New World: Controls/Keybinds

This guide page for New World contains a complete list of controls used in the game. The table below indicates the buttons to use for specific actions.

PC Controls




Walking (hold)


Light attack / shot

Strong attack (hold)

Blocking / Aiming



Changing weapons

Weapon capability 1

Weapon capability 2

Weapon capability 3




Character window


Companions window

Setting the camp


Hide interface


1. What are the default controls/keybinds in New World?

The default controls/keybinds in New World are designed to be user-friendly and easy to learn. The WASD keys are used for movement, while the mouse is used for looking around and interacting with the environment. The left mouse button is used for attacking and interacting with objects, while the right mouse button is used for blocking and dodging. The space bar is used for jumping, and the shift key is used for sprinting. Other important keybinds include the tab key for opening the inventory and the M key for opening the map.

2. Can I customize the controls/keybinds in New World?

Yes, you can customize the controls/keybinds in New World to suit your preferences. Simply go to the settings menu and select controls. From there, you can remap any keybind to a different key or button. You can also change the mouse sensitivity, adjust the camera view, and toggle various other settings.

3. Are there any tips for optimizing my controls/keybinds in New World?

Yes, there are several tips for optimizing your controls/keybinds in New World. First, experiment with different keybinds and find a setup that feels comfortable and intuitive to you. Second, consider using a gaming mouse with extra buttons or a keyboard with programmable keys to give you more options for keybinds. Finally, practice using your keybinds in combat scenarios to build muscle memory and improve your reaction time.

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