New World: Fishing – gathering

This guide is about fishing in New World. It explains how to obtain a fishing rod, the types of rods available, how to catch fish, and what bait to use.

Fishing is a useful way to gather resources for food and can also serve as a fun distraction from combat or quests. This guide will cover everything you need to know about Fishing, including how to obtain a fishing rod, how to catch fish, the best fishing locations, and bonuses to fishing.

  • How to obtain a fishing rod?
  • How to catch fish?
  • Types of rods
  • Fishing spots – best places to fish
  • Baits – obtaining better fish
  • Fishing bonuses

How to obtain a fishing rod?

You will receive a basic fishing rod after completing one of the first quests in New World. You can also create better rods with your Engineering skill or purchase them from other players at Trading Posts.

How to catch fish?

Equip your fishing rod and approach a body of water. Press F3 and hold down the left mouse button to prepare.

A pointer will indicate how far you can cast the line. The further you cast, the easier the reel-in minigame will be.

Wait for a fish to take the bait. You will be notified by an icon appearing on the screen. Be ready to click the left mouse button quickly when prompted.

Reel the fish in by clicking the left mouse button to fill the bar around the icon. Pay attention to the icon inside the bar, as it represents strain on the fishing line. If you strain the line too much, the fish will get away. Casting farther reduces the strain and makes it easier to catch the fish, but it also takes longer to reel them in and develop your fishing skill.

Types of rods

Fishing rods in New World are divided into 5 classes, just like other harvesting tools. Higher-class rods can be cast farther and offer more benefits while fishing. You can obtain materials for new rods with the Logging skill.


Fishing rod

Casting range


Wooden Fishing Pole

12 meters


Treated Wood Fishing Pole

14 meters


Aged Wood Fishing Pole

16 meters


Wyrwood Fishing Pole

18 meters


Ironwood Fishing Pole

20 meters

Best Fishing Spots

New World allows players to fish at any water source. However, players can also find special Fishing Hotspots which can be identified by their fish icons. As a player’s Fishing skill improves, Fishing Hotspots will start to appear on the compass. There are three types of Fishing Hotspots: Broad, Rare, and Secret. Fishing in a specific spot increases the chances of catching fish of that particular class.

Broad Fishing Hotspot:

  1. Number of fish: 30
  2. Fish respawn time: 20 – 30 minutes
  3. Common fish chance: 45%
  4. Uncommon fish chance: 40%
  5. Rare fish chance: 10%
  6. Legendary fish chance: less than 5%

Rare Fishing Hotspot:

  1. Number of fish: 20
  2. Fish respawn time: 30 – 45 minutes
  3. Common fish chance: 0%
  4. Uncommon fish chance: 65%
  5. Rare fish chance: 30%
  6. Legendary fish chance: 5%

Secret Fishing Hotspot:

  1. Number of fish: 10
  2. Fish respawn time: 45 – 90 minutes
  3. Common fish chance: 0%
  4. Uncommon fish chance: 20%
  5. Rare fish chance: 70%
  6. Legendary fish chance: 10%

Although Secret Hotspots provide the biggest chance of catching legendary fish, they are not always the best fishing spots. If players want to quickly upgrade their Fishing skill, they should choose places with more fish and shorter respawn timers. Water type is also important when selecting fishing spots. Freshwater fish can be found in rivers and lakes while saltwater fish can be caught in oceans.

Baits – Catching Better Fish

Players do not need to use bait in New World. However, using bait provides useful bonuses. Different bait is required for freshwater and saltwater fishing, with both categories offering bait that boosts catch size or rarity. Bait must be applied before casting the line by opening the bait menu with the R button. Players can obtain bait by creating it with their Cooking skill, finding it in supply chests, or gathering plants.

Fishing Bonuses

Players can improve their fishing skills by using better rods and bait, as well as by developing their Focus attribute. Developing this attribute provides specific bonuses:

  1. 50 Focus: +10% fishing line tension.
  2. 150 Focus: -10% carried fish weight.
  3. 200 Focus: +10% fishing line tension.
  4. 250 Focus: +10% caught fish size.


What is fishing and gathering in New World?

Fishing and gathering are two important activities in the game New World. Fishing involves catching fish in various bodies of water using a fishing rod and bait. Players can then use these fish to cook food or sell them for gold. Gathering involves collecting various resources such as plants, minerals, and wood from the environment. These resources can then be used to craft items, weapons, and armor.

How do I fish and gather in New World?

To fish in New World, players need to obtain a fishing rod and bait. They can then find bodies of water such as rivers, lakes, and ponds and cast their line to catch fish. Gathering in New World involves finding resources in the environment such as trees, plants, and rocks and interacting with them to collect the resources. Players can also use tracking skills to find specific resources in the environment.

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