Nest of Vipers – Guide and Walkthrough for Kingdom Come Deliverance

Nest of Vipers is a significant mission in Kingdom Come: Deliverance where Henry is required to infiltrate a large bandit camp located in Pribyslavitz. Your primary objective is to scout the area, but you will also have the opportunity to sabotage the enemy, which will help you in the upcoming main quest’s significant battle.

Note – Before starting this quest, make sure you have at least one Saviour Schnapps. Also, reduce the weight of Henry’s and his horse’s equipment as you might find and wear (heavy) pieces of Cuman armor.

Note #2 – If you plan on completing a “full” reconnaissance, bring four Poison bottles with you on this mission. You can purchase these items from the herbalist who resides in the forest near Samopesh. She also sells the recipe to prepare this item yourself (after reaching an alchemy bench).

  • Find the bandit camp in Pribyslavitz
  • Scout the camp in Pribyslavitz
  • Sabotage the enemy camp in Pribyslavitz
  • Give your report to Radzig

Find the bandit camp in Pribyslavitz

Depending on your decisions in the previous main quest, you may already know the location of the enemy camp in Pribyslavitz, or you may have to find it by following hints. However, the best place to start your journey to the camp is the woodcutters’ camp located north of Talmberg – marked as point 1 on the map.

  1. Follow the northern path through the forest. Reach the first fork (point 2 on the map) and go left, which means you have to keep going north.
  2. Reach the second fork (point 3 on the map) and go left.
  3. Reach the third fork (point 4 on the map) and go left once again.
  4. Reach the fourth fork (point 5 on the map) and choose the middle path – go west.
  5. Your destination is Pribyslavitz (point 6 on the map). Of course, you can head here immediately and ignore all the navigation points in the forest.

Scout the camp in Pribyslavitz

Before approaching the camp in Pribyslavitz, there are two things you should keep in mind:

In the area, there are bandits accompanied by Cumans who will not attack Henry immediately. They will approach him and block his path if they notice him, giving him time to leave before they attack. However, in the later part of the infiltration of Pribyslavitz camp, they can attack right away if they find Henry in their camp. It is optional to make a complete or partial reconnaissance, but if Henry is in a hurry, he can simply get closer or enter the camp to update the mission objective and give Radzig an incomplete report, making the upcoming battle much more difficult. Completing the task during the day is possible, but it can be more difficult, so it is better to wait until night when enemies’ field of view is reduced and some of them are asleep.

Reconnaissance can be done in the currently equipped armor/outfit by staying away from the enemies and not letting anyone catch Henry while he is inside the camp. However, a better idea is to find pieces of Cuman armor to disguise yourself as one of the enemies and travel through the entire Pribyslavitz without any problems. One way to find pieces of Cuman armor is to attack one of their soldiers who patrol the camp. It is important to attack the enemy only when he isn’t in someone’s field of view and not engage in regular combat. Instead, Henry should sneak up on him and stun him before killing him. Alternatively, you can get the armor from a chest, which is a much safer option. Sneak into Pribyslavitz from the north, find the hole, and go through it. Stop right after going through it and find the chest in the hooded area, which is secured with an easy lock. Inside, there are pieces of Cuman armor.

After equipping the armor and removing all previously worn pieces of armor, Henry should drink a Saviour Schnapps. This way, he won’t have to get the armor again if he is discovered by enemies prematurely. Thanks to the armor, Henry can travel around the entire Pribyslavitz, but he should still be cautious.

  1. If you don’t wear all the pieces of armor or remove the ones you previously used, the enemies can expose you. You can still use the same weapon, but you must be careful. You can find the armor on an unconscious enemy or in a chest.
  2. If you sabotage something in front of the enemy, they can expose you. Read the later section of this page for more details.
  3. Some enemies might become suspicious of you and approach Henry, especially in the norther Cuman camp. You can start a conversation and try to persuade, impress, or intimidate them. If someone starts moving towards Henry, run around the camp to scout the area. Speak with that person only when you plan on completing the optional sabotage actions.

Note that failing to use one of the unique dialog options won’t trigger a fight. You won’t get any Speech points, but you can avoid a fight. A fight can only happen when you choose the standard answer after using all three unique ones.

You can reach the locations in Pribyslavitz related to the reconnaissance while wearing Cuman armor or without it. Every time you reach one of those places, Henry comments his findings with one or a few sentences. Examine the following parts of the camp:

  1. The main path bridge and the southern bridge.
  2. The south and southwest parts of Pribyslavitz.
  3. The center of Pribyslavitz, including the palisade.
  4. The smaller northern camp.
  5. The bigger western camp, where you can watch a cut-scene of Runt killing one of his men.

Sabotaging the enemy camp in Pribyslavitz

In addition to the basic reconnaissance, you can complete two optional objectives to sabotage the enemy camp. These objectives can reduce the enemy numbers and the enemy archers’ efficiency.

  1. It’s not necessary to complete all mission objectives in full. Partial completion, such as poisoning only one kettle, won’t weaken the entire army.
  2. You can sabotage one type of object, like the kettles or arrow barrels, or do it according to your location. Starting with the northern Cuman camp and moving towards the western bandit camp is the best way to go.

  1. Poisoning the kettles with soup is the first sabotage option. Two kettles are in the northern Cuman camp, and two more are in the western camp next to the church’s ruins. You need poison to complete this objective, which can either be found in the camp or brought with you. Just make sure no one sees you pour the poison into the kettle.
  2. Setting the arrows on fire is the second sabotage option. Two barrels with arrows are in the northern Cuman camp, and two more are in the western camp next to the church’s ruins. This is riskier, so it’s best to do it at night and drink Saviour Schnapps to save your progress. Be sure to move away from the barrel once it’s on fire.

Report to Radzig

You can report to Radzig after making a provisional or full reconnaissance of the camp, with or without completing optional objectives. Completing all optional objectives is the most helpful for the next main quest’s battle. If you raise the alarm in the camp, run away and don’t try to fight.

During the report, Henry can give his opinion on various topics.

  1. Henry’s comment will automatically indicate the location of the camp.
  2. When speaking with Radzig, choose the last dialog option and inform him that there are many enemies in Pribyslavitz. This will make the upcoming battle in the next mission much easier. If you tell him that there are fewer enemies, the battle can be more difficult.
  3. Henry’s comment will automatically indicate the presence of bandits in the camp.
  4. Henry’s comment will automatically indicate the presence of Cumans in the camp.
  5. When speaking with Radzig, choose the middle option and tell him that the enemies are well-equipped.
  6. Henry’s comment will automatically indicate the presence of ladders in the camp.

  1. After informing Radzig about the multiple enemies in the camp, he will send Henry to Talmberg for reinforcements and you will receive 125 Groschen. Once you reach the castle, speak with Sir Divish.
  2. At the end of the conversation with Divish, you can either confirm your readiness for attack or request more time. It is better to prepare well for the upcoming battle, so choose the second option and return to Divish once you finish all preparations. Our suggestions for preparing can be found in the walkthrough for the “Baptism of Fire” main quest.


1. What is Nest of Vipers in Kingdom Come Deliverance?

Nest of Vipers is the main quest in Kingdom Come Deliverance that takes place during the civil war in Bohemia. The quest starts when Sir Radzig tells Henry to join the army and help defend the Talmberg castle against the invading army of the bandit leader, Sir Markvart von Aulitz, who is allied with Sigismund of Luxembourg.

2. What are the objectives of Nest of Vipers quest?

The objectives of Nest of Vipers quest are to defend Talmberg castle, help the army defeat the invading army, infiltrate the enemy camp, and sabotage their weapons. The player also needs to find and kill Sir Markvart von Aulitz to complete the quest, which is not an easy task.

3. What are the challenges of Nest of Vipers quest?

The challenges of Nest of Vipers quest are numerous, including the difficulty in infiltrating the enemy camp, avoiding detection, and sabotaging their weapons. The player also needs to be careful not to get caught by the enemy soldiers, who are highly trained and well-equipped. The fight against Sir Markvart von Aulitz is also challenging, as he is a skilled fighter and has many allies.

4. What are the rewards of completing Nest of Vipers quest?

The rewards of completing Nest of Vipers quest are significant, including the satisfaction of defending Talmberg castle and defeating the enemy army. The player also gains valuable experience and reputation points, as well as loot and weapons from the enemy soldiers and Sir Markvart von Aulitz. The completion of this quest also unlocks the next main quest in Kingdom Come Deliverance.

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