Measuring the Veil

How to unlock: Speak with Solas at Heaven.

Quest giver: Solas (M2,11)

Solas at Haven

This quest is given to you by Solas at Heaven. Follow him into the Hinterlands and head to the cave to the East (M3,35).

Mihris fighting a shade in front of the cave

At the entrance of the cave, you will encounter Mihris, an elven mage who wishes to join you in your exploration of the cave. You can either allow her to accompany you or chase her away, which will earn you approval points with Cassandra.

The cave entrance that requires some magic to open

Use a mage, such as Solas, to enter the cave. Inside, you will encounter a corridor, two wraiths, and a shade. On the left, you will find a Veilfire torch which will allow you to collect a glyph later on – Fire Rune.

The elven artifact – barrier amplifier – to the left

Head down the stairs to the main hall and locate the elven artifact in the middle – the veil measuring device. Activating this device will complete the quest and allow you to activate similar artifacts throughout the game world. Activating these artifacts will earn you experience, Influence Points, and improve your relationship with Solas. Once you have activated enough of them, you will be able to start the “What Lies Dormant” quest.

The glyph on the rock

You can find the glyph mentioned earlier on the rock to the left.

Mihris will discover an interesting item in the cave. If Solas is in your party, you can ask him to convince Mihris to give you the item. If you choose to attack her instead, be careful as she is a level 16 mage. The item is the Amulet of Power.

Rewards for completing the quest:

  • Experience (little)
  • 40 Influence Points
  • Optionally: Amulet of Power
  • The option to activate elven artifacts (veil measuring devices)


What is the Veil?

The Veil is a concept used to describe the separation between the physical world and the spiritual world. It is often used in religious and philosophical contexts to describe the idea that there is a barrier between our world and the divine or supernatural. In some belief systems, the Veil is seen as something that can be lifted or penetrated through various means, such as prayer, meditation, or ritual. Others believe that the Veil is a permanent fixture that cannot be breached.

How can the Veil be measured?

While the Veil is a metaphysical concept and cannot be measured in a concrete or scientific way, some people believe that the effects of the Veil can be observed and quantified. For example, those who practice divination or psychic abilities may claim to be able to “see” through the Veil and receive information from the spiritual realm. Others may use tools such as pendulums or dowsing rods to detect the presence of spiritual energy or entities. However, these methods are not universally accepted or scientifically proven, and the existence of the Veil remains a matter of belief and interpretation.

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