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New Main Objective: Deliver General Tullius’ message to the Jarl of Whiterun

You don’t need to rush to Whiterun as nothing significant will occur until you progress the events. If you followed my advice and completed some initial quests of the game before starting the Civil War Quests, you can travel to Dragonsreach right away (as shown in the above screenshot). Otherwise, you need to reach Whiterun by yourself and follow the main game quest guide (starting with the Before the Storm quest).

Once you arrive at Dragonsreach, locate Jarl Balgruuf the Great, initiate dialogue, and deliver the message from General Tullius (as shown in the above screenshot). If you haven’t completed the Before the Storm, Bleak Falls Barrow, and Dragon Rising Main Quests, you need to finish them now. Otherwise, the Jarl will take the letter immediately.

New Main Objective: Wait for the Jarl’s response

You don’t need to do anything to finish this quest. Stay close to Balgruuf and listen to his conversation with his advisers (as shown in the above screenshot). The Jarl intends to confirm whether Ulfric is planning to invade Whiterun, and he will ask you to deliver Balgruuf’s War Axe to the Stormcloaks leader. If Ulfric keeps the axe, it means he wants peace, but if he returns it, he means to go to war.

New Main Objective: Deliver the axe to Jarl Ulfric

Leave Dragonsreach and head to Windhelm, located in the eastern part of Skyrim (as shown in the above screenshot). If you have already been there, you can use Fast Travel. If not, you need to plan your journey, and the easiest way is to use a wagon, such as the one in Whiterun Stables.

Once you reach your destination, go to the northern part of the city and find the entrance to the Palace of the Kings (as shown in the above screenshot). If you have visited it before, you can go there directly from the map menu.

Inside, find Ulfric Stormcloak and initiate dialogue to deliver the axe from Balgruuf (as shown in the above screenshot). The leader of the Stormcloaks will return the axe to you, suggesting that he’s ready to invade. You can stop talking to him, as you won’t be able to negotiate peace with him.

New Main Objective: Return to Whiterun and warn the Jarl

Leave the Palace of the Kings, open the world map, and return to Dragonsreach. Go into the Jarl’s residence and find him (he should be in a chamber upstairs). During the conversation, inform Balgruuf that Ulfric returned the axe (as shown in the above screenshot) and that he’s preparing an invasion on Whiterun. Balgruuf will inform you that General Tullius has sent a detachment of his troops to Whiterun, led by Legate Cipius.

New Goal: Inform Legate Quentin Cipius

Legate Quentin Cipius will be arriving shortly, but you are not required to speak with him. Instead, go to the table and listen to the plans for defending the city (as shown in the image above). The meeting will conclude when an Imperial soldier comes in and reports that Ulfric’s troops are prepared to strike.

Imperial Legion Quest Unlocked: Battle for Whiterun


1. What is the Message to Whiterun quest?

The Message to Whiterun is a quest in the Imperial Legion storyline in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It involves delivering a message from General Tullius to the Jarl of Whiterun, Balgruuf the Greater, asking him to lend troops to the Imperial cause in the civil war ravaging Skyrim.

2. Where do I start the Message to Whiterun quest?

The quest is given to the player by Legate Rikke, a high-ranking officer in the Imperial Legion, after completing the Unbound quest and joining the Imperial Legion. The player must report to General Tullius in Solitude to receive the message and begin the quest.

3. Are there any prerequisites to starting the Message to Whiterun quest?

Yes, in order to start the quest, the player must have completed the Unbound quest, which is the opening quest of Skyrim. Additionally, the player must have joined the Imperial Legion and reported to General Tullius in Solitude. The quest cannot be started if the player has already completed the Battle for Whiterun quest.

4. What are the rewards for completing the Message to Whiterun quest?

Completing the quest rewards the player with gold and increases their standing with the Imperial Legion. It also unlocks the next quest in the Imperial Legion storyline, either the Battle for Fort Dunstad or the Battle for Fort Greenwall, depending on which fort the player chooses to attack first.

5. What is the outcome of the Message to Whiterun quest?

The outcome of the quest is that the player successfully delivers the message to Jarl Balgruuf the Greater, who agrees to lend troops to the Imperial cause. This sets the stage for the Battle for Whiterun quest, in which the player and the Imperial Legion attack Whiterun to drive out the Stormcloak rebels and secure the city for the Empire.

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