Memories of the Grey

How to unlock: Talk to Blackwall.

Quest giver: Blackwall (M2,10)

Discuss the Grey Wardens with Blackwall

This quest becomes available only after you have recruited Blackwall and completed The Lone Warden side quest. Return to Haven and find Blackwall near the local blacksmith’s shop (M2,10). Initiate a conversation with Blackwall and bring up the topic of the “missing” Grey Wardens. This will trigger the quest, which involves finding artifacts that belonged to the Grey Wardens. There are a total of ten artifacts to be found, with two each in the Hinterlands, Western Approach, Emprise du Lion, Fallow Mire, and The Storm Coast. You can visit these locations in any order you choose.

Note: If you didn’t complete this quest earlier in the game, you can still take it on after reaching Skyhold.

In the Hinterlands, you can find the artifacts at the following locations:

  1. Griffon Feather is located in the western woods, next to one of the campsites (M3,16a)
  2. Maps of the Deep Roads are hidden at Calenhad’s Foothold, near the lakeshore next to one of the campsites (M3,16b)

In The Storm Coast, you can find the artifacts at the following locations:

  1. Grey Warden Treaties are hidden in the central part of the map, near one of the astraries (M5,5a)
  2. Warden-Commander’s Badge is hidden in a cottage in the southern part of the map, near one of the campsites (M5,5b)

In The Fallow Mire, you can find the artifacts at the following locations:

  1. Grey Warden Tome is hidden in the room above the main gate into Hargrave Keep, located in the southwestern part of the Mire (M9,1a). Once inside the keep, ascend the stairs to the walls and defeat any enemies along the way. Your destination is the locked door shown in the screenshot above. Only a rogue with the Deft Hands, Fine Tools inquisition perk can open it. Once inside, find the artifact.
  2. Grey Warden Banner is in the Hargrave Keep, where you duel with the Hand of Korth (M9,1b).

In the Western Approach, you can find the artifacts at the following locations:

In order to obtain the Vial of Archdemon Blood, one must venture to Echoback Fort in the northern part of the map (M19,10a). However, before gaining access to the fort, completing the “The Trouble with Darkspawn” side quest is necessary. Once inside the fort, eliminate all the cultists and search for the artifact on a wooden table.

The Grey Warden Sword is hidden in the southwestern part of the map near one of the Rifts (M19,10b). After defeating the monsters and sealing the Rift, climb the wooden structure depicted in the screenshot above to find the artifact at the top.

Both the Joining Chalice and Grey Warden Armor artifacts can be found in Vlaeska’s Watch in the northern part of the map (M15,16a). To explore the watch, you must first obtain the key during the “Vlaeska’s Keep” side quest. The Joining Chalice can be found in the big hall where ghulams and the first alpha hurloc reside (M15,15a), while the Grey Warden Armor is located in the westernmost part of the watch where the second alpha hurloc can be found (M15,15b).

Obtaining these artifacts will improve your relationship with the Grey Wardens and earn you Blackwall’s favor. If Blackwall is a member of your party, the improvement in relations will happen automatically. Otherwise, you must return to him in Haven to hand over the artifacts.

Completing the quest rewards you with a small amount of experience and 80 influence points.


1. What is “Memories of the Grey”?

“Memories of the Grey” is a term used to describe a collection of memories that are not entirely black or white but rather somewhere in between. These memories often evoke a sense of nostalgia, longing or even melancholy. They are the memories that we hold close to our hearts and cherish despite the fact that they may not have been entirely pleasant. Examples of “Memories of the Grey” could include memories of a lost love, a childhood friend who has since passed away, or a place that we used to visit but can no longer go to.

2. Why do we hold onto “Memories of the Grey”?

There are many reasons why we hold onto “Memories of the Grey”. Sometimes they remind us of a simpler time in our lives when things were less complicated. Other times they serve as a reminder of the people we have loved and lost. We may also hold onto “Memories of the Grey” because they are a testament to our resilience and ability to overcome difficult situations. Whatever the reason, these memories often hold a special place in our hearts and can bring us a sense of comfort or peace.

3. Can “Memories of the Grey” be positive?

Yes, “Memories of the Grey” can certainly be positive. While they may not be entirely black or white, they can still evoke a sense of joy, happiness, or contentment. For example, memories of a childhood home that was filled with love and laughter, but also had its fair share of challenges, would fall into this category. The important thing to remember is that “Memories of the Grey” are not necessarily good or bad, but rather a mix of both.

4. How can we use “Memories of the Grey” to our advantage?

We can use “Memories of the Grey” to our advantage by embracing them and learning from them. By acknowledging and accepting our past experiences, even the ones that were difficult or painful, we can gain a greater understanding of ourselves and our place in the world. “Memories of the Grey” can also inspire us to be more compassionate and empathetic towards others who may be going through similar experiences. Finally, by cherishing these memories, we can find comfort and solace in the fact that they are a part of who we are and will always be with us, even as we continue to grow and change.

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