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Starting the quest

You can activate this quest after completing the Sanctuary quest and also completing at least one of three side contracts given by Nazir. Head back to the Dark Brotherhood’s Sanctuary and go to the main cave. Cicero, the man dressed as a jester who you met before next to the damaged wagon, will be there with his dying mother who is the Night Mother mentioned by Astrid.

Listen to their conversation. After it ends, Astrid will approach you and give you a more important and difficult contract to execute. You must go to Markarth to meet with a woman named Muiri (screen above).

The Dark Brotherhood quest unlocked: Mourning Never Comes

New main objective: Talk to Muiri

Leave the Dark Brotherhood’s Sanctuary, open the world map, and choose Markarth as your destination (screen above). It is located at the western end of Skyrim. Whenever you arrive, Muiri should be available.

You will most likely find Muiri at the Hag’s Cure shop since she is an apothecary helper. However, you might also see her walking around town or in the Silver-Blood Inn. After meeting her, you can either accept the contract or find out why she wants Alain Dufont dead. Muiri will also offer you an optional contract to assassinate Nilsine Shatter-Shield, which we will deal with later since it is a bonus contract. Muiri will give you two Lotus Extracts at the end of the meeting, which can be used to poison your weapons and make it easier to kill both targets.

New main objective: Kill Alain Dufont

New optional objective: Kill Nilsine Shatter-Shield

I recommend assassinating Alain Dufont first since he is the main target. Leave Markarth and open the world map. Your destination is the Raldbthar dwarven ruins (screen above). If you haven’t discovered this location yet, plan your route carefully. I suggest starting at Windhelm and following a straight line to the west.

The entrance to the ruins is high in the mountains and best reached from the north. You may pass by smaller buildings on the way there, but focus on getting to the main entrance. Unfortunately, there are bandits outside that must be defeated. If you want to sneak in, attack them from the flank and from a distance. If you don’t mind direct combat, quickly deal with the archers and then attack the rest of the bandits.

The map shows various locations within the Raldbthar ruins including the entrance, two different paths, a closed gate, a ballista, and Alain Dufont’s hideout. Upon entering the ruins, players can choose to sneak or fight their way through. In the first chamber, there is an opponent that can be killed before they wake up.

To get to Alain’s location, there are two paths. The easier path leads to a corridor with flames that can be bypassed with the run option or Whirlwind Sprint Dragon Shout. The longer path leads to a corridor guarded by three bandits, one of which is tougher than the others. At the end of this path, players can choose to use a corridor or open a gate, which unfortunately has a high-quality lock.

Before entering Alain’s hideout, players should use Lotus Extract to enhance their weapon with the ability to poison the attacked target. If they chose the standard paths, it is best to attack Alain from a distance and then deal with his colleagues or escape. If they have managed to open the gate, they can use the lever next to the middle ballista to kill two bandits before confronting Alain.


1. What is “Mourning Never Comes”?

“Mourning Never Comes” is a side quest in the game “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim”. The quest can be obtained by speaking to a woman named Muiri in the city of Markarth, who wishes to seek revenge on the person responsible for her lover’s death.

2. How do I start the quest?

To start the quest, the player must first complete the quest “The Dark Brotherhood Forever” and have a high enough level. Once these requirements are met, they can speak to Muiri in Markarth and agree to help her get revenge. The quest will then begin and the player will need to follow a series of tasks to complete it.

3. What are the rewards for completing the quest?

Upon completing the quest, the player will be rewarded with a unique weapon called “Muiri’s Dagger”, which has a chance to instantly kill enemies if the player is sneaking. In addition, the player will receive a sum of gold as a reward for their services.

4. Are there any consequences to completing the quest?

Yes, there are consequences to completing the quest. Depending on the choices the player makes throughout the quest, they may end up with a bounty on their head or may lose favor with certain factions in the game. It is important for the player to weigh the risks and rewards before making any decisions during the quest.

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