My Name is Imshael

How to unlock: Speak with Michel near the entrance to Suledin Keep (mission: Capturing Suledin Keep)

Mission giver: Michel (M15,13)


You will complete this mission while also completing the one involving taking over the keep. Imshael will be guarding the only way to a spot where the flag must be placed, in the main courtyard (M15,13a).

Imshael in the courtyard

However, there is an alternative way to finish this mission: the demon will be interested in negotiating with you and you will have different options with different outcomes. None of them will be approved by your team members, and you will not receive any additional experience/influence. Every choice will result in Michel’s death.

  • Virgins – you will receive a Superb Rune of Corruption;
  • Riches – you will receive 4 precious gems that you can sell;
  • Power – essence of the ghost, the amulet of might, and a legendary shield;
  • Fight – you will need to defeat Imshael, you will receive some experience points, recruit Michel as an agent, and you will get all the items that you’d obtain when choosing the Power option.

Imshael will transform into various demons

The fight is challenging even on a higher level – Imshael has high endurance and will transform into three different demons. First, focus on defeating all of the smaller enemies such as spiders and red templars. Then, you will be able to focus on the boss himself.

Dead Michel

Return to Michel – if your choice was to fight the demon, he will join you as an agent. You can find him in the city near the first camp (M15,2).

Rewards for completing the mission:

  • Experience (lots of)
  • 750 Influence Points
  • 3 Power Points
  • Recruiting an agent


1. Who is Imshael?

Imshael is a demon from the world of Dragon Age, a popular video game. He is known as the “Desire Demon” and is often associated with the temptation of mortals. Imshael is unique in that he desires to be free from his demonic nature and seeks out mortals who he believes can help him achieve this goal.

2. What is the significance of the name Imshael?

The name Imshael is thought to have Hebrew origins and means “to lend” or “to borrow.” In the Dragon Age universe, Imshael is often depicted as a shapeshifter and has the ability to take on various forms, further emphasizing the idea of borrowing different identities.

3. Why do people cosplay as Imshael?

People cosplay as Imshael because he is a popular and unique character in the Dragon Age universe. His design and personality make him an interesting and challenging character to portray. Additionally, Imshael’s desire to be free from his demonic nature and his interactions with mortals make him a compelling character to explore and embody through cosplay.

4. What is the history of Imshael?

Imshael’s history in the Dragon Age universe is largely shrouded in mystery. It is known that he is a desire demon and has been present in Thedas for centuries. He has interacted with mortals throughout history, tempting them with promises of power and freedom. However, Imshael’s motivations and ultimate goals remain unclear.

5. What can we learn from Imshael?

Imshael can teach us about the dangers of temptation and the consequences of making deals with powerful entities. His desire to be free from his demonic nature also speaks to the human desire for self-improvement and the struggle to overcome one’s own nature. Additionally, Imshael’s interactions with mortals highlight the importance of empathy and understanding in our relationships with others.

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