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In this section of our The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim guide, we provide a comprehensive walkthrough on the side quest called Find Pantea’s Flute. This quest is one of the many offered by The Bards College. To complete this quest, you need to go to Hob’s Fall Cave, which is filled with necromancers and skeletons, to search for the lost flute. You will find the flute in a chest at the end of the cave.

Note: You can only attempt this quest after finishing the main quest of The Bards College, Tending the Flames.

Go to The Bards College in Solitude and find Pantea Ateia (as shown in the image above). She will inform you that her flute has been stolen and that her former student, Larina, is responsible for it. Pantea does not plan on buying back the flute and instead wants you to retrieve it from a necromancer who is now in possession of it.

Leave the college and check the world map to plan your route to Hob’s Fall Cave (as shown in the image above). The cave is located in the northern part of Skyrim. If you have not been there yet, it is recommended to start from Winterhold or Dawnstar. It is best to approach the cave from the south, taking the path between two large glaciers.

Enter the cave and start exploring its narrow corridors and small rooms. You will encounter skeletons and necromancers along the way (as shown in the image above). Be careful of the necromancers as they can cast offensive spells and summon more undead or resurrect fallen companions. In each fight, eliminate the stronger necromancers first before taking care of the apprentices.

You will eventually reach a larger room in the northeast part of the cave. Fight the most numerous group of enemies so far, focusing on attacking the very dangerous Ascendant Necromancer. After defeating them, search for a locked chest and head east. The passage there is blocked (as shown in the image above), but pulling the chain on the right wall will solve this problem.

Watch out for ice traps as you move towards the last room, which can be switched off by taking the soul gems from pedestals. When you reach the marked location, the final battle with the Necromancers will begin. It is best to focus on attacking the Master Necromancer (as shown in the image above), as he can easily revive his apprentices. Keep an eye on your health as you can easily be defeated by his strong ice spells.

After the battle, look around the area and you will find Larina dead. Take Pantea’s Flute from the large chest (as shown in the image above) and leave the cave after exploring it. Return to The Bards College to give the flute back to Pantea. She will not offer a material prize, but she will increase all six mage skills by one point (Alteration, Conjuration, Restoration, Enchanting, Destruction, and Illusion).


What is Pantea’s Flute?

Pantea’s Flute is a quest item in the game Skyrim, which is a magical flute that belonged to Pantea Ateia, a former member of the Bards College. The flute is said to have the power to charm anyone who hears its music, making it a valuable item for those who know how to use it.

Where can I find Pantea’s Flute?

Pantea’s Flute can be found during the quest “Find Pantea’s Flute” in the Bards College in Solitude. The quest is given to the player by Viarmo, the headmaster of the college, and involves searching for the missing flute in various locations around Solitude.

How do I complete the quest “Find Pantea’s Flute”?

To complete the quest “Find Pantea’s Flute,” the player must first speak to Viarmo at the Bards College in Solitude. He will give the player a journal that contains clues about the location of the missing flute. The player must then search various locations around Solitude, including the Blue Palace and the Temple of the Divines, to find the flute. Once the flute has been found, the player must return it to Viarmo to complete the quest.

What rewards can I get from completing the quest “Find Pantea’s Flute”?

Completing the quest “Find Pantea’s Flute” in Skyrim rewards the player with a skill book called “The Legend of Red Eagle,” which can increase the player’s one-handed weapon skill. In addition, the player will also receive a small amount of gold and an increase in their reputation with the Bards College.

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