Miscellaneous Task: Fetching Enchantments

Please note that this task is not mandatory and can be found in your journal under various names depending on the objectives. It’s recommended to take this task periodically as it’s an easy way to earn gold. You can only receive this task after completing the first main quest of the College of Winterhold, First Lessons.

Locate Sergius Turrianus (usually found walking around the main square or at the Hall of the Elements) and offer your assistance. One of the tasks he may give you is to visit a certain person who requested an item to be enchanted. Leave the College of Winterhold, use the world map to locate the random location and approach the client to obtain the item that needs to be enchanted (as shown in the screenshot above). Return to Sergius to collect your reward in gold.


1. What is Enchantment Fetching?

Enchantment Fetching is a term used in the game Minecraft to describe the process of obtaining enchanted items from the game’s various sources. Enchanted items have special attributes that make them more powerful or useful than their non-enchanted counterparts. Enchantment Fetching involves using various methods to obtain enchanted items, such as fishing, trading with villagers, or enchanting items yourself using an enchantment table.

2. How do I increase my chances of getting enchanted items while fishing?

There are a few things you can do to increase your chances of getting enchanted items while fishing in Minecraft. Firstly, you can use a fishing rod with the Luck of the Sea enchantment, which increases your chances of catching valuable items, including enchanted ones. Additionally, you can fish in areas with a higher chance of catching enchanted items, such as near an ocean monument or in a jungle biome.

3. What are the best enchantments to have on my weapons and armor?

The best enchantments to have on your weapons and armor in Minecraft will depend on your playstyle and the situation you find yourself in. Some useful enchantments for weapons include Sharpness, which increases damage dealt, and Knockback, which pushes enemies away from you. For armor, Protection is a good all-around enchantment that reduces all types of damage, while Fire Protection and Blast Protection are useful in specific situations involving fire and explosives.

4. Can I enchant items that are already enchanted?

Yes, you can enchant items that are already enchanted in Minecraft, but there are some important things to keep in mind. Firstly, you can only add one additional enchantment to an already-enchanted item, and the new enchantment cannot conflict with the existing one. Additionally, the cost of enchanting an already-enchanted item is higher than enchanting a non-enchanted one, so it may not always be worth it.

5. How do I use an enchantment table?

To use an enchantment table in Minecraft, you will need to have some experience levels and some lapis lazuli. Place the item you want to enchant in the left slot of the enchantment table and the lapis lazuli in the right slot. The enchantment table will then display three possible enchantments, along with their costs in experience levels. Choose the enchantment you want by clicking on it, and the table will enchant your item with that enchantment.

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