


1. What is a Master of Horses?

A Master of Horses is a person who is responsible for managing all aspects of a stable and its horses. This includes overseeing the care and feeding of the horses, managing the staff, and ensuring the safety and welfare of the horses. The Master of Horses is also responsible for training and preparing the horses for competition or other events, as well as managing the stable’s budget and finances.

2. What skills are required to become a Master of Horses?

Becoming a Master of Horses requires a combination of experience, education, and skills. A strong background in horse care and management is essential, as well as experience working with horses in a variety of settings, such as racing or show jumping. In addition, strong leadership and communication skills are necessary, as the Master of Horses must manage a team of staff and communicate effectively with owners and other stakeholders.

3. What career opportunities are available for a Master of Horses?

Career opportunities for a Master of Horses can vary depending on the individual’s interests and experience. Some may choose to work for a large stable or equine organization, while others may prefer to start their own business or work as a consultant. Some Master of Horses may also pursue careers in related fields, such as veterinary medicine or equine nutrition. In addition, there are opportunities for Master of Horses to work internationally, especially in countries where horse racing and other equestrian events are popular.

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