Murdering Knight | Final Training

Option 1: Poisoning Knight

To kill Jasper Knight using this option, you need to prepare beforehand. First, acquire the Emetic Rat Poison, which can be found on floor 0 of the building in two different locations (M2,2) – west from the hangar and in the southern part of the building, near the toilet entrance. After that, get the Vodka Bottle which is on a table in one of the southern rooms on floor 0 (M2,2). To avoid suspicion, use a Soviet soldier or mechanic disguise as the security guard is standing nearby.

Once you have both the poison and vodka, go to the office of the KGB officer on level 1 of the building (M2,3). If you have a Soviet soldier disguise, you can easily enter the office. Otherwise, climb up the gutter and enter through the window. Wait until both KGB officer and Jasper Knight leave the room before you place the vodka bottle on the table shown on the screen. Then, add the poison to the left glass. In a few moments, the mission target will be poisoned.

Note that if you use the poison on both glasses, then nothing will happen. The general and Knight will go to two different toilets, and you can still perform the assassination.

Change the position of any chess figure to disorient Knight during the next opportunity he checks the game

Stay in the office and go to the chess game. Change the position of any chess figure, which will disorient Knight during the next opportunity he checks the game.

Kill Knight after he appears in the toilet on the ground floor

Wait for KGB officer and Jasper Knight to arrive at the office. The mission objective will check the chess game and agree to drink vodka with the officer. Once Knight is poisoned, he will go to the toilet on floor 0 of the building (M2,4). You can either follow him or reach the toilet earlier and hide in the closet. Once Knight leans above the toilet, you can use the garrote or drown him in the toilet. After killing Knight, hide his body in the closet.

Note that you should not stun the KGB officer before the poisoning as Knight can only drink vodka with him. If the officer is eliminated, then the meeting will not happen.

Option 2: Killing Knight in radio room

Find the note from KGB High Command on one of the desks

For this option, go to the large southern room on level 1. Find the note from KGB High Command (M2,4) on one of the desks. The note reveals that Knight is blackmailing KGB and waiting for a response from Moscow.

To eliminate Jasper Knight in Hitman, there are several options available to the player. One way is to attack the KGB officer in his office using a garrote when he is alone. It is important to move his corpse to the bathroom and wear his disguise. Then, find Knight and convince him to go to the radio room. Once there, use the garrote or break his neck when he approaches the radio. Be careful of the patrolling guard on the balcony and move Knight’s corpse to avoid detection.

Another option is to use the projector slides in the reception area to kill Knight with electricity. Obtain the slides using the Soviet soldier or mechanic disguise and place them in the projector on the first floor. When Knight becomes interested in the slides, sabotage the fuse box on the screen from the outside balcony, causing Knight to be electrocuted when he tries to fix the projector. His body should be left in the open to make it look like an accident.

Option 4: Knight Catapulted from Plane

Eliminate one of the mechanics using poison

This option is the most complicated but also the most impressive way to kill Knight. It involves catapulting the mission target from a fighter jet located in the hangar (M2,1). Begin by acquiring an airfield security or Soviet soldier disguise and Emetic Rat Poison. The poison can be found in two places in level 0 of building (M2,2): to the west of the hangar and in the southern part of the building near the toilet entrance.

Once you have the poison and appropriate clothes, enter the hangar and add the poison to the bottle (M2,9), taking care not to be seen. Wait for one of the mechanics working in the hangar to drink the water. This will poison him and force him to go to the southern toilet (M2,4). You can either ignore or follow him to stun and obtain the Hangar Mechanic Disguise. Alternatively, you can stun the single mechanic in the western part of the building (M2,10) or find the clothes in the locker-room in the eastern part of level 0 (M2,3).

Obtain the mechanic disguise and sabotage the emergency catapult mechanism

Return to the hangar where only one mechanic should be left (make sure he doesn’t see you). Pick up one of the wrenches in the hangar (M2,1) and walk towards the plane. Interact with the plane in the designated area shown in the picture and sabotage the emergency catapult mechanism.

Lure Knight to the hangar

Remain disguised as a mechanic and head upstairs to level 1. Find Jasper Knight and convince him to complete the safety procedures. Lead him to the hangar (M2,1) while remaining disguised.

Catapult Knight from the plane

Approach the jet from the left and find the safety procedures shown in the picture. Pick up the table and wait for Jasper Knight to sit in the fighter and begin checking the procedures. Give commands to Knight by pressing the keys/buttons that appear on the screen, including checking the lever responsible for emergency catapult. Instruct Knight to pull the lever and he will be catapulted from the plane, resulting in his sudden death.


1. What is Murdering Knight?

Murdering Knight is a popular online multiplayer game that challenges players to survive in a medieval world filled with danger and intrigue. The game takes place in a fictional kingdom where players must navigate through various environments, complete quests, and battle other players to gain points and advance in the game. Murdering Knight offers a unique and immersive gaming experience that has attracted millions of players worldwide.

2. What is Final Training in Murdering Knight?

Final Training is a crucial component of the Murdering Knight game. It is the final stage of the game where players must prove their worth by battling against other players in a series of intense combat scenarios. The Final Training stage tests the players’ skills and abilities, challenging them to use all the tools and strategies they have learned throughout the game. To succeed in Final Training, players must have a deep understanding of the game mechanics, as well as a solid grasp of combat tactics.

3. How can players prepare for Final Training in Murdering Knight?

Players can prepare for Final Training in Murdering Knight by practicing their combat skills in the game’s various training modes. These modes allow players to hone their abilities and master different combat techniques, such as sword fighting, archery, and magic. Additionally, players can study the game’s environment and learn the strengths and weaknesses of different weapons and armor. It is also important for players to work together with their teammates and develop a cohesive strategy that can help them succeed in the Final Training stage.

4. What rewards can players earn in Final Training of Murdering Knight?

Players who successfully complete the Final Training stage in Murdering Knight can earn a variety of rewards, including unique weapons, armor, and other valuable items. These rewards are highly coveted in the game and can help players advance further in the game. Additionally, players who perform exceptionally well in Final Training may earn special recognition from the game’s developers and community, which can further enhance their reputation in the game. Overall, the rewards in Final Training are well worth the effort and dedication required to succeed in this challenging game mode.

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