Miscellaneous: Brelyna’s Training

Important Note! This quest is not mandatory and won’t appear in your journal at first. However, it’s worth completing as you may receive a valuable item with ease. You can only start this quest after completing the second main mission at the College of Winterhold, Under Saarthal.

Firstly, you need to find Brelyna Maryon, one of the College’s apprentices. She can usually be found in the Hall of Attainment, but she may also be travelling to other locations. Make sure to exhaust all dialogue options with her, and then she will ask for your help in testing her spells (as shown in the screenshot above). Agree to her request.

Brelyna will cast her first spell, causing a green shimmer to appear on the screen (as shown in the screenshot above). She will be surprised by the result and explain that the effect will fade away.

Go to your room and wait for about eight hours for the spell to wear off. Then, return to Brelyna and tell her that you are ready for another test (as shown in the screenshot above).

Prepare yourself for some amusing scenes, during which you will be transformed into a cow, horse, and finally a dog (as shown in the screenshot above). Luckily, you will eventually return to your normal form. Speak with Brelyna again to receive a magical necklace as a reward for your efforts. Additionally, you can now ask her to join your party.


What is Brelyna’s Practice in Skyrim?

Brelyna’s Practice is a quest in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim in which the player is tasked with helping Brelyna Maryon, a student at the College of Winterhold, improve her magic skills. The quest requires the player to complete a series of tasks, such as finding books on magic and casting spells successfully. The ultimate goal is to help Brelyna cast a powerful spell that will impress her teacher and allow her to move up in the ranks of the college.

How do I start the Brelyna’s Practice quest?

To start the Brelyna’s Practice quest, the player must first become a member of the College of Winterhold. Once a member, they can speak to Brelyna Maryon and ask her if she needs any help with her magic studies. She will then give the player the quest and provide them with the first task to complete.

What are the rewards for completing Brelyna’s Practice in Skyrim?

Completing Brelyna’s Practice in Skyrim will reward the player with a boost in their Illusion skill, as well as a new spell called “Brelyna’s Practice” that can be used to temporarily boost the Illusion skill of allies. Additionally, the player will gain favor with the College of Winterhold and potentially unlock new quests and opportunities within the institution.

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