Miscellaneous: Finding the Elder Assassin

To begin this task, complete the Miscellaneous quest: Receive a Reading from Olava the Feeble. Once completed, locate your target – Deepwood Redoubt (as shown in the screen above) on the world map. Dragon Bridge is the best starting point, which is to the east, and then take the path leading to the mountains. Once you arrive, prepare to fight against the forsworn (be careful of the forsworn pillager with magical abilities). After the battle, look for the entrance to the underground complex.

Explore this underground location, but watch out for traps triggered by pressure plates on the way. Soon you’ll reach a larger cave, where you’ll have to fight against more forsworn. Start with the closest one and then eliminate opponents on the bridge visible in the distance (using spells or ranged weapons). After the battle, choose the south-western corridor, but be careful of the bowman and swinging blades. You can easily bypass the trap by using the Shout Whirlwind Sprint. In the next room, avoid the rune traps painted on the floor. You can pass them by or drag corpses onto them, “detonating” them without any injuries. Look for a closed door (as shown in the screen above). You can either open it with lockpicks or obtain the Deepwood Redoubt’s key from a forsworn pillager in an adjacent room.

Enter the unlocked passage, but be careful of another pressure plate. Walk through the bridge, previously occupied by forsworn. Eliminate other enemies and locate the door leading to Deepwood Vale. This location is vast, and unfortunately, you’ll have to fight a very large group of forsworn here (as shown in the screen above). Attack your enemies from a distance and by surprise if possible, and when the battle begins, focus on eliminating mages. Be careful of additional enemies who can join the fight, running out from other parts of the valley or from tents. After the battle, look for a gate leading to Hag’s End.

According to the location’s name, prepare for fights with witches. You’ll encounter the first group of them at the very beginning. Ignore standard witches and start attacking the hagraven (as shown in the screen above). That’s because the hagraven can cast powerful spells and summon other creatures. What’s more, this monster will disappear after you damage it badly. After winning the fight, look around and then use the stairs leading to the upper level.

Be careful of a pressure plate activating the trap and get inside the room where you can prepare for a similar battle as before. So attack the hagraven first and once it disappears, deal with the other witches. After winning the battle, approach the throne and look for the interactive handle. Pull it, revealing a hidden alcove where you’ll find the dead Brotherhood assassin you’re looking for (as shown in the screen above). Pick up all elements of the shrouded armor: Ancient Shrouded Helmet, Ancient Shrouded Armor, Ancient Shrouded Boots, and Ancient Shrouded Gloves. You might also want to look into the nearby chest.

Although the quest is officially over, I highly suggest finishing the exploration of Hag’s End as there are more hidden treasures waiting to be discovered. To continue your exploration, you must lower the bridge and be cautious of traps. Don’t forget to open the caches along the way, as you will need a key to return later. Be prepared to face the hagraven once more. In the last chamber of Hag’s End, you will find a Word Wall with a new Word of Power. Afterward, exit and engage in a final battle with the hagraven (as seen in the screenshot above). Use the Shout Unrelenting Force to easily defeat the hagraven by throwing her down. Don’t forget to search the monster’s corpse for a key to open the caches you passed earlier and to examine a chest located near the altar with a dead witch.


What is “Locate the assassin of old”?

“Locate the assassin of old” is a quest in the popular video game series Assassin’s Creed. The quest requires the player to investigate and track down an assassin from the past who has gone rogue and is now causing havoc in the present day. The player must use their skills in stealth, combat, and puzzle-solving to uncover clues and eventually locate the rogue assassin.

What makes “Locate the assassin of old” a challenging quest?

“Locate the assassin of old” is a challenging quest because it requires the player to use a variety of skills and strategies to uncover clues and track down the rogue assassin. The quest takes place across multiple locations and involves a mix of stealth, combat, and puzzle-solving challenges. Additionally, the rogue assassin is highly skilled and dangerous, making it difficult for the player to confront them directly. To successfully complete the quest, the player must be patient, observant, and strategic in their approach.

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