Murdering Dino Bosco | Sapienza: The Icon

If you are looking to eliminate Dino Bosco in Sapienza: The Icon, there are numerous ways to do so. You can either stage a fatal accident on the set or adopt a more traditional approach such as using the fiber wire or sniping. Below are some of the best methods for taking down your target.

  • Use pyrotechnics to eliminate Dino Bosco (An Explosive Ending Opportunity)
  • Use the monster robot’s teeth to eliminate Dino Bosco (Something to Chew On Opportunity)
  • Set Dino Bosco on fire using high-octane fuel (Light My Fire Opportunity)
  • Eliminate Dino Bosco while he is meeting with his fans (Time to Meet the Fans Opportunity)
  • Eliminate Dino Bosco in his trailer
  • Snipe Dino Bosco down

Use pyrotechnics to eliminate Dino Bosco (An Explosive Ending Opportunity)

Wait for the opponents to turn away and you can take the pyrotechnics trigger

This method involves using pyrotechnics to assassinate Dino Bosco by triggering them at the most opportune moment. Before attempting this, you will need to make some preparations.

First, locate the pyrotechnics trigger in the North-Western part of the movie set (M9,10). You can do this by sneaking past the Western wall while wearing your default suit, or you can obtain a disguise such as an SFX guy or security guard outfit. Be cautious of any opponents around the location of the pyrotechnics trigger, as they may blow your cover even if you are in disguise. Sneak past them or wait for them to move away.

Use poison and/or sabotage the generator to lure the men from the computer

Your next step is to reach the computer in the North-Western part of the movie set (M9,6), which will allow you to trigger the pyrotechnics manually. This will unlock the opportunity to use the pyrotechnics trigger. However, there are two SFX guys guarding the computer. You can poison one or lure the other away by sabotaging the generator. Once they are both gone, interact with the computer.

Do not use the pyrotechnics trigger right away. Instead, select it from your inventory and wait for Dino Bosco to start shooting the scene with the giant robot. When he reaches the spot shown in the screenshot above, use the pyrotechnics trigger to stage the accident and kill Dino Bosco.

Use the monster robot’s teeth to eliminate Dino Bosco (Something to Chew On Opportunity)

One of the screwdrivers in the Northern building

In this method, Agent 47 must sabotage the razor-sharp teeth of the giant robot on the movie set and launch Dino Bosco towards them.

To kill Dino Bosco in Hitman 3, there are several methods you can use. One way is to disguise yourself as an SFX guy and attack a person in the Northern building (M9,13) to obtain the outfit. You will also need a screwdriver, which can be found inside the building. Once you have the disguise, go to the back of the movie set and climb the ladder (M9,11) to reach the metal balcony (M9,12). Here, sabotage the control panel for the monster robot’s teeth to turn them into a lethal trap. Next, climb down and reach the Western pressure control console (M9,9) to increase the pressure in the ramp at the right moment. If you follow this plan, Dino Bosco will be launched into the monster robot’s teeth and cut into shreds.

Another method is to use high-octane fuel to set Dino Bosco on fire. You can find the fuel locked up in a case in the Northern building (M9,13), which you can open with a lockpick, crowbar, or fuel case key found near the toilets in the Eastern part of the map (M9,7). Once you have the fuel, go to the refilling station in the central part of the movie set (M9,8) and swap the fuel using the SFX guy outfit to avoid being spotted. Finally, wait until the shooting of the scene with the smaller robot starts and Dino Bosco will catch fire and die.

The last method is to sabotage the generators to interrupt the works on the movie set while Dino Bosco is meeting with his fans. This method requires some preparation, which can be done in various ways.

To successfully eliminate Dino Bosco in Hitman 2016, it is recommended to disguise oneself as a movie crew member. By default, Bosco moves around the movie set and doesn’t plan on meeting his fans. However, the player can change this by sabotaging the generators in the South-Eastern part of the set. When doing so, the player must be careful not to be spotted by another member of the movie crew.

Before sabotaging the generators, the player should decide how they want to assassinate Bosco during his meeting with fans. The first option is to cause an explosion of a gas lamp, which requires a monkey wrench found in the Western part of the set. If the player is disguised as a movie crew member, they can sabotage the lamp without being spotted by the guard. However, they should not sabotage it too early, as the lamp may explode before Bosco arrives.

The second option is to poison Bosco, which is best done while disguised as a kitchen assistant. Rat poisons can be found in various spots around the map, but it’s better to bring lethal pill poison to ensure Bosco dies immediately after drinking water. If the player has used rat poison, Bosco will go to the toilet at the back of the cafГ©, where the player can drown him or shoot him from a hidden spot.

Another opportunity is to eliminate Bosco in his trailer, which is located in the Eastern part of the movie set. The trailer key can be found in the cafГ©, but the entrance is guarded by two men. It’s better to get inside the trailer through the opening in its roof, which can be reached by climbing up the ladder or walking up the cafГ© stairs. This is the best option if the player wants to finish the mission without any corpses being found.

Take out Dino Bosco once he enters the trailer and hide his body, if possible.

When you enter the trailer, it’s best to crouch in the north side and wait for Bosco to arrive. You can use the fiber wire or a battle axe found inside to eliminate him. If the attack goes unnoticed, make sure to hide the body in the wardrobe. Otherwise, exit the trailer through the hole in the roof or distract the guard and quickly dispose of the corpse.

Snipe Dino Bosco

The Agency stash is located in the basement.

This method requires preparation before starting the mission. Store a sniper rifle, like the Jaeger 7 Lancer, in one of the available Agency stashes in the cafГ©’s basement (M9,2). Once the mission begins, retrieve the rifle from the stash in the basement (no disguise is needed since there is nobody there).

The next step is to find a suitable location to snipe from. You can choose a lower-level window in the town hall or, preferably, the town hall tower (M9,4), where you’ll have to quickly eliminate two individuals.

Once you’ve secured a sniping spot, wait for Dino Bosco to stop in a favorable location. However, due to his armor, even a headshot won’t kill him, so you’ll need to shoot again before he gets up and runs away.


What is Murdering Dino Bosco?

Murdering Dino Bosco is a mission in the video game Hitman: Sapienza, also known as The Icon. In this mission, the player takes on the role of Agent 47, a professional assassin tasked with killing the famous actor Dino Bosco. The mission takes place in the fictional Italian town of Sapienza, where Bosco is filming his latest movie. The player must navigate the movie set and surrounding areas to gather information and clues about Bosco’s whereabouts and habits, before finally carrying out the hit.

What are some tips for completing the Murdering Dino Bosco mission?

One important tip for completing the Murdering Dino Bosco mission is to take your time and explore the environment thoroughly. There are many different ways to approach the mission, and finding the right approach for your playstyle can take some trial and error. It’s also important to pay attention to your surroundings and the movements of the various NPCs on the movie set, as this can provide valuable information about Bosco’s location and routine. Finally, it’s important to be creative and think outside the box when it comes to carrying out the hit. There are many different methods and tools at your disposal, and finding the right combination can make all the difference.

What makes Murdering Dino Bosco a memorable mission?

There are several factors that make Murdering Dino Bosco a memorable mission in Hitman: Sapienza. For one, the setting is incredibly detailed and immersive, with a richly realized Italian town and a bustling movie set filled with interesting characters and hidden secrets. The mission also offers a wide range of approaches and solutions, allowing players to experiment and find their own unique path to the target. Finally, the mission is memorable for its challenging but rewarding gameplay, which requires both skill and strategic thinking to successfully complete. All of these factors combine to make Murdering Dino Bosco one of the standout missions in Hitman: Sapienza, and a fan favorite among players of the game.

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